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Would you ever do like John Wick kissing or like cuddling or just being happy with another individual preferences...? 😁😁 I've been really nervous to ask but I thought I would now... ❤️

*takes my headcanons out, brushes the dust off of them* HELLO.

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  • Is very picky about cuddling, more specifically, he’s very keen on letting you know when he’s feeling up to cuddling. Some nights, he does lay down without the want to being snuggled, and it’s something you’ve gotten used to. John likes his space, and you respect that.
    • The nights when he is in a cuddling mood, you can bet he’s the big spoon. He loves to hold you, loves to brush his fingers up and down your bare arms, feeling you react to his touch. It gives him a sense of calm and peace. Even with all the death that lays on his fingertips, he can still find touching something so gentle and smooth indulging.
    • Wraps his entire arms around you, pulls you to him and digs his face into your neck. Loves to feel your hands playing circles on the skin of his forearms and absolutely adores when you entwine your hands with his.
      • Occasionally, he’ll give in and let you be the big spoon. Which, is always a fun time considering John is much larger than you are and you end up with one leg around his waist, the other bent against the small of his back as you rest your face in the nape of his neck. Sometimes, you pepper kisses there because you know it’s one of his weak spots and he’s somewhat ticklish there.
        • Imagine John holding you, then all of a sudden, he’s got you pinned to the bed. He’s straddling you, gently and making sure that all of his weight isn’t resting on you. He cups your face with one hand and holds your hand with the other before leaning down and grazing his lips against yours. Shutting his eyes, John rests his forehead against yours and sighs quietly. He doesn’t know what he deserved to receive such a great and loving partner with what he had done in his life.
  • John rubbing his beard against your cheek when he’s in a playful mood.
    • He knows you like it even though you complain about it being “scratchy”.
      • Laughing when he does this before giving him soft kiss to his lips.
  • John waking up in the morning, going to the kitchen and seeing you making breakfast in one of his dress shirts. From the way it’s hanging on your body, he can tell that only a few buttons were buttoned, probably in the middle and enough to cover your cleavage. 
    • He sneaks up behind you, wraps his arms around your waist before giving you a warm kiss to the side of your neck. This is what it felt like to have security.
  • Catching him looking at you from across the room and giving him a warm smile when you do. He continues to stare before smiling back at you slightly. 
    • He doesn’t even care that you caught him staring. If anything, he’s happy that you did because now you know that he’s always looking at you and always thinking about how much he truly loves you.
      • If he ever catches you looking at him from across the room, you either give him a smile or you look away and pretend you weren’t looking. And when you gaze back at him to find him still staring, you laugh and stick your tongue out.
  • John is naturally overly protective and will shoot anyone a death glare who seems to disrespect you.
    • That cashier? Yeah, they were giving you unlimited amount of sass, so John just stares them down and gets them to shut up. When you leave after paying, he gives them a few pointers. Mainly, that they shouldn’t treat you that way because you didn’t deserve it. If anything, you deserved absolute respect.
      • If the two of you are walking together, John always stands closest to the sidewalk. Just a precaution and to be careful in case any accidents happen on the street, he can protect you from them.
        • Has a keen sense and knowledge of when other guys are flirting with you. His height and his appearance makes it easy to scare away guys who are hitting on you. Luckily, so far he hasn’t had to hurt anyone who’s gotten too close to you, but a few glares and a few jabs have been sent their way as a warning not to mess with you.
  • The serene moments when John actually talks to you about his life before he met you. The details are always skewed, and he doesn’t always answer your questions right away, but over the years that you’d known him, you’d started to build what he did, what he regrets and what he doesn’t.
    • Whenever he talks to you about it, he always reassures you by brushing your hair back and giving a kiss to your forehead. You helped him leave that life behind him, and for that, he was thankful. Because, now he had you. He had a life, he had love. Things he never really had all to himself before. And he’d make sure to hold onto as tightly as he could.
      • John learns that love is something that is not just given randomly. You fell in love with him, and he fell in love with you. That’s all there is to it.

I HAVE SO MANY MORE BUT I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO TYPE THEM ALL OUT RIGHT NOW. *SCREAMS* Reblogs and likes are appreciated. Thanks guys :)


“Do you believe they were friends?”

“I wouldn’t know what else to call them”

I started the show for Jenna Coleman, now I watch it for Drummond and Alfred!! I really hope Drummond doesnt die next week, I want love and then xmas romance for Christmas! Seriously tho, they better not kill him!

Show: Victoria
Song: Wicked Game (feat. Annaca) - Ursine Vulpine


Leonard McCoy x Reader

1,666 words

Beta: @trekken81

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Soulmate AU: You thought you were one of the few people born without a soulmate until Jim’s meddling and the touch of a Doctor prove you wrong.

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Queen (ThunderIron Quick Fic)

Filling a prompt from @ajanamyth​ — I hope this is what you wanted babe.

“Hey honey.” Tony ran his fingers through his hair tiredly. “Aren’t you looking pretty? Clean up nice, don’t you?” His words were nearly slurring, but not because he was drunk.

No, Tony just hadn’t slept in pushing thirty six– oh scratch that– forty two hours.

So he was way past exhausted and edging quickly into so -tired -I’m- just- wide- awake- and- hallucinating-things territory.

Which was a very plausible excuse for the fact that he was not only chatting up, but almost coming on to Mjolnir as she sat on the table where Thor had left her earlier. Of course Tony knew he was talking to Mjolnir, but hey, if he could talk to his bots like they understood him, he was damn sure gonna talk to a hammer that had some sort of life energy or force of it’s own. Sorry, of her own.

So sure. Tony was chatting up the hammer.

“You wanna go to bed?” Tony asked and then giggled to himself. “No not with me. I better take you back to Thor, he will probably get all sorts of jealous if you end up in my room. Is that weird? Do you like.. Do you have anything going on in there?” Tony blinked at the hammer for a minute.

“Alright. I need to sleep. Standing here waiting for a hammer to talk back to me. Alright. Upsie-Daisy let’s get going.”

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