wicked band

Two kinds of people, Humanz edition
  • First kind: Are super pumped for HUMANZ specifically because it's Gorillaz, the band's first album in what five or six years?, and it's oFF THE CHAIN, especially the totally worth-it DELUXE EDITION!
  • Second kind, which includes myself: Are super pumped for HUMANZ because it's Gorillaz and they're a wicked awesome band, BUT ALSO BEN MENDELSOHN IS FEATURED ON SIX OF THE TRACKS AND THEY ARE ALL SPECTACULAR AND WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR LOVELY AUSTRALIAN BEAN!

ALL YOU SINNERS STAND UP :  A ‘scene’ WicDiv playlist

listen here [ x ]

+ ‘patron saint’ * [ x ]

* not avaliable on spotify 

The signs as musical protagonists (and antagonists?)

Aries: Judas

Taurus: Javert

Gemini: Aaron Burr (sir)

Cancer: Jean Valjean

Leo: Glinda

Virgo: Cosette

Libra: Kate Monster

Scorpio: The Phantom of the Opera

Sagittarius: Andrew Jackson

Capricorn: Alexander Hamilton

Aquarius: Elphaba

Pisces: Christine Daae

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUNK because girl bands are awesome

i. haim - the wire

ii. lorde - white teeth teens

iii. mø - maiden

iv. karen o - rapt

v. banks - goddess

vi. lykke li - no rest for the wicked

vii. sky ferreira - everything is embarrassing

viii. grimes - genesis

ix. blondie - call me

x. fka twigs - two weeks


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