wicked selfie


Selfies with friends, Katsucon 2017! :D

1. @reallyquantum, 2. @ask-actual-angel-krista, 3. Krennic-senpai (sorry I just wanted to type that) @shikarius, 4. @renastere, 5. @grannyhitsuzen

I saw a lot of other friends too but I DIDN’T GET SELFIES WITH U ON MY PHONE I’M SUPER SORRY (uh, my costume took away my thumbs and made taking selfies difficult so I asked them to take the photos a lotta times ;A;) BUT IF YOU GOT PHOTOS WITH ME AND POST, LEMME KNOW SO I CAN REBLOG ;A;


“Don’t worry. We’ll take care of anyone here at the Aether Foundation… 💜”

After weeks of putting it off, my Wicke costest is finally done! I’m super excited to finish this or commission it from someone, and I think I’ll have the full outfit done at the earliest by late November right after Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out, and at the latest early February for the sake of wearing to SeishunCon.

Wig is an Inigo in Dark Purple from @ardawigs

Lenses are EOS New Adult Green from @pinkyparadisedotcom