wicked step sister

So I was watching the new episode of Once Upon A Time with my mom today and ...

I am going to rewrite 8 fairy tales with fairy tail pairings. 

One shots, of course. I cannot handle anymore multi chapters. 

I will die. 

So… Here is what you can expect:

Hercules/ Gruvia

  • Zeus & Hera: Silver and Mika
  • Hercules: Gray
  • Hercules’ brother (taking the place of Pegasus): Lyon
  • Hades: Mard Geer
  • Two little fuckers (demons): Jackal and Franmalth
  • Megara: Juvia
  • Meg’s shitty ex that got her into this whole mess: Bora
  • Phil: Ur
  • Phil’s daughter (because I fucking can): Ultear
  • Phil’s granddaughter (^^^^): Meredy
  • Hercules adoptive parents: Porlyusica and Makarov. 

Yep, I added some Lyredy too. Also, I will add that Lucy is Aphrodite and Natsu is Hermes but you wont see them more than maybe twice in the story.

Chendy/ Rapunzel

  • Chelia: Flynn Rider
  • Wendy: Rapunzel
  • Igneel: King of Corona
  • Grandine: Queen of Corona
  • Natsu: Rapunzel’s elder brother, prince of Corona
  • Porlyusica: Mother Gothel
  • Carla: Pascal
  • Happy: Maximus
  • Thug 1 & Thug 2: Zancrow and Azuma
  • Duckling Bar: Fairy Tail

Okay, so let me explain before you lose your shit. Mother Gothel’s role in this will not be evil, not intentionally anyhow. Indeed, she will kidnap Wendy, but not from the kingdom. She kidnaps her from the thugs as a baby and protects her in the tower. She has no idea that Wendy is the lost princess, but knows that her hair is special and coveted and doesn’t want harm to come to the child, so she keeps her. Chelia is hired by the king and queen to find their daughter. 

Gajevy/ Beauty and the Beast

  • Gajeel: Beast
  • Erza: Witch
  • Levy: Belle
  • Makarov: Belle’s father
  • Bora: Gaston
  • Juvia: Gaston’s previous victim of unwanted affections
  • Cogsworth: Gray
  • Lumiere: Lyon
  • Mrs. Potts: Porlyusica
  • Chip: Wendy
  • Foot Stool: Carla
  • Feather Duster: Meredy
  • Wardrobe: Mirajane
  • Vanity: Lisanna
  • Bed: Elfman

So, for this one it will be mostly the same, but I did add the strauss siblings as extra, plus the foot stool will not be a happy dog, it will be a sassy Carla. Juvia is going to help Levy and Gajeel with their Gaston problem, so Gruvia will happen, but it will be minor. lyredy will also happen and it will also be minor. 

Zervis/ Sleeping Beauty

  • Mavis: Aurora
  • Zeref: Maleficent
  • Natsu: Maleficent’s brother (replacing the crow)
  • Precht: King. Aurora’s father
  • Lucy: Merriweather
  • Erza: Flora
  • Levy: Fawna (I never knew how to spell her name)

There is no prince. Sorry. Zeref/ Maleficent is a good guy in this one. Mavis’s mother was a dark fairy and she fooled the king into marrying her. She became pregnant with his child and wanted nothing to do with her. The dark fairy only wanted to rule over the humans and other creatures and felt no love for anything let alone a child. The king planned to execute her, but this pregnancy spared her life at least until the child was born. Once the child was born, the king went through with the wicked fairy’s execution, however, she cast a spell upon the child, cursing her to eternal sleep upon her 16th birthday. Three young fairies offered to keep her far from civilization where she would never see a spinning wheel and the king agreed that this was best. They took the child to live in the moors, raising her as the fairy she was. There she met a young boy who also was a dark fairy, like her. Dark fairies were meant to be feared, but like Aurora he was kind and gentle. I think you see where this is going. Also, in this story, Natsu is older than Zeref for the sake of Nalu. Don’t judge me. 

Nalu/ Cinderella

  • Natsu: Prince
  • Zeref: Prince
  • Igneel: King
  • Layla and Jude: Ella’s parents
  • Lucy: Ella
  • God Serena: Wicked step father (bet you didn’t expect that one. )
  • Brandish: Wicked Step sister
  • Mavis: Step sister (non wicked.)
  • Erza: Fairy God Mother
  • Exceeds (Carla, Happy and Lily. Happy is totally Gus Gus): Mice

Okay, so Serena is like this power hungry fruit puff ass hat lady killer who goes around marrying and killing women. He first married Grammy and had Brandish with her, then murdered her, making it look like an accident. Then he married Dimaria and had Mavis with her and after, also murdered her. Now, you may wonder why keep the kids? Well, as it turns out, kids are wonderful little things. They can open doors and gain opportunities where a vain aging man simply cannot. And the fact that he had two lovely daughters only made things better for him. So, after Jude dies of heart failure, Layla takes over his business. On a business trip she unfortunately meets Serena and he charms a ring onto her finger. Lucy is delighted for her mother and is fooled into loving her new step father and sisters, but after her mother mysteriously dies, things go straight to hell. But Mavis cares for Lucy when her sister and father are away. ;)

Gajevy/ Aladdin

  • Gajeel: Princess Jasmine
  • Juvia: Jasmine’s sister
  • Metallicana: Gajeel and Juvia’s father, the King
  • Lily: Raja
  • Levy: Genie
  • Gray: Aladdin 
  • Natsu: (additional Aladdin type)
  • Happy: Abu
  • Lucy: Visiting Princess (offered to Gajeel as a bride)
  • Bora: Jafar (why the hell not)

So, Metallicana insists that Gajeel marry before he dies because he is next in line for the throne and to take the throne he needs a Queen. Lucy is summoned from the neighboring land to be his bride, but gajeel refuses. Lucy is glad. Juvia asks her father if a commoner would be acceptable. He says absolutely not, but Juvia is determined to change his mind. She disguises herself and Gajeel and they sneak out of the palace. She desperately points out lovely women, but Gajeel sees none he wants. He tells her he wants to know the woman he is marrying before he marries her. Juvia gives up and they sit on a roof top looking over the empty wasteland of desert below as far as the eye can see. This is where they meet Natsu, Happy and Gray and the lamp they just stole from an ancient tomb.

Lyredy/ Frozen

  • Gray: Elsa
  • Lyon: Anna
  • Erza: Olaf
  • Meredy: Kristoff
  • Jellal: (Replacing Sven)
  • Juvia: Prince hans
  • Neinhart: Duke of Wesselton
  • Crime Sorciere: Rock Trolls
  • Silver and Mika: Former King and Queen


I AM TAKING ALL OF THAT GOOD GUY POTENTIAL THAT HANS HAD AND I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN. There will be no treachery from our beloved little cinnamon roll. I promise. However, her intentions will begin as impure. So, there is potential for evil in her, but I am going to make her good. I don’t know why I chose Neinhart. maybe because he is a smug little fruit cup. 

And finally, a continuance of Lyon and the 7 Fairies (my twist on Snow White):

Rosilvia/ The Little Mermaid

  • King Triton: Gray
  • Queen: Juvia
  • Ariel: Silvia
  • Land King: Lyon
  • Land Queen: Meredy
  • Prince Eric: Rose
  • (replacing) Flounder: Luke (Queen Lucy and King Natsu of the Summer Kingdom’s son.)
  • (replacing) Sebastian: Charles (Happy and Carla’s son)
  • (replacing) Scuttle: Scarlet (Queen Erza and King Jellal of the Autumn kingdom’s daughter)
  • (I can’t fucking remember his name) old white haired guy that was always around Eric: Porlyusica 
  • Max: Snow fox named Violet. 

After regaining the Kingdom, Lyon and Meredy marry and have a snow fairy daughter whom they name Rose to honor Meredy’s Summer Fairy Rose born lineage. Gray decides to take back his father’s ocean and rule with Juvia at his side. Together they have a mermaid daughter, Silvia, named in honor of his father the former ruler of the Winter ocean. Gray creates a floating Castle near land out of a large iceberg. The iceberg is hollow and has many rooms just like a normal palace would. There are windows just above the surface where they can see the land without having to leave the castle. This is called the floating room and it is where Silvia discovers Rose. Silvia is friends with many people that visit her icy beach. After King Lyon Married a summer fairy, word spread across all the lands and people of all lands soon visited the Winter Kingdom in awe. 

I love fairy tale retellings. ^.^