wicked crossover



 edits by me, made with canva

I decided to dig through all the lyrics sheets of some of the most popular musicals, finding the first times the titles of the musicals were stated. It was actually challenging, surprisingly, for some of the plays where the title isn’t actually said in the songs that much.  But I made some pretty edits, and had a lot of fun with it. I also did one for Pippin, Sound of music and Gigi but. These were my favorites. 


Remember when I mentioned how I wanted to do a STRQ and Wicked cross over?

I was serious.

Whoops, look whose been listening to wicked soundtrack! I still want to do an animatic of the soundtrack with the cast of RWBY as Wicked characters. Would anyone support that?

Qrow - Fiyero

Summer - Elphaba (because Salem isn’t as fun to draw and I ship Qrow x Summer, that’s why)

Glynda - Glinda

James - Boq

Another Wicdiv HoO au. I guess Frank and Hazel would be the Roman versions of their folks. Although, I could never imagine Frank having Mar’s personality. Somehow this ended up looking like a James Bond movie poster, yikes.

Wicdiv!Piper here.

Wicdiv!Solangelo here.

Wicdiv!Percy here.

HEY YALL, me and @gabriel-fucking-agreste​ collabed to do a crossover ml/wicked project feat. mama agreste and nathalie sancoeur, here she did the lineart and I did the colors (you can find the other one on her blog it’s AMAZIng)

im so glad i got to work with her ‘cause she is such a great and cool artist and an amazing friend we met at denny’s :’)