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American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns Starters

feel free to adjust pronouns/names/items to fit the situation!

❝ Another day, a different dream, perhaps. ❞
❝ Memory is more often a curse than a blessing. ❞ 
❝ A flower’s purpose is simple and immutable. Human purpose is fickle because it is a slave to memory. Memories must be strictly managed, [ Alice ]. Unproductive ones must be eliminated. ❞ 
❝ Don’t try to bully me. I’m very much on edge! ❞ 
❝ It’s not a dream. It’s a…memory. And it makes me sick! ❞
❝ Perfect. When you’re not on edge, you’re taking up too much space. ❞ 
❝ Threats, promises and good intentions don’t amount to action. ❞ 
❝ Make your survival mean something, or we are all doomed! ❞ 
❝ The past must be paid for. ❞ 
❝ I know I’m guilty of something, but punishment hardly ever suits the victims of a crime. ❞ 
❝ My Wonderland is shattered. It’s dead to me. ❞ 
❝ Only the insane equate pain with success. ❞ 
❝ You’ve used me and abused me, but you will not destroy me! ❞ 
❝ There is no method in this madness! ❞ 
❝ A reflection sometimes exposes more reality than the object it echoes. ❞ 
❝ Authority must be obeyed, or it must be overthrown! ❞ 
❝ You shouldn’t ask questions you know the answer to, it’s not polite. ❞ 
❝ Only a few find the way, some don’t recognize it when they do - some… don’t ever want to. ❞ 
❝ Those who say there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea for calming the nerves never had *real* tea. It’s like a syringe of adrenaline straight to the heart! ❞ 
❝ The uninformed must improve their deficit, or die ❞ 
❝ I may survive here,but you are all finished! ❞ 
❝ The insolence, the arrogance the execrable table manners! ❞ 
❝ Forgetting’s just forgetting, except when it’s not. Then they call it something else. I’d like to forget what you did. I’ve tried, but I can’t. ❞ 
❝ A good guest does not overstay, a perfect guest stays home! ❞ 
❝ Save myself? From death? is that it? Is that why I’ve come here? I’m not afraid to die. Times I’ve welcomed death! ❞ 
❝ I am fine. I’m not mad. I am innocent, I mean, not guilty! ❞ 
❝ A secret is only a secret when it is unspoken to another. ❞ 
❝ Here’s a riddle: When is a croquet mallet like a billy club? I’ll tell you: Whenever you want it to be! ❞ 
❝ The law is just. Just a whisper away. Who knows how to measure rules? With a ruler! Cruel rules. ❞ 
❝ You don’t know your own mind! ❞
❝ Is there really so little hope? ❞
❝ Don’t speak of her! You didn’t know her… ❞
❝ Haste makes waste, so I rarely hurry. But if a ferret were about to dart up my dress, I’d run. ❞ 
❝ I’ll frighten myself when necessary, thanks very much. ❞ 
❝ Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don’t like the ending. Sometimes we don’t understand it. ❞ 
❝ Everything’s a nail, is it, Miss Hammerhead? ❞ 
❝ Oh, there’s an infinite amount of hope, but not for us! ❞ 
❝ I’ve not come back here looking for a fight. ❞ 
❝ That’s a pity. [ A FIGHT ] is certainly looking for you. ❞ 
❝ I want to forget! Who would choose to be alone, imprisoned by their broken memories? ❞ 
❝ Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here. ❞ 
❝ Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means not the same. ❞ 
❝ I know their pain. I would assist. But is sanity required for the job? ❞ 

She hasn’t aged a bit

Goldilocks || 06

Happy kind of early 700 followers! How?! I only reached 600 last week. You guys spoil me. As thanks, here’s 6.4k of “pure,” unadulterated Goldilocks.

Rated M (language and smut)

Warnings: Masturbation, hand job, just general cringe worthy stuff

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“Wait, random arguments about ass? Or just like, getting mad about nothing? Because one of those is definitely better than the other.”

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous || Next Part (coming soon)

not my gif, credit to owner


A/N: OH LOOK THE RATING CHANGED. If you’re someone who doesn’t like smut, asterisk* is where it starts, skip until the *asterisk where it ends. You won’t be missing plot stuff. I made sure of that. Special thanks to @echo-writes


Taehyung’s room, too hot.

Jimin’s room, too cold.

You flop onto the empty sofa. Just right.

While you love Taehyung and his bed, there is a strong possibility that you would give your nonexistent left testicle to kick out Jungkook and sleep here again. Couch is love. Couch is life. You contemplate taking a nap while you have the house to yourself, but then you smell it, something that is awfully, unmistakably him.

You roll sideways, onto the floor, almost hitting the coffee table.

He’s contaminated it.

Jungkook has gone and rubbed his stupid smell all over your precious couch-bed. Not that you… know what he smells like. You cringe. Spending a third night in Taehyung’s bed might not be so bad after all. If you just down another dose of god knows how old NyQuil like the past two days, at least you’ll be spared the horror of another wet dream.

Besides, you’d probably have to fight Jungkook for the couch anyway. Then again, maybe you could shove the golden haired muscle pig into Jimin’s room. That would take care of two problems.

The sound of jingling keys pulls your attention to the entryway. It’s too early for Jimin to be home from work and Jungkook can’t get in without someone unlocking the door for him (maybe there’s still a chance you could “accidentally” leave him outside at some point). So the logical conclusion is, Taehyung is home from school early.

You’re pretty sure he had an exam today, but because your friend is surprisingly one of those people who can get a solid 95% without reading the textbook, studying, or even attending lectures in some cases, he probably finished in less than twenty minutes. Classic Tae. Technically, you’re not supposed to be home either, but your first class was canceled despite having spent all weekend slaving away, shut inside the bathroom on Jimin’s laptop to finish writing your essay.

The bathroom? Yes. Don’t judge yourself. What were you going to do? Continue suffering in Jimin’s room? Move to Taehyung’s and get distracted by the mess that would even put a garbage dump to shame? Or worst of all, confront Jinglekook in the living room or kitchen?

So there you found yourself, in the bathroom hunkered under a layer of blankets in the bathtub and on a throne of pillows, telling all three guys to “fuck off- go piss on a tree” whenever they came knocking. The only time you let them in was the rare occasion you had to leave for important things like food or when you left for a four hour shift at work on Sunday.

You were being difficult, yes.

But if a certain someone hadn’t taken your beloved couch, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

Suddenly, the door swings open, slamming against the wall and bouncing back to hit a very excited looking Taehyung in the shoulder. Leave it to him to make an entrance.

“I’m home early~ before everyone else~” he playfully sings to himself. You contemplate telling him you’re here, but then, “Gonna go watch porn~ with the volume on~”

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yoi-yoi-senpai  asked:

I just had a strange idea; what if the third character in sonic forces is a Sonic from the future, however, he's a very bad villain and wants to destroy the world? Can you make a Sonamy Drabble outta this? XD (you've been so hardworking with these prompts and we all really love you and appreciate you <3 just don't forget to take breaks lol)

Y-You mean..


Not so much this crap… just because this certain crap is hard to get a good grasp on in writing. He’s not the twisted Sonic I like to write, but that’s just me.

I usually write evil Sonic as taking all of Sonic’s good qualities, twisting and expounding on them with their opposite, and then taking all his weaknesses and flaws and making them ten times more diabolical and wicked; twisting them to almost seem like strengths for a evil sonic.

Either or, how about I combine the two?

Also, to your comment-

Thank you so much! Sometimes, it’s hard to write. Especially with everything I’m going through, but your words and comments mean everything to me!

So thanks~

Wow, so many pictures, alright, moving on!


Eggman laughed, before the footfalls of someone he’d rather not see.

“Oh… it’s you.” He glared, turning around.

“Why, dear doctor, are you laughing?” The silhouette smirked in the corner, his hands on his hips, looking striking in the shadows contrast.

“Hmph. Can’t you see? I’ve finally stumped your little double ganger! He’s history!” Eggman’s glasses shone in the light of his screen, the only light visible where he was in the dark room.

The silhouette flipped out a comb, and brushed his quills back, walking forward.

“That’s just the thing, Doc. You shouldn’t take me so lightly… Have you ever wondered… why there’s a future me that’s so…” he suddenly clicked the item again, and it was a knife. “Dashingly-”

He slammed it into the gears, as sparks flew off with smoke and the robot about to attack a downed Sonic suddenly malfunctioned and collapsed by the teams working together.


“Ah!” Eggman stepped back, falling to his knees. “N-no! You… you said you were from an alternate reality!”

“Fools snooze and loose, Egghead.” He pulled the knife out, tossing it up and down horizontally.

“And I’m afraid our little game comes to an end…” he slowly advanced on Eggman, holding the knife down and motioning his arm to the side of him to slash down before-!

“Sonic! We did it!”

The silhouette looked up, his white around his eyes now shining to reveal the green of Sonic’s own eye color.

He turned around as Eggman scooted backwards, kicking his feet out and racing away, terrified.

Future Sonic dropped his knife, and slowly walked to the screen, looking amazed as he watched this world’s Amy Rose jump into his past selves arms.

He slowly rose a hand to the monitor.

This time…” he whispered, ever so quietly.

He then gripped his hands into tight fists, and slammed them against the monitor.


After a few battles and revealing himself as the future they were all ‘fighting for’ the teams began to loose hope in Sonic, and he, himself, questioned how he even would turn so dark.

In the mist of this confusion, Sonic tried to fight his future self.

“What happened to you!?”

“One bad day. That’s all it takes!” (direct reference to Scourge, yes. I don’t like that line, but I don’t completely disagree with it either…)

He gritted his teeth before charging up with some dark matter, and black chaos emeralds swarmed him.

“I can’t kill you, dude. But I can open your eyes to the real power your missing!!!”


He suddenly stopped, looking over at Amy who ran into the building they were fighting.

She put a hand over her heart before looking to her Sonic.

“A-Amy…” Sonic slowly got up, onto his knees, before swiping the air. “This is my fight! G-get out of here!”

Future Sonic slowly lowered his arms, looking and watching the two, as if seeing this scene through new eyes.

“I can’t just leave you here like this, Sonic! I’m going to fight too!” She turned to Future Sonic, and summoned her hammer.

He seemed almost at war with himself, as Future Sonic looked with pain at that hammer…

“…You could never understand…” he whispered once more.

“…That this future… would have saved you.”

“W-what was that?” Amy couldn’t really hear him.

He shook his head, smiling to her, and cocking his head slightly.

“You tried to fight me like the rest of’em. I would have thought you were smarter than that. Guess ‘true love’ is only when your heart’s as white as snow, huh? Amy Rose?”

She heard the hiss in his voice and stepped back, seeing him lean forward with rage at the very utterance of her name.

“A-…Amy, get back!” Sonic swiped again, getting up and straining to stay upright.

He went super then, and directly charged Future Sonic, who smirked at his hastiness.

“Sonic! Wait-! It’s a-!”

“Ur-HAA!” Future Sonic, anticipating this, had reared his hands back, and sent a huge blast of negative chaos energy directly at him.

The blast blew him sky-high, right out of the building.

Future Sonic grinned widely, before taking a more… gentle look when it came to Amy.

She stepped back, not sure what to do now.

He approached her, with rapid footfalls, as if eager to continue his plans for why he came back to this time-period.

“Now… to make sure my future is everything it needs to be!” he swung an arm back, and charged through the air, flying directly at her. “You’re mine!”

She fought him for only a few seconds before he got the better of her, and grabbed her from behind, flying out and chuckling a moment before taking her where he had set up base…

Eggman later joined up with Sonic, nursing him back to health and offered a truce. It was hard for Sonic to swallow his pride and do, but for his friends and the world’s sake, he had to team up with his enemy.

Amy was flung down on a desert ruin palace, so it looked like, within a rocky cave.

She stumbled up as Future Sonic hadn’t powered down, but adjusted his gloves.

“What do you want with me!? If you aren’t going to stop your past self, then what are you here for!?”

He slowly stopped, and turned around.

“All my friends are dead.”

He shot his arms down and flexed them out a bit. 

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do them the honors.”

She sighed in almost relief at that terrible thought.

“But I’ve come back to get you all. Convert you to negative chaos. And show you that this is the only way…. to victory.” he held up his hands… before clamping them down and having dark chaos energy surround his being.

“Heh, what’s with that fear in your eyes, Amy?” he turned back to her, a wicked, and playful bounce in his voice.

“I thought you might be flattered. Having me bring you here…” he moved around the rocky throne, before playfully leaning out from it and smiling to her. “All alone?” there was something else in his actions too, a darker intent, but she couldn’t quite pick up on it.

He continued to walk around, speaking, as she just remained silent, hoping to learn more…

“If I were to simply take you all back with me though. You may think me insane, deranged, a lunatic and try and reform me… tsk, tsk, tsk.” he gestured with his hands, walking down the steps around her, and then shook his head, holding up a signature, wagging pointer finger.

“But you’re the ones in sore need of reformity.”

“Sonic. I can’t comprehend the pain you must have felt at facing defeat like that.” she was still sitting down, but turned to face him as his expression changed.

He slowly bent his finger down, forming a fist, and his smile shifting to an furious frown that he held together and back.

“But trust me! You can’t destroy to gain! And you can’t steal to love!”


Bending down, he gripped his head, before blasting himself at her, and gripping her neck, breathing hard.

“You’re not going to make this easy, are you?” he tilted his head, smirking a moment before losing it.

“No matter. You also didn’t like my plan before. Why should you suddenly accept it now?” he threw her lightly to the side, as she coughed and turned back to him.


“Enough…” he swiped his hands out, but seemed to be losing some of his anger as he fell to the throne, gripping his head.

“Out of them all.. hearing the truth… I swore you would turn to me…” there was so much pain in his eyes, as if tears weren’t able to fulfill the dark sorrow he felt.

  “Not against me!

He whirled back around, “Well, you can be happy to know I’ve changed my mind about you.” his dark grin sent a shiver down her spine, as she tried to stand up and move away.

He slashed the air and she was thrown back down, landing hard on her back, getting the air knocked out of her a moment, unable to speak as she tried to crawl away.

“Instead of thinking your obsessive tenancies a nuisance and a bore, I’ve actually reconsidered to think it, well.. rather cute.” He stopped a moment in his walk to looked and gesture, before his terrifying smile returned to address her, and then he raced down to slid to stop in front of her, seeing her trying to get away.

His face was directly in front of her, and with a evil longing, he started to turn his head left and right, as if looking for an opening….

“So I’ve decided to reform you first… have you on my side. And with your unique abilities, help me to convince the others of dark chaos’s charms and divinity.”

He crawled forward as she tried to desperately get away, but he overcame her and she fell down, looking up afraid.

He smiled, seeing there was nothing she could do to stop him.

“And now… prepare to enter a world of dark excitement.. Amy… because there’s no going back where I’m taking you.” he shook his head as he pulled hers up, leaning up and on his knees as he pulled her the same.

In shock and terror she did nothing, probably because she couldn’t fathom the thought of her Sonic being so lost in grief and pain that chaos could so easily control him.

“Please…” she begged, feeling great sympathy and love for him. “Don’t do this.” her quiet plea almost made him stop, look away a moment in thought, as if considering what he was doing.

He then looked down, closing his eyes and smiling as more chaos power soared through him.

“It’s too late for that, Rosy.” he spooked her by using her old nickname, throwing her off guard.

His eyes shot open, revealing the glowing white and no eyes anymore, as he narrowed them down. “Maybe you could have helped me… if you were still alive!!!”

He forced himself on her, and as the painful kiss began he pushed his negative chaos into her, and pulled away as she flailed and struggled against the power, feeling it control and even take over her mind.

He slowly got up, a wicked excitement as he watched her cry out and her fur flicker from pink to a dark aura of magenta.

“…All hail the queen…” he grinned, seeing her at last get knocked out from the power that she fought so hard against.

Her eyes opened as she looked over herself, and he slowly bent down to help her up.

“… How do you feel?”

She leaned into him, unable to fully stand at first, as he carefully, lovingly, held her in his arms.

“…I…” she leaned back. “Never knew good being evil felt.”

He smirked.

“Welcome to the dark side, Amy.”

They kissed passionately.


(Geez. I don’t know how to stop myself >x<)

Sonic rushed in with his friends and teams of forces to recuse Amy and put an end to Dark Sonic.


“Ah! The cavalries arrived!”

Future Sonic rested upon his throne, looking giddy as Amy sat on his lap to the side, laughing with him as he held up his hand to greet the party.

“So good of you to offer yourselves up to dark chaos. Well advised. Good decision.” he then leaned over and rubbed his muzzle with his nose lightly against Amy’s cheek, as she giggled before glaring down at the others. “You’re just in time.”

“Amy…?” Present Sonic stepped forward, his eyes filled with confusion and betrayal.

Future Sonic smeared a wicked look of pleasure at seeing that expression, knowing full well what he must be feeling and thinking, before moving his head back around Amy and pulling her closer, continuing to be intimate in front of him as Amy’s cries of laughter sent his once hurt expression to a painful rage.

“What’s wrong, hero? Realizing it only takes one of us to satisfy her?”

“What… what have you done to her?” Sonic knew it couldn’t be his Amy, it couldn’t be!


She looked away, “Oh?” she placed a finger at her mouth, as if truly pushing the knife deeper from his back into his heart.

“She’s not the Amy you once knew anymore, dude.” Future Sonic leaned up, moving her off of him to stand. “And soon, none of your friends will be what you once knew! Haha! Amy!” he turned back, offering her his hand as she took it and he helped her down the throne. “Let’s save all our friends, shall we?”

He rubbed once more his muzzle to her cheek, before grinning as dark chaos spiked both him and her.

“Sonic!” Tails shouted out, as Sonic turned to look at him.

“It’s him! He’s sending negative chaos energy into Amy! He’s controlling her!”

“She willingly yield!” Future Sonic pushed Amy up next to him, “I won’t let you twist my perfect world. You- Or any one of you!!!”

“He’s delusional. And he’s fooling himself in what he’s doing to Amy! We have to break her free of it!” Tails leaned down from his X-Tornado to look to Sonic, who nodded, glad it wasn’t what it looked liked.

“Grrr.. You’ll all thank me when dark chaos saves your lives!!!” Future Sonic slashed his hand out, causing the cave to tunnel in.

After a large battle, Future Sonic found himself loosing, and turned to Dark Amy, as she coughed under a rock.

“I won’t let even one speck of my future pass from me!” he glared down and threw the rock off of her, getting her up.

He gasped in fright as he noticed the negative chaos that he put into her fading, and her own mind being unclouded and growing clearer.

Her fur flickered from magenta to pink again, as she tried to flutter her eyes open, but was too weary to succeed.


“Don’t worry, Amy. I wont’ let them take you from me, too!” he held her head up from her cheek, and kissed more dark energy wtihin her, even making his own fur flicker to his normal blue.

He was risking losing too much power, but refused to give her up.

When the power took over her again, he felt her being as tangible and controlled her again, making her say and do what he wanted.

“You alright?” he almost seemed to say that as if he was normal Sonic again, holding her up.

“Always, with you.” she smiled but collapsed.

“No! Stay with me! Smile! Smile like you used too!!!” he shook her, before he heard voices of his former friends and let out an irritated, raspy, almost growl like sound escape him, biting at the air.

He flung Amy over his shoulder and started racing through the debris of the ruins.

Eggman shot out a finishing blow, and suddenly he was blasted from where he was going, and Amy tumbled from his grasps.

“NOO!!” his eyes widened, holding out a hand to her.

His eyes softened as they formed back into eyes, and memory flashed over his being.

“Sonic! Noo..!!”

His Amy… holding out her hand back to him, as she slipped off the falling building and rolled into the fires.

“Not again..” Dark chaos energy swarmed his being again, “NOT AGGGAAAINNN!!!” he burst up from the ruins and started destroying everything in sight.


While he was distracted, Knuckles and Shadow raced to Amy, dragging her away from being directly beneath his frenzy, before he looked down to see them pulling her away.

“No… If I can’t have at least one… that’s it.” his eyes widened again. “I can just leap through time again! With Negative Chaos! I can exceed the barrier of time and space itself! My speed is flawless. Unparalleled. I’ll snatch them one by one… starting with her!!!” He charged down, firing blasts of Dark Chaos beams before Super Sonic slammed into him.

“You’re not going anywhere near her!”


Amy’s dark energy was being recalled, but he noticed this out of the corner of his eye.

And as Present Sonic pushed him away with the cometing tackle moments before, he out stretched his arm.

“HELP MEE!!” he cried out, not wanting to lose her.

Amy’s eyes flickered open as dark chaos channeled back into her, forcing her up and shooting into the sky.

“Shoot!” Knuckles couldn’t hold her down in time, as he stepped forward, watching her black aura blast her through the air and up to the two Sonics.

“What?” Super Sonic was slammed into by a mind-controlled Amy, as she used all the same powers Future Sonic had used.

He laughed, “Yes… Yes, she’s mine!”

“She didn’t choose you! Quit bluffing on yourself!” Sonic used his hands to dodge her hits, before grabbing her wrists and pulling them away from him as she struggled, growling and unable to form words from Dark Sonic being too heavily controlling her every move.

“Watch, I bet if I gave her back her freedom, she’d choose the light!”

“Noo…NOOO!!!” Before Future Sonic could do anything, a bright light shone around Sonic, and he gently kissed the flowing chaos energy into Amy, canceling out the dark and giving Amy her soul back.

She flickered her eyes open, before her fur changed back to pink, and then to yellow, as she gripped Sonic and looked down, terrified she was in the air.

“I.. I can’t feel her…” Future Sonic twitched his fingers, looking up at the two. “Why… you were mine… you understood me..” he suddenly leaned his head down as more dark energy formed into his being.

“Why am I flying!?” Amy kicked her legs out, still not fully having her memory back yet.

The whole of the forces saw Future Sonic let out a cry as his entire being shot with dark chaos.

“Stop it! Let it go!” Amy shot down towards him.

“Amy!” Present Sonic watched as she flew down and kissed back all the super chaos energy she had and force it through to cancel out so much of his dark energy.

Future Sonic and her slowly floated to the ground, where he looked knocked out, his fur turning to normal, as Present Sonic also bent down by his side.

As he opened his eyes, he cried softly. “I let darkness… emm.. take over myself. I thought… it was the only way. Pain.. sorrow… pity… rage… it all made me that monster.”

The gang formed around him, as he looked up to Sonic.

“Don’t, not even for an instant, allow your anger to fuel you. In anything you do.”

Present Sonic nodded, looking very serious on that statement.

Future Sonic started to fade, looking at his hands as he noticed his timeline was being erased.

He looked up to Amy, a painful smile on his face before dropping to a frown of regret, holding a fading hand up to her.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She bent down to cry on his chest.

He disappeared and that was the end of that dark future.

-to cry endless and in great pain and torture because of angsty feels.


Books I’ve Read in 2017: Very Twisted Things (Briarwood/Briarcrest Academy Series) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

“The remedy is in the poison.”

Rhysand’s Nightmares - FanFiction (Rhys POV)

Well. I’m not even sure what to say. Why on earth would I have the desire to write a fanfic about Rhysand’s nightmares? I have no idea. But I did. And this is it. And I’m probably about to become the most hated blogger in this fandom. So on that note, ENJOY!

All rights to the characters and story belong to SJM.


I screamed. Until my throat was raw and bloody, and every breath I took burned like a red-hot branding iron, I screamed.

I threw my power out again. A wave of darkness filled me, then crested and broke as I released every ounce of my will and strength against the blue chains that dug into the flesh of my thighs and ankles, my arms and wrists, my neck. It was useless. I was useless.

Cassian’s eyes met mine. He knew. He knew I was powerless to help. And he didn’t hate me for it. But I could. I did. I would forever hate myself for what I knew would come next. I could only hang my head and watch as Amarantha crawled over Cassian’s naked body, bound to her bed by the same cursed chains that held me to the wall. His wings, crumpled and twisted beneath him, had to be causing agonizing pain. Not a hint of his affliction showed on his face.

The self-proclaimed Queen Under the Mountain scowled as she beheld the Illyrian warrior’s bared body. A tremor of fear wormed its way down my spine. Cassian wasn’t excited. And the demonic fae didn’t like playing with soft toys.

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AFK: Come Back to Me

(So… this got insanely out of control. This was just a quick idea I had in my head, and it became the biggest ball of sadness, angst, sweetness, and love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

ALSO! Hades’ twins appear in this >:3 I have named them Zoe (life) and Nikomedes (victory) because MIRACLE BABES!! Also… less salty Zeus.

Lastly… nsfw at the very end. you have been warned.)

You would remember that moment in agonizing, flawless clarity for the rest of your immortal life.

He was nearby, as he always was, his Aura constantly intermingling with yours in an intimate swirl of support and reassurance. Over the past couple centuries, you and your husband had perfected this connection, this steady dance of give and take in battle, in discourse, in bed, in life. He was a secure presence you rarely went without, a solid pillar you could always lean on, the invisible shadows of his spirit eternally melded with your golden glow.

The two of you were one in all but body, and you could always feel it. Feel him.

Today was no different.

The darkest shades of his Aura darted forward, wrapping around the ankle of the closest of the Keres - Disease - and jerked her off of her feet. The monster screeched with surprise, her voice shrill and enraged as she landed soundly onto her back. Through him, you could feel the presence of another Keres charging from behind, though your husband remained completely focused on Disease writhing in his grip. It was a deliberate action, one that spoke of his implicit trust in you.

In an instant, you had thrown your golden energy behind you and Hades, letting it sweep around your bodies into a defensive bubble. You could sense the heavy impact as Accident slammed into your shield, sending a fleeting feeling of satisfaction through you. Too slow.

Thanatos was raging before you, trying to fight off the tendrils of purple and gold Aura you sent his way, but he was failing to block most of the attacks. Deep blue welts formed on his deadened skin, some oozing a viscous violet liquid that could only equate to blood.

Moments later, he had fallen to his knees with a snarl, the anger in his eyes dulling as he clung to consciousness.

“Not… again…” he hissed lowly, his mouth pulling into a grimace. “The Keres… should have-”

He coughed as your Aura encased him none-too-gently, rooting him to where he had collapsed. Hades was doing the same to the two unconscious Keres, ensuring that they would be detained until the backup H.E.R.A. agents arrived.

You brushed fallen locks of your dark hair off your sweaty forehead, sending a triumphant look to Hades as you steadied your breathing. He shot back a small smile before exhaling sharply, shoulders slumping with an exhaustion you absolutely shared.

“I guess they all need to return to the Underworld, at some point,” you huffed, clenching one of your fists to tighten your Aura. “I’m just glad we could stop Accident and Disease before they did any real damage.”

Hades hummed wearily, a soft sound of agreement. He was looking past you, at Thanatos, with eyebrows furrowed in irritation. Glancing over at the fallen god, you felt a tremor of fear pass through you at the wicked grin twisting his mouth. He held your gaze with his cloudy eyes, the unfathomable emptiness within them threatening to swallow you whole.

You could hear Hades snort with disdain before he spoke again. “Now, I suppose we just need to find Murd-”

A sharp, cold feeling passed through your chest as his words cut short with a sickening gasp, an uneasy nausea rooting in the pit of your stomach seconds later. Your head whipped to the side, to Hades, as his Aura’s grip on you slackened.

In an endless, harrowing moment, your eyes traced the sharp, steely blades of Murder’s claws - cruel metal pierced straight through your husband’s chest. Her other hand rested snugly at the base of his throat, a silent, sinister threat.

With mouth parted in shock, he could only keep his wide, terrified gaze locked with yours. But then, softly, his face relaxed as he read your horrified, crumbling expression. He gave you a small, serene smile - still trying to comfort, to console you, even as his Aura dimmed towards oblivion.

Murder’s arm jerked back, without remorse, and you could only scream.

You were inconsolable the first few weeks, an agonizing mess of sobbing and screaming into the emptiness of your estate until your throat was raw. Rapidly, you flew through the seven stages of grief, each one draining you more than the last as you ached to reach acceptance.

The first days were unbearable: sleeping in cold sheets that smelled like him - heady, sharp, masculine with the slightest hint of sweetness. Pomegranates. Your home together felt smothering, every corner of the estate promising that he would be home any moment. His paperwork scattered on the desk in your bedroom, green smoothies pre-prepared in the fridge, suit and tie hung on the bathroom door in wait of its owner… everything screamed that this wasn’t real, that he wasn’t gone.

A part of you knew this wasn’t permanent, of course. He would be reincarnated, as immortal souls did. You had seen it happen quite a few times in the past couple centuries, in fact. Hermes had fallen in the first fight the Pantheon had with Thanatos. Ares had died in a petty skirmish, though he was the god of war. Zeus had died thrice.

But this was the first time you had felt this separation, this disconnect from Hades, from your other half in over two hundred years of marriage, and you had no idea how long you would have to live without him. It was unbearable, to say the least. Soul-breaking, devastating.

Persephone was there for you from day one. She was heartbroken, as many of the other members of the Pantheon were, but she had been through this before, even with Hades. And what were a couple decades without him to immortals? A couple blinks of the eye, and he would be home again.

But you… you still felt the passing of time strongly with how young you were, experiencing it similarly to how you did as a mortal. You would have to waityears - and it would be excruciating, drawn-out torture.

When you allowed yourself to sink into these thoughts, you would drown, drown, drown until Persephone couldn’t do more than hold you as you fell apart, your wrecked throat barely able to release the sobs that accumulated in your chest.

“It’s alright, honey,” she would murmur. “He’ll come back to you. He’ll always come back.”

Selene and Helios visited once or twice, not saying much but attempting to fill the emptiness of your home. It dulled the ache minutely, knowing that these reckless Titans had come to care for you and Hades so much.

The three guardians of the Underworld stayed with you for a solid three days, all of them practically as torn apart as you. They had never been through this before, either, and they seemed to need the comfort of your understanding, of your shared grief.

Cerb had caught you weeping late one night, clutching one of Hades’ dress shirts close to your chest as you fought to catch your breath. Tears were immediately in his amber eyes, and he dropped to his knees in front of where you sat. He simply pulled you against his large body, enveloping you in his large embrace.

You couldn’t tell if you were shaking, or if he was. Perhaps you both were.

Both of the twins finally made it to Olympus three weeks after the fact, the two of them barging into their childhood home like hurricanes made of grief and broken hearts.

“Oh, ma,” were the first words Zoe said, her gaze examining the state you were in. She let you curl against her small frame - your sweet, sweet girl with her father’s eyes and the softness of your face.

Niko wrapped you both up seconds later, his carefree, jovial voice dampened by despair. “If I know baba, he’s fighting to get back to you as soon as he can.”

You thought you had cried as much as you physically could, but you were wrong. New tears stung your eyes, and you let them fall into your daughter’s shirt. Niko just clutched at the two of you tighter, acutely aware that your family was painfully incomplete.

It was three excruciating years until they found his reincarnation.

The Top Tier Gods were gathered together, discussing the state of the world and the godly monsters. You were attentive, of course - this was part of your job, and you had always been a workaholic.

But being in this great hall had never gotten any easier, for your body was always dimly aware of the empty seat beside you, draped with luxurious purple cloths, an obvious symbol of mourning.

Thankfully, your brothers and sisters were gracious and understanding. Every once in a while, when despair would grip your soul relentlessly, you could feel a wisp of one of their Auras, a comforting warmth that reminded you: you are not alone.

Surprisingly, it was Zeus, more often than not - his sharp, electric Aura almost serving to jolt you with a bit of energy. He had become somewhat fond of you over the past few hundred years - you, not Hera - especially when the twins were born. He had wanted to be distant, irritated, estranged. But despite your past, you still wanted him to be a part of your family, as he was meant to be.

And, somehow, you managed to draw him in.

It was this day that you felt that wisp of his energy, a soft tingle that pulled you from drowning, drowning, drowning. You vaguely processed that Hermes was saying your name, his eyes alight with excitement and expectation.

The guider of souls, the happy hummingbird, had found your husband’s reincarnation.

The Pantheon decided to wait seventy more years before approaching the human man, allowing him the peace to lead the better part of a normal, human life. Of course, this just meant more waiting for you and your ragtag family, but you understood the gods’ desire to wait, even if you were bitter about it.  

You had been human once, after all, with the ultimate decision of godhood resting at your fingertips - even if the gods hadn’t been as… patient with you and Hera. But it was better for the human this way, and you knew it.

However, this just left you more time to miss Hades, your husband, your other half. Although you were able to push the agonizing aching the back of your mind after a couple decades, it was always there, reminding you that you were incomplete without him.

You had developed an irritating nervous habit over the years, your fingers twisting at Hades’ wedding ring that was placed loosely on your thumb. Whenever you missed him, whenever you ached, you spun it over and over, willing it to be the hands of time, a physical manifestation of the years you wished to speed up.

Your bed no longer smelled like him, no longer smelled sharp and masculine and heady and slightly sweet - the lingering hint of pomegranate. There were no longer green smoothies pre-prepared in the fridge, his suit and tie were hung neatly in the back of the closet, and his paperwork had been neatly sorted and filed for whenever he returned.

But he still lingered everywhere, every corner of your life. And with every passing year, that fact eventually became a comfort.

He isn’t gone. He’s coming home. He’s coming home to me.

Troy Baker was his name, a sweet seventy-two year old man with an ex-wife, two children, and five grandchildren. He was a retired Navy C.O. with decent retirement pay, and he was content.

When you approached him, he was slow to believe, at first. It wasn’t unusual for completely uninformed humans to rest in their disbelief, their denial. Mr. Baker, however, seemed to slowly accept the reality of his fate, and even went so far to call it his destiny. You would have never forced him to go through with it, after all, but his willingness was nothing less than a miracle to you.

You only had to wait a few more months until he was ready to begin the ceremony, his eyes alight with the love he received from his family in his final days as himself.

Thank you, thank you, left your mouth repeatedly, in a tearful rush, when he finally made it to Olympus. He looked at you, really looked at you, despite the weight of your godhood, and murmured, “I’m glad I can help you. I really am.”

The human stood in the middle of the great hall, surrounded by the circle of Top Tier Gods. He had paled slightly, undoubtedly nervous about being consumed by another being and having his soul released. It was a lot to prepare for, if he even could.

And all the gods began, every syllable spoken increasing your anticipating, anxious heart more and more.

Zeus spoke first, in place of his older brother. “Now begin the drawing of life,” he murmured, his voice deeper and more commanding than it normally was. His eyes flickered to you, harboring a warmth that helped settle your nerves. “I am the one who covers all, the warrior king who protects them.”

It was your turn to speak, and you felt your throat constrict. “I am the one who rekindles,” you hum authoritatively, loving the weight of the words on your tongue. You had never been more ready, more overjoyed to say them. “I mend the seams of family and weave generations anew.”

One by one, each god said their words older than you could comprehend. You could feel the anticipation building, the budding glow of Hades’ soul taking root within the human. His eyes became unfocused as his soul was released, brilliant, immortal energy replacing every cell in his body.

A brilliant light consumed him, transformed him into something eternal, something familiar, something-

And then it was over, the purple light receding into the tall, lean form you still knew so well, still knew by heart. You watched as his striking, enchanting eyes blinked once, twice, before their infinite depths landed directly on you.

Before you could stop yourself, you were running towards him with elated, uncontrolled laughter spilling from your lips. You crashed into his open, willing arms without grace, without poise - but neither of you cared.

He was humming, laughing, murmuring fervid words of thanks in Greek against the shell of your ear. The sound of his voice was almost too much after so long, and you could feel your knees threatening to give out from under you. But before you could collapse, his arms were tight around your waist, lifting you, steading you against his chest. You could feel his heartbeat steadily against you, its out-of-control, elated rhythm beating in time with yours.

“I love you,” you whispered back and forth, feeling your Auras touch - the feeling familiar and all-encompassing and more than you could have ever hoped for.

He drew your lips into a sweet kiss, and you were home.

Although the Pantheon had desired to have a celebration, Hades refused in that calm, collected way you had missed so much. You had missed everything, truly.

He held you close on the walk home, touching every bit of you that was appropriate in public and murmuring your name just to test that you were real. He seemed so calm, regardless, so peaceful, so at ease. His composure served to settle your soul, soothe the ache of seventy years in a few mere moments.

But then the door to the estate closed behind you, and in a whir of motion, he had pinned you against it. His eyes were dark, darker than your remembered was normal. It was pure, unadulterated need, and it made your breathing hitch dangerously.

You watched his eyes flicker down to your mouth hungrily, and that was all the prompting you needed.

Pressing your lips against his greedily, he returned the kiss with just as much fervor, pressing your body even harder against the wood of the door. You could already feel his body responding with want, with unabashed, raw need, and the feeling made you gasp his name aloud.

His lips trailed away from your lips, kissing the corner of your mouth before starting a burning trail along your jawline, down your neck. He bit down lightly at the curve of your shoulder, pulling a whimper from you that made his hips rock against yours.

“Oh, gods, please tell me this is real,” you murmured as he licked at your skin. “Please be real, oh, please-”

He pulled away from you, thumb wiping away your tears that you didn’t realize had fallen. “My love,” he breathed out, “I’m here. I am here-”

You captured his mouth again, hitching one of your legs around his waist to bring you closer, grant you friction. His fingers trailed down your sides, teasing the backs of your thighs before hoisting you up to cling to his body.

It was a blind rush to your bedroom, a mad dash to find somewhere to lay you down, a place he could rut against you, feel your skin, push you to your limit until all you could think was Hades, Hades, Hades

Clothing was shed hastily on the way - buttons popped, skirt torn - anything to feel more skin, to prove that you were finally together again.

When your back hit the sheets, you were both completely bare, skin flushed and raw and wanting. He had that devious smile on his face, that coy look that let you know he wanted to devour you. But behind the lust, behind the mischievous look, there was a hint of desperation, unspoken words of I need you now, gods, I need you.

Even in oblivion, he had known. He had missed you, ached for you, and the thought made your heart hurt.

“Hades, please,” you groaned as his fingers began to tease you. You couldn’t handle that right now, you needed-

And then he was sliding home, filling you completely, making your bodies one flesh in the most intimate way possible. He groaned your name like a prayer, like he was already coming undone at the seams. He probably was.

He steadily shoved into you, his forehead resting against yours as he pushed your hips into the bed over and over, sending sinuous sensations up your spine. Your name continued to spill from his lips in disbelief, in worship, and you couldn’t help but echo his name in response.

It was almost too much to bear, being whole again, feeling all the love and adoration pouring out of him in heavy waves. But you couldn’t get enough of it - you were greedy, love drunk, and you could tell he was just as far gone.

His fingers gripped your hips tightly as his pace increased, his breathing labored and your cries increasing in volume. You were so close, and he was too, your hearts beating wildly out of control as you raced to blissful oblivion - together.

The pleasure clawed up your spine as his thrusts became punishing, your name mixed into Greek phrases you could barely translate in your state of mind.

I love you, so much, so much,” you could make out, and you repeated the words in kind.

So much, so much.

And then you were falling, your body succumbing completely to his touch as you shattered into a thousand little pieces. He pinned your hips to his as he spilled inside you, finding purchase on your slick skin as he groaned sweet nothings into the crook of your neck.

He fell upon your chest, his body heavy and solid against you but nothing you couldn’t bear. It was more than comforting, more than enough.

“You came back to me,” you hummed incredulously, more impossible tears falling down your face and disappearing into the hair at your temples.

“I always will, my love,” he hummed back. You kissed the spot over his heart, relishing in the way it thrummed against your lips. Mine, mine, mine. “I always will.”

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