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MY LOVE MY LOVE MY LOVE - a rosemary mix, about being in love with the light, and also holding it in your arms. listen on 8tracks / youtube (missing gaga’s track :^/)

shuck / purity ring    xo / beyonce  •  electric love (after dark) / borns    cosmic love / florence+the machine  •  400 lux / lorde    hey girl (ft. florence+the machine) / lady gaga  •  heartsigh / purity ring  •  lilith in starlight / homestuck

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Defying Gravity
Alyssa Fox

In honor of Wicked taking the slot of the ninth longest-running show of all time I figured I’d post a little something. As many know I’m not a fan of the show but I give all respect to any woman who has played Elphaba. Alyssa Fox was my first Elphaba and I couldn’t have been more lucky to see her. I played lotto on a whim and won and sat front row center. One of my favorite things about Alyssa performance is how easily she sings the score. To most ears it sounds as if she’s belting the shit out of the score. Why she is belting, she is mostly mixing but through the aid of amplification and compression it adds a whole other depth of dimension to her voice. We often forget about amplification but it plays such a huge role in performing. Why belt your face off when you can not work so hard? Alyssa has it down and can’t wait to hear more from her and career. Also congrats Wicked on moving up. 


The Thenardiers finally get caught for money laundering through their shop and get arrested and thrown in jail.

Eponine gets custody of her siblings (yay!) but is suddenly left with an empty shop that she suddenly owns.

Eponine starting starting a LBT cafe-by-day/bar-by-night.

She has no idea what she’s doing but she happens to know Cosette makes the best coffees on the planet. 

She also knows that Musichetta mixes wicked good cocktails and has been meaning to leave her job for ages because  her boss still uses incorrect pronouns.

She lines the walls with bookshelves with pull down covers for the night, lovingly painted by Grantaire with LBT flags.

Feuilly and R both make buttons and crafts for her to sell as well as helping design the shop and the brand.

Lesbian Eponine creating the safe space she always wanted and needed and turning her what was and could have remained a horrible memory of her parents into a place of sanctuary and acceptance. 



The endless weekend,  the party unending, spinning all day, all night at 120 heartbeats a minute

(don’t worry, it’s nothing like those scary-ass ‘joooooiiin ussss’ hivemind movies, it’s just…well, he doesn’t sleep)

Blood Sugar - Pendulum | A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie, Q-Tip & Goonrock | Beat It (Mutrix Remix) - Michael Jackson | Heads Will Roll (Little Vampires Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Dillon Francis Remix) - Daft Punk | Antidote (Radio Edit) - Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party | Freaks (W&W Bigroom Edit) - Timmy Trumpet | I’m an Albatroz (Extended Mix) - AronChupa | Too Original (feat. Elliephant & Jovi Rockwell) - Major Lazer | Wasted (feat. Matthew Koma) (Ummet Ozcan remix) - Tiesto
bonus: Human - The Killers


other Pantheon mixes:

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fanmix: cruel to be kind

“You’re the same kind of bad as me.”

A fanmix for the Samson x Calpernia pairing from Dragon Age: Inquisition, because dark villain love is my jam and I’m in shipping hell.

[Cover art by @phemiec. Used with permission of the artist.]


01. Tom Waits // Bad As Me
02. Temposhark // Irresistible
03. Marilyn Manson // Tainted Love
04. Lordi // Would You Love A Monsterman?
05. Marilyn Manson // You and Me and the Devil Makes 3
06. Austra // Darken Her Horse
07. HIM // Wicked Game
08. Emilie Autumn feat. ASP // Liar (Manic Depressive Mix)
09. Halestorm // I Miss the Misery
10. ASP // She Wore Shadows
11. Alice Cooper // Poison
12. Puscifer // Rev 22:20
13. Hozier // Angel of Small Death & The Codeine Scene

love you in the dark | [listen] | a mix for declan and kavinsky

i. holiest  glass animals feat. tei shi | ii. why’d you only call me when you’re high arctic monkeys | iii. waiting game banks | iv. body electric lana del rey | v. halo cage the elephant | vi. memo years & years | vii. wicked games the weeknd | viii. bedroom wall banks | ix. tessellate alt-j | x. coming down halsey | xi. retrograde james blake | xii. a little death the neighbourhood

If it’s within your grasp, if you know where it is, and who it’s with, then you run to it, grasp it, and never let it go.
—  Rumplestiltskin talking about happy endings.

Emma Hatton as Elphaba - Wicked London 2015 Cast

Aryan Airlines♕♥ (listen)


all that jazz (chicago) roar (katy perry) cell block tango (chicago) стрела (5nizza) babooshka (kate bush) pussy (lady) don’t cry for me argentina (evita


somewhere over the rainbow (orignal; judy garland) for good (wicked) teen idle (marina and the diamonds) black magic (little mix) beat down (iggy azalea) froot (marina and the diamonds) judas (lady gaga)

Miss Fame-

rubber doll (miss fame)so happy i could die (lady gaga) everybody wants to rule the world (lorde) cosmic love (florence and the machine) fashion of his love (lady gaga) veuna (lady gaga) xo (beyonce) i really don’t care (demi lovato


lucy in the sky with diamonds (miley cyrus) pleasure (pearl) we can ride (go freek) scheiße (lady gaga) flawless (beyonce) stressed out (twenty one pilots) i am not a robot (marina and the diamonds) over the moon (rent) over the moon (rent) over the love (florence + the machine


harajuku girls (gwen stefani) barbie girl (aqua) dreamind (blondie) i was gonna cancel (kylie minouge) don’t touch my hair hoe (brooke candy) good morning baltimore (hairspray) mama i’m a big girl now (hairpsray) dollhouse (melanie martinez) diamonds are a girl’s best friend (moulin rouge


million dollar man (lana del rey) desire (meg myers) bettie (violet chachki) carmen (lana del rey) glorybox (portishead) bang bang (nancy sinatra) lolita (lana del rey

All the girls-

primadonna girl (marina and the diamonds) the love club (lorde) oh no! (marina and the diamonds) salute (little mix) bad blood (taylor swift) candy store (heathers the musical) bend and snap (legally blonde the musical) popular (wicked) sissy that walk (rupaul) born naked (rupaul) glamazon (rupaul) glamazonian airways