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anonymous asked:

Could you write the shouting match over the last thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store AU one?? I adore your writing

Thank you so much!  I had a lot of fun writing this!

“Clarke, you bought the turkey right?” Clarke muttered under her breath, gripping the handle of her shopping car with what was probably deadly force.  Never mind the fact that it was three o’clock in the afternoon on fucking Thanksgiving Day and that Raven had not in fact asked Clarke to get the turkey.

Until Thanksgiving itself.  At three.  In the afternoon.

It had taken her an infuriating hour to find a parking spot in the supermarket parking lot, circling the same seven rows of parked cars over and over while simultaneously trying not to run over the pedestrians who couldn’t get out of the road (seriously, would it kill them to not have a death wish) and the other idiotic drivers who clearly had never passed driver’s ed (she was personally taking on the vendetta of banning Priuses and soccer moms in minivans from any and all parking lots ever).

If she’d thought that the parking lot was a mess the store itself was a fucking war zone of angry housewives, traumatized looking children, and supermarket employees who looked like they’d fallen into the void of death and crawled their way back out by their fingernails.

In other words it was awful and Clarke could think of about a hundred places she’d rather be.  One of them being the surface of the goddamn sun.

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