1-19 Defying Gravity
  • 1-19 Defying Gravity
  • Wicked
  • 2016-09-27 - Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, UK (10th Anniversary Show)

AUDIO GIFT - 2016-09-27 - Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, UK (10th Anniversary Show)
Rachel Tucker (Elphaba), Suzie Mathers (Glinda), Oliver Savile (Fiyero), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), Idriss Kargbo (Boq), Anita Dobson (Madame Morrible), Mark Curry (The Wizard), Martin Ball (Dr. Dillamond), Russell Walker, Chanel Mian, Claudia Kariuki, Will Lucas, James Darch, Kerry Enright, Joseph Fletcher, David Gale, Sergio Giacomelli, Olivia Kate Holding, Aaron Jenkins, Ella Nonini, Rosa O'Reilly, Julienne Schembri, Jessamy Stoddart, Joe Sleight, Joe Toland, Helen Woolf
Notes: Includes speeches by Rachel, Suzie and Stephen Schwartz. Previous cast members from the London and UK & Ireland tour joined the cast on stage, inlcuding all previous London Elphabas and Glindas other than Idina and Helen. Please list as mycornerofthesky.weebly.com’s master.

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anonymous asked:

I just saw ur gelphie art and I died aghh 💖💚 could you draw Boq? Only if you want to of course!

sorry for ignoring this so long, just got back home. 

but yeah! boq! a quick sketchy sketch of him anyway. man the poor guy didn’t get a good shake in the book or the musical

so in my self-indulgent modern au, he’s a hipster music junkie, maybe a biology major. something science-y. 

he’s a childhood friend of elphaba, they meet up again at freshman orientation and kinda stick together. he gets a sort-of crush on her roommate galinda, but after listening to a semester’s worth of elphie ranting about her it’s obvs to him they’ve got it bad for each other, and they’ll be together by semester’s end. 

he’s right. 

and then next year he’s friends with cool foreign exchange student fiyero. and he introduces him to the girls. and dot dot dot. 

(they’re all completely insufferable to be around so he doesn’t hang out with them as much after a while.)

don’t get me wrong; I love the musical wicked. but like…. why are they so upset she is green…you have an entire city that’s green….shouldn’t she be like your queen or something?? i mean… the emerald city..a green chick…it doesn’t sound like something you should get angry about…tbh I’d be more freaked out about someone floating down from the sky in a bubble but that’s just me

theatre songs that could resurrect me

• the bitch of living

• ring of keys

• blackout

• schuyler sisters

• la vie boheme

• bad idea

• defying gravity

• tomorrow is a latter day

• king of new york

• this world will remember us

• no one else

• one day more

• into the woods prologue

• all that jazz

• gimme gimme

• naughty

“Real Musical fans listened to/saw more than just Phantom, Les Mis and Wicked!”

“All those fake fans who only listened to Hamilton shouldn’t even call themselves Musical fans!”

“If your favorite Musical is Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or Les Miserables I just can’t take you serious.”

Holy shit fam there is a reason popular Musicals are popular and not everyone is rich enough to see a bunch of shows live or to even buy the cast recordings, besides many people choose not to watch bootlegs because they think it disrespects the creators, so get the fuck off your high horse you privileged arse.