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Here's what I think,

I don’t understand why people are mad at me for watching bootlegs. People reason that watching it online would mean that the actual theatre production wouldn’t get that much money anymore. Let me just say that, I live all the way in Asia, and in a country where stage tours rarely visit. I will watch all the bootlegs I want because let me just tell you, that if ever the show DOES tour in my country, I would still sell my kidneys to get money and buy tickets for it, even if I’ve already seen it in my crappy phone screen.

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I saw Barrington Stage Company’s production of ‘Company’ starring Aaron Tveit. Guys… I was swooning during 'Marry Me A Little’. I was not prepared. I saw it Saturday last week, and have only recovered now. The entire cast was perfect. It is by far, my favourite production of the show (not just cause Aaron stripped) ((well that was a wonderful highlight)). I know I’m rambling but it was just so good! If you can get out to see it, please do. You won’t be disappointed.


Basically my friend had given it to him, and he asked where do I sign? And I yelled 'on your face please!’ He laughed and responded with 'On my creepy, smiling face? Ok.’ We had a conversation. My night was made.

The performance and the interaction with him gave me the adrenaline boost to do the 4 hour drive home. Lol.

I would’ve gotten a picture with him, but he came out and was like 'Guys I have to sign really fast, I can’t do pictures tonight. I’m sorry’. And no one was upset. Which was really nice given the whole Ben Platt drama (poor baby).

So yeah. That’s the time I saw Tveit and it was awesome.

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I hope the wicked casts know how much I love and appreciate them💚✨

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i-will-mourn-the-wicked would like a post with the musical Wicked and stage actress Willemijn Verkaik. Here you go!

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A Short Clip of the 2016 Remake of the DL Stage Play

That stage is wicked. 

Why is Elphaba The Hardest Role in Theatre? (Part I)

icked is the West End and Broadway’s hottest ticket. And quite rightly, it has a kick ass plot, amazing direction and two amazing female leads. However, it’s argued that the role of Elphaba is considered to be one of the hardest roles to perform and I am here to break down why.

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