Snowy Full Moon - Liam Dunbar

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(Y/B/N) = Your brother’s name. If you don’t have a brother (or if you don’t have a little brother) then come up with a name.

This imagine might suck because I’m kind of writing it off the top of my head. I would like some people to send in requests, if you want any.

Also, yes I do love Frozen and that is of course the inspiration of this imagine.

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“So, you two up for Friday night?” Mason asked, looking between me and his friend Liam. I think he was trying to set us up, but I wasn’t really into Liam. I didn’t understand why he thought Liam and I were ‘perfect’ for each other, or whatever it was that went through his head.

“Sorry, Friday isn’t good for m.” Liam said. H turned to close his locker as the bell rang.

“Yeah, same.” I said and put my hand on Mason’s shoulder. “Maybe another time.” I told him. I wanted to hangout with Mason, I really did, but Friday’s were never good at my place.

Dad was lazy and didn’t want to do anything on Friday nights and Mom was fed up with it. I had to stay at home with (Y/B/N) and keep him occupied while they fought. It was horrible.

After school, I walked home. It wasn’t that far, so I could do it. It wasn’t raining either, so that was a good thing.

I made it home, and I didn’t see Dad’s car in the driveway,so I knew he wasn’t home yet. I made My way to the door, and just as I opened it, Dad pulled in. I looked back at him, biting my lip.

I quickly got in and went upstairs to (Y/B/N)’s room. I looked in at him. He was only four. He was just playing with a few action figures. I watched him for a moment, then I heard a door slam downstairs.

(Y/B/N) looked my way and I could see the fear in his eyes. I hated that look. I knew he was scared. He hated hearing the yelling and so did I. He didn’t deserve to sit through this.

“Don’t start drinking!” I heard Mom yell. I looked toward the stairs and then at (Y/B/N). I walking into his room and scooped him up, holding him close.

“We’re getting out of here tonight.” I told him and carried him downstairs. I still had my book bag on my back, it had my money in it so we could go and get something to eat.

I walked to the door, unlocking it quietly. I looked behind me, seeing Mom and Dad were in the kitchen. I couldn’t see him, but I could see hr. She was holding a drink bottle, her back towards us. She was screaming her head off and I knew hr face was red in anger.

I opened the door quietly and left. As I closed the door, I heard a the noise of glass breaking. “Try and drink now!” I heard Mom yell. In my heart I wanted to turn around and see if they were both okay, but my brain was telling me to get (Y/B/N) out of there.

We walked to the ice cream shop and got him a small ice cream. As he was eating that, he seemed to forget the fight. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“What’s a divorce?” He asked. He looked up at me from where he sat in the little booth seat. He had ice cream all over his face.

I grabbed a napkin and wiped it off of him. “Something you don’t need to worry about.” I said. It was scary to think about where he could have heard that word, but I really didn’t want to know. “How about we go into the woods and I do the magic?”

“Okay.” He said and finished the little bit of ice cream he had left. “I like it when you do the magic. You’re like my own Elsa.”I smiled at him, nodding a bit. I shushed him though, putting a finger to my lips. “But remember, it’s our little secret.” I watched him nod like the little kid he was.

After I cleaned him up with another napkin, we went into the woods. I knew it was getting late and that it was a full moon out, but it was better than being at home. I didn’t want (Y/B/N) exposed to that.

Once we were far enough into the woods, I looked at him. “Okay, remember, you can’t run off.” I told him. He nodded and clapped a bit. “Do the magic. Pleeease.” He was begging me now, it was adorable.

I smiled and held out my hand, letting him see the blue glow that came around it. I closed my hand and collected the small amount of power I needed, then opened it. In my hand was a small snowflake. I threw it up and it burst, creating a few snow clouds. It began to snow around us.

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(Y/B/N) started running around me, trying to catch the small snowflakes. He always loved my power. He was the only one that knew, the only person I could trust. Then he watched Frozen and he started calling my “His Own Elsa.” It was adorable.

The sky was getting darker by the minute, but I hadn’t really noticed. I was having too much fun playing with (Y/B/N). He was making snow angels and I was helping him, so that it could be perfect.

Before I knew it though, I heard a roar. I looked in the direction it came from and I knew something was coming our way. I was ready to fight off whatever it was though.

(Y/B/N) came and hid behind me, hugging my leg. “What was that?” He asked. He looked up at me, with his big fearful eyes.

“I don’t know.” I said. But then I saw it.

It was quite frightening. It had yellow eyes and sharp fangs. It’s claws were covered in blood, it’s own blood, and it looked fearsome. It was a werewolf, but not just any werewolf. No, this was Liam Dunbar. The Liam Dunbar than my good friend Mason was trying to set me up with. The Liam Dunbar that always looked like a little puppy. 

All I knew was that he didn’t look like a puppy as he was staring at us.

He ran at us, and I trusted my hand forward, pushing him back with a slate of ice made from thin air. He was pushed back far enough, away from my brother and me. I shook my head.

Liam looked at us, looking at though he was confused. Before he could come at us again, I made a barrier of ice around him. He started hitting it, trying to brake it. I knew that it must be cold in there, but I had a brother to protect.

“Liam.”I said, trying to catch his attention. It did. He was looking at me for a solid thirty seconds before he was trying to break the ice again.

He broke through it, causing the rest of it to shatter. I tried to build a new one around him while backing away, but I tripped over a root sticking up from the snow.

(Y/B/N) scrambled into my arms, hiding his face in my neck. I could feel the his hot tears on my cold skin. “Liam, please.” I said, holding my hand up to him. I didn’t want to hurt him

(Y/B/N) looked up at the werewolf that was my classmate. I couldn’t see his face, but I new that he was scared. He was never supposed to know about this world.

Liam stopped. His face contorted into it’s normal looking nature. He stared at us for a moment. He looked horrified. He fell onto his knees in front of us, into the cold snow. “I’m sorry.”

I sat up, holding (Y/B/N) close to me. “You’re fine.” I told him. I could see that he was hating himself for all that he had done.

“Liam.” A voice said. I looked up to see a junior that Liam hung out with. Scott McCall. Behind him was his girlfriend Kira and behind her was three other faces I knew. Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin and Malia Tate.

“What is going on here?” Kira asked as she looked at the small area covered in snow.

Before anyone could answer, (Y/B/N) wiggled out of my arms and walked through the few inches of snow. He wrapped his arms around Liam. I could see the shock on Liam’s face before he accepted the hug, hugging little (Y/B/N).

Liam looked up at me. “What are you?” He asked. He let (Y/B/N) go and watched him come back to me.

“I’m not anything. I just have this power.” I said. I looked over at Scott, seeing Malia touching one of the snow covered branches. Sh looked confused and amazed at the same time.

“It’s magic.” (Y/B/N) said. He grabbed a handful of snow and balled it into a snowball. He bounced back quick, though I wasn’t too sure he quite understood just what was going on.

“This is amazingly weird.” Stiles said.

“It’s beautiful, Stiles, not weird.” Lydia said.

“No, I agree with Stiles. It is weird.” Malia said.

Kira and Scott didn’t stayed silent, just watching the snow fall. Well, they were, before (Y/B/N) threw his snowball at Scott. Scott laughed a bit of snow, making a snowball and throwing it at (Y/B/N) and chasing him around playfully.

Liam and I were watching everyone messing around with the snow. I looked at him.

“Why’d he hug me? I mean, after all of that.” He said. He looked at me, still looking guilty.

“I don’t know. I guess he felt bad after seeing you like that.” I said.

“Like what?” He asked.

“Guilty, hurt, regretful.” I said, spinning my finger around to make a small snowman about as big as a action figure. I made it walk around, it was like a puppet. “Why’d you stop?”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

I looked at him, letting the little snow figure stand still. “I know a thing or two about werewolves, Liam. It’s a full moon, and on full moons werewolves can’t control themselves.”

He didn’t respond for a moment, looking down. He fiddled with his fingers for a moment, then looked at me. “I guess I found my anchor.”

“Your anchor?” I asked.

“Yeah, someone who keeps me human.” He said, then looked at the others. Stiles had joined the small snowball fight while Lydia and Kira were helping Malia understand all the fun she could have in the snow. “I guess in my case it’s two people.” Liam said.

I looked at my small snow figure, making him turn completely to ice, the outer layer of snow falling off of him. I picked him up, not feeling any temperature exchange. “Oh yeah?” I asked.

“I saw the fear in both of your eyes.“ He said and sighed. “I couldn’t stand it.” He said and looked at me. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Neither do I.” I said.

Liam and I walked into school on Monday, holding hands. He had asked me out for ice cream Saturday after the whole full moon fiasco. I know, it wasn’t that long after everything happened, but after that night I felt closer to Liam.

We walked to my locker first, got my stuff, and then walked to his. As we were walking, I had to let go of his hand. “You’re hands are just so hot.”

“Well yours feel like Antarctica.” He said, chuckling softly. “I can’t believe you’re this cold all the time.”

“Yeah, my parents always thought I was sick as a child, and they eventually gave up trying to figure it out.” I told him. Talking about my parents hurt a bit. They were getting a divorce, but I knew it was for the greater good.

“Do they know?” Liam asked, stopping at his locker.

“No.” I said, leaning against the slightly warmed metal lockers. I watched him pull out his books and stuff them into his bag. I smiled at him. “It’s better they don’t know.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right.” He said and closed his locker. He smiled at me.

I giggled a bit and leaned up, kissing his cheek. His warm skin felt nice, it gave me butterflies when we were like this.

“So this is why you two didn’t want to hangout with me.” Mason said, making his way over to us. “You wanted to hangout with each other, alone.” He said suggestively.

“No.” I said quickly. I shook my head. “We’ve only been on one date.” I told him, looking up at Liam for a short moment. “Let’s just get to class.” I said and linked arms with them, then we all headed to class.