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A Love Letter

For all its shortcomings towards the end of its run, xxxHOLiC still holds a special place in my heart.

If you’re not familiar with it, xxxHOLiC is a manga series written and illustrated by CLAMP, a prolific, all-female group of Japanese manga artists who have been creating since the mid-eighties. (Their body of work includes classics such as Magic Knight Rayearth, Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.)

The story follows Watanuki Kimihiro, a high school student who strikes a deal with a witch. If he becomes her assistant, she’ll take away the power that leaves him plagued with visions of ghosts and monsters. But because it’s such a big wish, he’ll have to work for her for…a while. Maybe forever. So he becomes the witch’s cook, maid, and errand-boy, all wrapped up in one.

Although it runs parallel to and intersects with other CLAMP stories, xxxHOLiC stands fully on its own as a horror story about desire and addiction. The series consists of short arcs and one-shots, each centering on a particular customer – both average humans and fantastic spirits. Like Watanuki, each has a wish. Like Watanuki, each must pay a price. Sometimes the cost is as simple as a lock of hair, but other times it wreaks catastrophe on the rest of their life. Thus each customer’s story becomes an exploration of different aspects of desire – addiction to social media, academic ambitions, the desire to see a loved one again – and the effects it can have on one’s life.  

There are many lovely things about this manga: the gorgeous art style, Watanuki’s temper tantrums, the pervasive creepiness.  But the best part is the witch, Yuuko. Not only is she a total troll with a wicked sense of style, she is constantly dropping truth bombs:

Yuuko and xxxHOLiC were hella formative for me.

Knives and Kidnappings

Winteriron. Both of them in one please Soulmates - First Words 13. “You don’t happen to have a knife on you, do you?” Action 17. “This isn’t my first kidnapping, buddy.” (sorry I forgot who requested this)

This was the first mission Bucky was on as an Avenger.

Granted, he wasn’t officially on the team yet. In fact, this was his first day. This was the day he was supposed to be introduced to everyone at Stark Tower. He and Steve both had been in the Quinjet when they’d gotten the call.

Someone had kidnapped Tony Stark.

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Boosh Photo Challenge, Day 13: Shaman

The fact that Saboo is played by Richard Ayoade might be enough to automatically place at the top of the list as my favorite shaman, but there’s so much more to recommend him, too. There’s his wicked style sense (he rocks feathers and eyeliner with sexy aplomb), for starters, and then you might consider that he IS an expert when it comes to The Crunch. His skills are many and legendary (as he’ll no doubt be happy to tell you at length), his music taste and DJing skills are spot on, he’s smarter than everybody in the room–and he’s not shy about letting you know it. Saboo is the king of stinging sarcasm and bitchy put-downs; his bottomless, withering contempt for everybody who isn’t him and his insult-riddled, hate-grudgingly tolerate relationship with Tony Harrison steal the show every time he’s on the screen (or the page). All that, AND he has great legs!

Is Saboo actually perfect? Well, as you might have heard: he’s pretty good.