wicked first tour


Celebrating the witches of 2014!
In order: Broadway, West End, 1st National Tour, 2nd National Tour, UK/Ireland Tour, Mexico City, and Australasian Tour.


Wicked’s 1NT : The “Emerald City” Tour

Opening Night: March 31, 2005
First Venue: Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Canon Theatre
Closing Night: March 15, 2015
Final Venue: Los Angeles, California @ Pantages Theatre

Elphaba principals:
Kristy Cates, Stephanie J. Block, Eden Espinosa (not pictured), Julia Murney, Shoshana Bean, Victoria Matlock, Carmen Cusack, Donna Vivino, Jackie Burns, Dee Roscioli, Mamie Parris, Nicole Parker, Alison Luff, Emma Hunton, Jennifer DiNoia.

Glinda principals:
Kendra Kassebaum, Megan Hilty, Christina DeCicco, Katie Rose Clarke, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Amanda Jane Cooper, Alli Mauzey, Patti Murin, Jenn Gambatese, Gina Beck

Even though I have known about it for a year, I am absolutely heartbroken about the 1NT of Wicked closing. This was the first company of Wicked that I saw after becoming obsessed with the show, and it has been my favorite for so many years. I am so sad to see it go, but if the talks of a 3rd National opening in its place are true, I’ll be very happy. RIP Emerald City tour 💚.


Wicked: December 4, 2011

First National Tour Production
Mamie Parris (Elphaba)
Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda)
Kyle Dean Massey (Fiyero)
Stefanie Brown (Nessarose)
Justin Brill (Boq)
Christopher Russo (u/s The Wizard) [Mark Jacoby pictured]
Liz McCartney (Madame Morrible)
Paul Slade Smith (Doctor Dillamond)