I’ve had friends who would talk down to me and get overall get really condescending when I told them there are certain musicals I haven’t seen and I just wanna know HOW THE HELL I’M SUPPOSED TO WATCH THEM WITHOUT HAVING TO PHYSICALLY GO TO BROADWAY ??? ?


Some designs I did for Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. These are from an animation (that never ended up happening) and the inspiration was a combination the book and the musical version of Wicked… I tried to blend the feelings I got from the book with those I got from the musical and represent them in a way that I felt was representative of both sources.

Elphaba is for sure Ciara Renée. I had a lot of inspirations for Elphaba, seeing as she was the hardest for me to design, but I think Ciara Renée is the person I would see playing her in a potential movie. For the longest time I tried to design Elphaba wearing a dress… but pants just made so much more sense to me. They’re easier to fly in and she seems more like a pants gal.

Glinda ended up being sort of like Kim Bo Kyung from the Korean production of Wicked the Musical. I wanted her to be very pretty but also still show some of the turmoil and depression that’s inside of her so that’s where the black elements on her gown came from.

While Galinda knew more about Elphaba Thropp than most of the student body, she did not know where the green woman sneak away to when she wasn’t in room twenty-two.  The blonde, while curious, figured it was Elphaba’s business, and chose not to pry.

Spring break was upon Shiz University, and most of the students had chosen to go home.  Unsurprisingly, Elphaba had opted to remain behind at Shiz; from what she had gleaned, Galinda had a feeling that Elphaba was not on the best terms with her family.  For the blonde’s own part, she had chosen to remain at Shiz as well, but only because her parents had left Frottica for some vacation or other.

So it should have come as no surprise that one day, Galinda was so bored, she decided to follow her roommate.  She knew that if Elphaba caught her, she wouldn’t be very pleased, but that was more incentive to not get caught.

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