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Goodbye (Prod. by WZRD) - Kid Cudi
Goodbye (Prod. by WZRD) - Kid Cudi

The angels they protect me, from the horror in my dome. I don’t wanna have to tell you again friend. Please, leave a real nigga alone 🔥

These feelings I have you’ll find out never, unless you’re clever.
I’ll admire you from afar, star
Keep doing all the great things you’re doing
You got it going on young lady.

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I'll bite, What if these two stunning white haired people had a kid

If they had a kid meme (accepting)

  • Name: Shura Sawyer
  • Gender: Female
  • General appearance: She’s average height, maybe around 167 cm when she’s fully grown. Pale skin, white hair, blue eyes. She wears her hair in a side-shaved style, and she usually dresses in darker colours. Though not really one for showing off her appearance, she does think dark colours look nicer on her. She also wears glasses, being quite near-sighted.
  • Personality: Shura is a quiet and thoughtful girl. She seems to have inherited intelligence from both parents. She does very well in school, always with high grades and out-performing most of her peers. She tends to be a bit shy and she has a difficult time making friends because of it. She enjoys activities that are mentally stimulating, like puzzles, strategy games, and reading. And in regards to strategy games? She’s amazing at them, and more often than not, she wins them.
  • Special talents: As mentioned above, she’s talented at strategy games, especially with trading card games. She also has a Stand, Landslide, which is bound to paper. She can use paper for a variety of things, such as gliding and attacking. 
  • Who they like better: I want to say she was mostly raised by Geddie, so she might be drawn more to her mother. I’m not completely sure of the circumstances of how she was born, but going by how little Geddie and Harper know each other, it was probably a very drunken one-night stand. As a result, Geddie raised her, mostly.
  • Who they take after more: Both, actually. She has Geddie’s book smarts and Harper’s talent at winning.
  • Personal headcanon: Geddie quickly picked up on the fact that Shura seemed somehow lucky and great at winning different things. She casually gave her daughter a lottery ticket, which turned out to be worth a cool $1,000. Previously, Geddie tried her own hand at the same lottery game and won nothing.
  • Face Claim:


Professor Scamander and the Horned Serpent – Chapter 4

Newt Scamander has agreed to teach briefly at Ilvermorny, following the school’s decision to allow him to lecture the students about magical creatures as an elective class. Here he meets a girl in her final year, who belongs to the scholarly house of Horned Serpent. She drives Newt crazy, and the two get into a lot of mischief behind the backs of both the students and staff.

Pairing: Next Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1744

Warnings: SMUT! Large age gap between characters (Newt is around 30, reader is 18)

A/n: going to make the next chapter super duper fluffy to make up for this badly written smut :’)


The next couple of lessons in Newt’s class were spent with your head down. You avidly avoided the tempting man for the weeks that followed the night in the case, but your thoughts were not so easily controlled. Every night you would dream of him, and of that kiss that should not have been.

“You were talking in your sleep again last night.” A fellow Horned Serpent told you as you wiped the sleep out of your eyes, getting ready to head to breakfast.

“I was?” You frowned.

“Yes.” She giggled. “You were calling out for Professor Scamander.” You widened your eyes in shock, quickly gathering yourself and walking hurriedly to the dining hall. 

On your way there you passed your Study of Magical Creatures classroom, taking a glance and seeing the familiar figure, leaning on his desk, talking to someone. It was Amelia. You felt a twinge of jealously, pushing the feeling away with discomfort as you approached the window on the door of the classroom. Newt looked uncomfortable, as Amelia was standing much too close. She was playing with her hair, twirling a strand around her finger as she produced a flirty grin. Against your better judgement, you knocked on the door, the two swiftly turning their heads. Newt had a look of relief, while Amelia seemed to be annoyed at the intrusion.

“Come in.” Newt spoke softly.

You willed your feet to move, over towards the two.

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