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svtfoe is so much more the ships, ships are alright but so many people are forgetting svtfoe is also a show about:

- a deeper story about prejudice against monsters

-mystery and magic

-cute and fun characters and getting to see all their dynamics/how they interact with each other

-some very morals/lesson for kids to learn

-and a lot of creative overlooked concepts

-a generally an awesomely animated show with wicked/action fight scenes !!!

It’s just a wacky fun action-packed magical girl show that should be enjoyed as a whole!!! not just hyperfocused the romance aspect. We don’t often get a show like this, a show that does such a good job at teaching us how to have fun!

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Tell me how much you love jaime

Anon I love you thank you for this.

I love Jaime like???? SO MUCH. Like… I hated him in AGoT and the first season of GoT but like… GRRM made me love him and that’s a fucking feat, let me tell you.

I just wanna get this out of the way first- Jaime’s not really a good person. He threw Bran to his death, or so he thought. I do not condone that at all, it’s a shitty thing to do, and 100% wrong.

However. Jaime Lannister is one of the most complex, interesting, compelling characters in ASOIAF. He wishes he was a hero, and strives to be like his heroes- Ser Arthur Dayne especially. He is also a man very much under the thumb of his violent, manipulative, ruthless family. House Lannister did not get where they are by being nice. Tywin is not a nice person, whether he taught Jaime to read or not. Cersei is jealous of Jaime, his status as a man, and the power he could hold if he wanted- but he has no interest in power. Jaime cares for the fight, that’s all.

In any other story, Jaime would be your typical ‘knight in shining armour’- he’s handsome af, chivalrous, fair when he is allowed to be fair, and holds a place of high honour… but he lost his honour. We initally believe he committed a terrible act, killing the king, and later learn that the king in question was mad, terrible, cruel beyond belief, and paranoid, and thoroughly deserved the death he got. Jaime saved half a million lives, and was forever branded Kingslayer for it.

Jaime is also in an incestuous relationship with his sister- in any other story, this would make him awful, evil, disgusting- but GRRM allows Jaime to genuinely love Cersei. Because he does. In his twisted way, he is faithful to the only woman he loves… it just happens to be his sister.

And then…. then…. Jaime Lannister meets Brienne of Tarth. Brienne is ugly, there’s no getting away from that. She’s described as such multiple times, and yet Jaime Fucking Lannister, the most beautiful man in all the Seven Kingdoms to hear people talk, falls head over heels in love with her. He does. Fight me. They build a relationship of mutual respect and admiration, they save each other’s lives, they have wicked chemistry. Their fight scene in ASoS reads like a sex scene ffs. Jaime, for the first time in his life, has someone who sees him for who he is. Not the Kingslayer, not a commander, not a disappointing son or a father or a cock. He’s Jaime. Ser Jaime. When Brienne finally understands him, she treats him like the knight he’s always wanted to be. He becomes a better man because of her, he really does.

ALSO- he abhors unecessary violence. He had the head off a man who wanted to rape Pia in the books, and then brought her under his protection. He saved Brienne from rape, and from a fucking bear, one handed, because he has to be a bloody hero ffs Jaime stop being so damn dramatic just tell the wench you love her. ‘I dreamed of you’ like fuck man, could you be any more disgusting?? You’re making me melt over here shut up.

Not to mention…. Jaime Fucking Lannister charged a fucking dragon with a fucking spear and one fucking hand, he was ready to fucking die a fucking hero if only the fucking realm would be fucking free of the Mad King’s daughter.

…..Alright I think I’m done.

Keanu Reeves Imagine

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Car rides by yourself aren’t fun, but this time you had to deal with it. You were going on a long car ride for a good reason. Keanu had been filming filming his new John Wick movie in New York, but not for long after that he has to fly to Rome, so this means this is your last chance to see him before he flies away for much longer time. Keanu did offer you to fly you in himself, but you said no. You’ve never been the person who likes when people buy you expensive things or in this case give you a privet jet to fly to New York. Both you and Keanu were very simple people, but when it came to Keanu, he tends to buy you new things, things that he wouldn’t buy for him self, like expensive things. He wants you to have the world, and if he could he would buy it and give it you. You’ve told him many times there is no need in that, but at the same time you tell him how he makes you feel special when ever he does that, but still there is no need in that.

After the long car ride you were almost at his movie set, driving up to security they already opened the door for you. Not only did you know them but also Keanu had already told every single person on set that you’ll be coming and that he’ll need some time off. You parked your car in a spot that had your name on: another thing that made you feel special, yet wasn’t necessary. Stepping out of the car, was quit the feeling. You stretched out your legs and arms, to get there faster you didn’t make too many stops, just when you needed to go to the bathroom or needed gas. While you tried to get your limbs to move normally again you felt someone getting closer and that someone was Keanu 

“Don’t even think about scaring me” you said not looking back, there was no need in that. You knew it was Keanu. His laugh made you smile and turn around just to be wrapped into his arms and have many kisses planted on your face. 

“How was your drive?” he asked after stopping kissing you. 

“Fine, boring but fine” he had few more scenes to film but it didn’t take that long, soon you were being taken around set. Usually actors aren’t allowed to show the set or even talk about, especially if it’s a big movie, but since it was you and everyone knew you and knew you didn’t have a big mouth, they allowed you to be there. You were also allowed to see all the fake guns and other things John Wick uses in his fight scenes. Those were your favorite. You begged Keanu to show you some of the moves he has while fighting, but he didn’t want to do it, he was too afraid that you would get hurt. But somehow he broke and now you were standing on 3 big mattresses, usually one but Keanu put 2 more, and were learning his fights scenes. 

“Are you sure about this?” Keanu asked for the 10th time. 

“Yes, I’m sure. Now show me what you got” you took a fighting position and began.

 It was more fun then actually training from time to time when “fighting” Keanu would turn and then kiss you. You did learn some new movies and learned how to defend yourself. After the fighting Keanu gave you a chance to hold a gun. He thought you how to shoot it and how to properly hold it so you wouldn’t hurt yourself. Turn out the risk to shoot yourself isn’t as high as almost getting your finger cut off. You and Keanu spend more then 3 hours playing around, but it was time to move on from all the fight scene reenacting and go to an actual date. He had organized an amazing yet simple date, something that is very close to your hear. The long drive in a lonely car was all worth it. 


Keanu Reeves - John Wick Fight Scene Choreography Training

all i care about right now is that scene in the movie john wick where keanu reeves kills 940 billion guys in a nightclub.

special sexual shoutout to the part where he jacks a henchman up against a wall, stabs him in the gut, then slaps a hand over his mouth and shoves the knife up through his chin, making very intense Erotic Monster eye contact until the guy is dead.

the song is really good too (think by kaleida) and i could write you a paper on how romantic my feelings for the fight choreography are.

i don’t know how to make a clicky link on mobile but here you go: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tr_6doXL0zk

Spoilers below.

Finally watched Resident Evil: Vendetta and quite honestly, I prefer Damnation over this one.

It’s the same old formula, bad guy wants to destroy the world, unleashes a virus and our heroes race against time to save the people. Which they actually do by the way (and it is weird, as in super weird, I mean there were people who actually ate other people when they were zombified, how do they return to normal? Especially that man who ate his girlfriend/wife/other related female member, if applicable. I can imagine the very awkward conversation when other people ask him where she is.)  

Quite honestly? I think this movie is more of a fanservice movie than an actual sequel. You know, a sequel that actually advances the storyline? Just as what Leon said in the movie, “How long could we keep up with this?” just how long will Capcom use the same old formula without progressing the actual story… I mean what about Claire? Jill? Barry? Or even Sherry and Jake?  Introducing us to various characters and then forgetting them for the next couple of years. (Or maybe I’m just sour Ada’s not there… Hahaha)

Now onto the movie itself, I liked how Chris actually shined in this movie. Nothing like what happened during RE 6 when he was wasting away, and what’s with the reverse roles now? Leon’s the one with the PTSD now and drinking his sorrows away in a nearly abandoned part of town (they truly need another plotline without someone drinking in an obscure place.) Chris became the beacon for both Rebecca and Leon, saving Rebecca first from the lab and then from turning full zombie, and saving Leon from a fully blown depression by urging him to come back and fight the bad guys with him again. (Piers –inspired?) Overall, Chris is levelheaded this time, not at all like in RE 6 wherein he could rival Leon on shouting Ada’s name. He calmly deduces the next part in Arias plans and comes up with a strategy with the help of his team and Leon. Only downside is he is a bit focused again on revenge (first it was Wesker, then at Ada/Carla and now Arias, Chris you seriously need another motivation beside vengeance), but nothing to worry about.

Leon, oh Leon, what happened to you! He suddenly became an alcoholic and an a**hole (although there had been hints in Damnation of him becoming an alcoholic especially during the last part of the movie. Also, wasn’t that the reason why he was saved during the Racoon city outbreak was because he was hung over due to a night of drinking?). Which make me think of who were those team members of his that died and could make him drink so much? Uh-oh, those body bags better not include Hunnigan! Or Sherry! (Ada’s not up for discussion, nope no friggin’ way. Kill her and I’m dropping the franchise right there and then. ಠ_ಠ) A bit disappointed on his angst but the movie actually did a great job on explaining why. I actually liked the monologue of his that when he was a kid, he never thought that when he grew up, his life would be like this, fighting zombies left and right every time there’s an outbreak. Makes me think that his dream probably was to become someone like his father, be a great cop, have kids and settle on a peaceful town. Way different from what he became and really heartbreaking if you ask me. Probably why he has this look of “This s**t again?!” all throughout the movie.

As for Rebecca, I’m a bit disappointed that she has no fight scenes. She did train somewhat during her S.T.A.R.S time, why can’t she have at least have a scene of her drop kicking some zombies? Sure, she became a scientist, but surely some part of her remembers her training? She also became the generic damsel in distress, which is absolutely annoying. Why, oh why that after 5 games of non-appearance, you make her the damsel in distress??? Can’t we have other people fill in the role? *Sigh*

The only redeeming fact for me is the fight scenes. Yeah, those awesome Kingsman/John Wick/Taken fight scenes which won me over. I seriously love how they differentiated the combat styles of Chris and Leon. Chris’ fight scenes are more focused on power while Leon’s are focused on agility (revving up for the next standoff with Ada huh?) I loved the gun fu fight scenes and the slow motion scenes before the big blow up. Haha.

Overall, this movie’s a 3/5 for me. While the fight scenes were absolutely enjoyable, I’m annoyed at the lackluster storyline, oh and for the idiocy of certain scenes. I mean 6 games and 3 movies and you still don’t understand never to open closed doors with moving/snarling beings inside of it (*looks at Damien), you call for backup and don’t open the door when you see blood on the floor (*looks at Rebecca), you advise your team when that when they see zombies, they shoot it at the head (*looks at Chris) and there’s an obvious red pulsing heart on your enemy so shoot at that part (*looks at Leon). *Sighs* Some things never change I guess.

Would I recommend it? Of course! Any RE fan would like the movie. Just be prepared though, to be a bit disappointed at the storyline, but all in all, as an action movie, it’s quite enjoyable. ;)

Bye for now again! :)

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Ausiello: Talia and Nyssa’s family reunion in tonight’s finale is “pretty al Ghul-ish from the second you see them on screen together,” actress Lexa Doig tells TVLine. And when the dust from the battle settles between the sisters, “There’s a clear winner, for sure. They choreographed a really wicked fight scene. And our stunts double just killed it in terms of selling it. I will say it’s pretty epic, but the whole episode is epic. It’s like one ‘holy s—t!’ moment after another.”


“I wish to speak on behalf of the defendant.”