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Lines in Broadway Songs You Must Belt Out NO exceptions
  • how we gonna pay how we gonna pay how we gonna pay LAST YEAR’S RENNNNT
  • I BELIEVEEEEEE that Satan has a hold of you I BELIEVEEEEE that the lord God has sent me here and I BELIEVEEEEE
  • kiss today goodBYEEEEE
  • but the WORLD WAITS im alive at last and im full of JOYYYYY
  • and all that JAAAAAAZZZZzzzz
  • I’m flying highhhhhh defYYYYYYYing gravity (i mean if you can hit that F. If you can, good for you. i hate you. we all hate you. get away from me)

enough - songs of confrontation and frustration

take me or leave me - rent // america - west side story // enough - in the heights // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // leave me alone - side show // bitch / slut / liar / whore - the toxic avenger // what the fuck now, lizzie? - lizzie // i hate you - if/then // see i’m smiling - the last five years // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // promise - bare: a pop opera // no more - see what i wanna see // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // why did i listen to that man? - urinetown // waiting - the addams family // if i didn’t believe in you - the last five years // solano avenue - here lies love // telephone wire - fun home // what is this feeling? - wicked //



Korean Production of the Musical Wicked (2016)


Elphaba: Cha Ji-yeon, Park Hye-na

Glinda: Jeong Sun-ah, Ivy

Fiyero: Go Eun-sung, Min Woo-hyuk

Madame Morrible: Lee Jung-hwa, Kim Young-joo

The Wizard: Nam Kyung-joo, Lee Sang-joon

Nessarose: Lee Ye-eun

Boq: Lee Woo-jong

Doctor Dillamond: Ji Hye-geun

  • Boq: How long have you been sleeping with Elphaba?
  • Glinda: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Elphie is my roommate, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.
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-Rock of Ages


John Wick (2017)

Imagine: John Wick rushing home after finding out that you were injured while he was away on a mission.

There was a moment of panic; heart stopping and stomach dropping. Winston had called John while he was still working (something that was somehow more concerning than it was frowned upon). Winston had said you had been injured; John hadn’t exactly heard what came after those initial words though. All he knew was that he had packed up his rifle faster than he remembered, entirely disregarding the target he had been waiting out for hours now, and was back at the continental in less than twenty.

Where is she,” The words had rushed in through the doors of the hotel suite, along with John. 

When there was no reply, the assassin looked around the room before saying the words again.

Where. is. she,” He demanded, charging across the room, his eyes scoping out the extent of the suite before settling on Charon.  

“She’s sleeping,” Charon replied, polite and calm as ever, rising from the arm chair set across from (Y/N)’s resting place. “Rather peacefully, if I may add.”

John gave Charon a swift look over, before spotting the slightly battered girl tucked into bed, and letting his expression soften slightly. The assassin nearly stopped in his tracks at the sight, his heart skipping a beat and his stomach dropping; (Y/N) looked so peaceful while asleep that a part of John was terrified she might actually be dead. 

Is she?-,” John began, not able to bring himself to ask.

“No,” Charon said, shaking his head, a knowing smile tucked in the corner of his lips. “Quite alive, Mr. Wick… just heavily sedated at the moment.”

John nodded gently, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Why is it always you?,” the assassin through to himself, giving (Y/N) a worried look over -a look which seemed to border a thin line between sadness and guilt.

John shook his head, letting out a weary sigh. After a moment, the assassin made his way over to (Y/N), pulling a chair close and setting it beside the bed so he could keep a protective eye over her. 

“Charon?,” John asked, not once looking away from (Y/N). 

“Yes, Mr. Wick?” Charon replied.

“Thank you for watching over her, while I couldn’t,” John’s voice was low but sincere.

“You’re welcome, sir.” Charon nodded, smiling gently, ducking out of the room. 

John closed his eyes for a moment, inhaling a deep breath, leaning in close and  pushing the hair from (Y/N)’s face before gently pressing a kiss to her forehead.

  • Elphaba: Glinda said it was a "Come as you were in the 90s" party. I assumed it was the 1690s.
  • Fiyero: Babe, if it was the 1690s, we'd all be mummies.
  • Elphaba: What do you think mummies are?
  • Fiyero: Skeletons?
  • [Elphaba is taking an eye exam to decide whether or not she needs a stronger prescription. Glinda is along for moral support.]
  • Elphaba (Reading the chart with one eye covered): E… H… 4… M… potato shape… coffee mug shape… smudge… smudge… middle finger… smudge, and the rest are all smudges.
  • Glinda (staring at her shocked): Sweet Lurline, you flew us here.

*whispers* u ever think abt how John Wick must be the most sentimental person ever? 

like, he would be the type to save all the birthday cards you ever wrote him, and hoard pictures to remind of his favorite memories, and scribble anniversary dates down in his calendar (even though he never actually forgets). 

John would save tickets stubs from movie date nights and all the little notes you write him; He’d end up tucking them away in his favorite novels/books to use as placeholders… smiling every time he opened up to his last reading spot.  


am a streetlight, chilling in the heat,

feel it coming over me, in Treegap, New Hampshire,

am the mask you wear, it’s me they hear,

feel pretty, oh so pretty and witty and wise,

ain’t got nothing if I ain’t got Santa Fe,

know you’re near George, I caught your eyes George,

think I’ll try defying gravity,

would rather be a lefthanded flea,

pity you, I pity me, I pity you,

measure in love.

Versace on the Floor (pt. 2)

Jimin x you

After a night of partying and spilled drinks lead to royal heir Park Jimin entering your life, he’s insistent on making it hard for you to get rid of him.

Pt. 2/5, rated K for Kill me, Jimin

Oh, baby, look what you’ve done to me
Look what you’ve done now
I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way

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