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Laz’ab was actually spawned by a comment I received on DeviantArt several years ago when someone said that all the characters I created were the same happy-go-lucky pirate/prankster/thief archetype.

So I tried to create the opposite.

I wanted to avoid creating the melodramatic, wangsty, and/or serial-murderer-rapist typical of my years as a high school mallgoth by researching real-life psychopaths and serial killers. I spent at least six months researching everyone from Dahmer to Gein to Manson to Nilsen before I felt confident enough to attempt roleplaying Laz’ab.

The decision to give him a mental illness stems from my personal fear. The thought of being trapped in your own mind, completely at the mercy of your brain and unable to differentiate between reality and psychosis, terrifies me. Schizophrenia isn’t cool, it’s frightening and it’s for life and anyone can get it.

TL; DR: Technically speaking Laz’ab is fictional, though there are worst monsters out there.

But here is Laz’ab in a nutshell.

And Laz’ab as a witch.

Just in case you needed more nightmare fodder.


I thought this would be a good duet for these two great friends!~

Oh the ideas i had…

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