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Selfies with friends, Katsucon 2017! :D

1. @reallyquantum, 2. @ask-actual-angel-krista, 3. Krennic-senpai (sorry I just wanted to type that) @shikarius, 4. @renastere, 5. @grannyhitsuzen

I saw a lot of other friends too but I DIDN’T GET SELFIES WITH U ON MY PHONE I’M SUPER SORRY (uh, my costume took away my thumbs and made taking selfies difficult so I asked them to take the photos a lotta times ;A;) BUT IF YOU GOT PHOTOS WITH ME AND POST, LEMME KNOW SO I CAN REBLOG ;A;


A Liquor Series

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3,688

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut! Teasing, food play, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), dirty talk, alcohol consumption, mentions of a nightmare and swearing. 

A/N: Sorry this took so long guys! I hope you enjoy! (You don’t have too, but I recommend reading Whiskey before this one. That way you are caught up!) 


“How did the meeting go?”

You looked up at Ashley as she entered your bedroom. You shook your head while unbuttoning your dress shirt, “Horrible.” You slid your skirt off and walked into your closet, “The whole town council showed up today. They want us to find a new location.”

“Why?” she asked as she sat on your bed.

“Well apparently the loud motorcycles are too much for the yuppies that moved into that high end subdivision down the road.” You said, putting on your new t-shirt that you had ordered for the bar. “Luckily, their vote didn’t win, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I hear from them.”

You walked out into the bedroom and held your arms up at your sides, “What do you think of the new shirts?” You asked Ashley.

She turned her head and puckered her lips in speculation, “Turn around.” You did a slow twirl, showing the wolf howling at the moon on the back. “I like these better than the black ones. The navy color looks better with the theme.”

“Good, I have yours in the living room.” you told her before grabbing your shorts and pulling them up your legs.

“Have you talked to Bucky?” she asked before standing up and fixing her hair in the mirror above your dresser.

“No,” you said surly. “But he told me before they left for their mission that I wouldn’t hear from him much.”

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Mal: Jay, did you use my phone?
Jay: No. [ looks through a wallet ]
Mal: Are you 100% positive?
Jay: [ turns to face Mal ] I told you, I didn’t.
Jay: Why can’t you trust me for once?!
Mal: Okay, then explain to me-
Mal: [ shoves her phone in Jay’s face ]
Mal: Why did your contact name on my phone became ‘Stealing your heart, babe’?
Jay: Okay. The real question here is…
Jay: Why wasn’t my contact name ‘stealing your heart, babe’ in the first place?
Jay: Get it? [ tries to make it as a joke ]
Mal: [ not convinced ]
Mal: [ walks to him, bringing out a spell book ]
Jay: Mal… [ steps back ] W-we’re friends, right? [ gulps ]