wicked fate

Just One Word December BPC
Day 13: Rainbow


Come right up and thank you for being patient!

Prompt: “Didn’t You See What I Did?” - Alucard

“Didn’t you see what I did?”

“Yes, I did indeed. And though my heart continues to pound with increasing fervor, I cannot but help but wish to hold you once more.”

The fresh vampire, soon to be No-Life-King, stood before the person he once called his beloved, the one whom he was sure he was going to spend the rest of his days with. However…

His days would forever come and go, while their’s would soon end in a blissful stop of cogs.

“I am not the man you once knew. Find someone new, find someone else who can make you happy. I am no longer capable of providing such a life for you.”

“My love, please-”

“Do NOT call me that…for your own sake.”

“I will not let you go.”

“Do no play the martyr, mortal. Do not play the wicked games of fate and follow me into this dark descent; you will only find an abyss. There will be no man.”

“If you no longer cared, nay, no longer felt anything…if you were the monster you so proclaim to be, then why did you waste your villainous time saving me from that man? Why even bother with such trivial matters of the mortal realm?”

The man smiled warmly, turning to face the person he had never hoped to hurt, but found that tears were now streaming down their face.

“You have caught me mortal. You have seen past this dark cloak I now wear. However, this is not a garment to be worn by two, nor a burden to be shared, especially with someone as dear as you.”

He lifted a pale hand to stroke their cheek.

“Vlad is dead now. All that remains is Alucard.”

“A fitting name for the abyss.”

“Indeed.” He then paused, taking time to briefly run a cold finger along their cheekbone. 

“There will never come a day in all of my years that I will not think of you, and in your years, I shall protect you. But what we had is gone, drained away like blood down my throat. I have consumed our love in this abyss and it shall remain there, and only there, forever.”

Hope it wasn’t too cheesy for anybody XD But I had fun and I’m loving being back. Expect more content soon