The only light came through the narrow louvered windows and the tower’s skylight, high above. Not wanting to, Jace thought of Hodge. If he were here, the fire would be lit, the gas lamps turned up, casting shaded pools of golden light onto the parquet floor. Hodge himself would be slouched in an armchair by the fire, Hugo on one shoulder, a book propped at his side -  But there was someone in Hodge’s old armchair. A thin, gray someone, who rose from the armchair, fluidly uncoiling like a snake charmer’s cobra, and turned toward him with a cool smile. It was a woman. […] For a second something hot flickered in her gaze, like the glow of a flame trapped under ice. Then it vanished. “You are the boy?” Before Jace could reply, another voice answered: It was Maryse, […]”Yes, Inquisitor,” she said.

-City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

Sigourney Weaver as Imogen Herondale, the Inquisitor

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