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geekshallinherit said: hey are you sam? i can’t give you my name, but i need help. specifically advice. the word is, if one needs help navigating the trickiest of situations life at eu has to offer, they should come to you. people say you know things. i’m sure the significance of that word, “help,” isn’t lost on you, and anyway i didn’t come empty-handed, so i hope you’ll hear me out. i have a problem with a name. before i came here, i had never had much of a family. i won’t go into detail, but i was in foster care. now i don’t keep in contact with anyone i knew before i was emancipated. when i got into eu, i changed my name, like people do here. i followed all the rules and found a tight-knit group of friends. we stick together when our school or personal lives get tough. we even banded together to rescue our friend when she was taken. (she was one of three last year, so you can’t use this to id me) my point is we’re close. here’s my problem: everyone here - human, gentry, otherwise - knows the name the people i love most call me by. my new name has become my true name. my friends know that they know, but others? a chill goes up my spine every time teachers, less-close friends, and campus staff call me by my name. i don’t think it’s legible on my face, but people here have become good at seeing without showing what they’ve seen. this school just has that effect. i can’t just get a new nickname, because as soon as i tell people to call me something different, they’ll know something’s up. basically, i’m stuck just letting the gentry call me by my truest name and hoping they don’t figure it out. my friends and i have talked deep into the night about this and none of us knows what to do. that’s why i’m here. i said i didn’t come empty-handed, and i meant it; this teddy bear is the last token i have of my life in the system. his name is taco. he’s brown and ratty and i don’t remember who gave him to me besides the fact that, like everything, it wasn’t my birth parents, but he’s well-loved. i hope this will be sufficient for you to help someone who cannot even tell you their false name. you don’t have to answer right now; you can find me on the quiet floor of the library pretty late into the night most nights. but if it pleases you, i don’t have long to wait. and sam? i would really appreciate your help.

Help freely given, because I have a lot of small kindnesses to pay forward, and I Owe – your best bet is to change schools, my guy.  In a place where reality is less shaky, your true name is just a name, and even someone saying it with intent wouldn’t be able to compel you against your will.

If you’re hellbent on staying at Elsewhere, you’ve got two options. The first is to carry on and keep hoping no one realizes what a precious thing you’ve handed them. The second, if you think you can do so with subtlety, is to try to change your nickname anyway. I know you’re worried it would broadcast the importance of the old nickname, but it’s not actually rare for people to realize that maybe they don’t want to go by, say, Deeznuts for four years straight. It’s a nickname and it gets old. If you’re careful about it, you might be able to shift to a new name without anyone catching on.

If things go really, really badly, remember that your true name is not just a weapon to be used against you. If your loved ones know it, it can bring you home.

(and to answer the ask i didn’t include - i go by she/her, thank you for asking!)

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Being a Wiccan or Witch is generally not something you are born as or just wake up one morning and decide to become. More often than not, you come across it by accident unless you were raised that way. Many find the philosophies of how Wicca and Witchcraft view nature are the same as the one’s they currently hold. They just didn’t know there was a specific belief system that shared the same views.

Marvel’s Recent history of LGBT

Marvel has stated that they have never been more diverse than now. They also talked about how important the LGBT community is to them. I am going to talk about pretty much every bit of anti lgbt things and also talk about LGBT things they allowed since All New Marvel (2013- November 4th 2015).  These will not be in order by date but sort of connected relevance.

Young Avengers wins  a GLAAD ( Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ) award. This was the highlight of progress for Marvel. They had managed to publish a book that was loved by the LGBT community and set ground into making many of them become fans of Marvel comics. For many they thought this would just be the beginning, well it was the beginning of something.   

Jean Grey outs young Bobby Drake in a way that offended many lgbt members as well as pissing off general fans of the character. This was recently further dealt with months later in X-men issue 600 to confirm both version of Ice Man were indeed gay. While opinions on the characters change were varied the consensus was the outing was wrong. However, that didn’t change that his issue got tons of press coverage, and sold tons of issues. It likely will also increase sales of booth books the Bobby’s are in as well as X-men 600 due to curiosity from fans.

Axel Alonso stated when referring to Angela that they didn’t want to label the characters sexuality. This is a major problem because currently Angela is the only visibly queer lead of a title. While bi, gay, and lesbian characters exist in team books generally speaking their sexuality is a background detail. Wiccian and Hulking will kiss once in all of New Avengers maybe twice if it goes on a long time (but with it’s buzz we’ll see). Ultimates seemed to have a heavy America Chavez focus for the teaser but she isn’t the actual leader nor do we know her status. Obviously recently we got that Bobby Drake is gay and both versions will be on teams.

Hurcules’s canon bisexuality was erased. While in the above statement Marvel claimed to not care about labels he for sure wanted to come out and make sure people understood Hurcule’s doesn’t touch man meat despite rocking a sexy dad bod. Now Hurcule’s bisexuality was most commonly shown in a elseworld story but Hurcule’s of myth was bisexual and in the comics many hints had been dropped about his sexuality. Judging by issue one Hercules is to busy stroking long hard guns to think about stocking long hard other things.

Gambit was intended to be bi in his solo but that was forced out by editors. The writer says it was only one of many possible things but it was something he had pushed for that was not allowed. Showing once again the label straight is fine and labels are for people who Marvel considers other.  It could have been Marvel has some friends in the Church of Humanity (X-men reference) they didn’t want to offend.

Loki’s gender fluidity was intended to be a bigger focus in the Agent of Asgard comic instead we simply get a reference until the last days arc where it goes more all out. It is hinted at several times in the series so it may have been as big as Ewing did intend. Still their was questioning from Bleeding Cool and among fans. Then we could speak on Loki’s apparent quick reversion to being a villain being a serial killer in Thors, a traitor in A-force, and now in the upcoming Thor book seems to once again be on the side of “evil”. Now this is covers and solicitations but we can all agree the design is ugly. Also comments by Marvel creators showed a misunderstanding of Loki where they said “They can’t reveal if it’s guy Loki or girl Loki” despite Loki never truly being either as a genderfluid person that is a limiting way to describe Loki.

An America Chavez X Kate Bishop story was intended to be printed in Secret Wars Secret Love and Marvel used a BS excuse to get the writer to pitch another story. I wrote more about this here  http://sergiorex.tumblr.com/post/132534915555/america-chavez-at-two-places-at-once-the-lie-of as well as http://sergiorex.tumblr.com/post/126684445920/story-behind-secret-wars-secret-love-lack-of-lgbt but the gist of the thing is only one America Chavez exists in the multiverse so she couldn’t be in Secret Love. So they made the writer of the amazing Danny and Misty story do that instead.  This excuse for America doesn’t work on many levels just with how Secret Love worked itself but they appear to have allowed two to exist with the recent House of M comic.

Speaking of House of M Secret Wars was intended to make several characters queer for the alternate reality because I mean what’s the odds of people being straight in every reality? The excuses for Marvel on this front were to avoid confusion as if comic book readers that could understand Secret Wars couldn’t understand that maybe one version of a character is gay.

Deadpool’s creator made offensive comments about how Deadpools brain works saying he can be any sexuality you want him to be. Tim Miller for the Deadpool movie confirmed Deadpool to be pansexual but Marvel proper is unwilling to make such statements.

Sexuality can be a private thing for many people more so working professionally and afraid to lose work. Marvel has been hiring more LGBT creators. That said the majority are B who are in a straight relationship so if Marvel even knew they were queer is a question. Their books for the most part don’t appear to reflect their queerness at all but they aren’t out yet. I would hope these creators and really all creators were working to push more and more representation but this is Marvel. Most these creators are freelance and easy to remove, they have no say in the larger universe, and really once Marvel owns you what can you do?

So while Marvel attempts to get us to shower them in praise let’s not forget that Marvel has likely done far more than what I listed here and will likely do more. Marvel people if you read this I hope it acts as a semi reality check or something that at least inspires further conversation with editors to ask more questions. Fans of Marvel I hope this inspires you to ask Marvel even if you aren’t part of the community for more. I love Marvel’s universe, I would love to work for them one day but the way Marvel is right now is not the Marvel I want to believe in. Let’s hope Marvel becomes a better place for the community and tell me what you think. For all I know Marvel will release 50 new LGBT lead titles before I even publish this but I think they have sort of run out of slots.

What The Signs Believe In
  • Aries: Small things. Like maybe a ghost. Boo!
  • Taurus: Believes in either nothing or everything.
  • Gemini: Listens to all believes and combines them to create their own.
  • Cancer: Pagan/Wiccian stuff.
  • Leo: The Oujia Board
  • Virgo: Mediums
  • Libra: Haunted Houses
  • Scorpio: Witches, and *USING* an Oujia Board to figure shit out.
  • Saggitarius: A major religion, most likely. Probably whatever their parents believed in.
  • Capricorn: The whole "sell your soul to Satan and you'll get powers in return" thing.
  • Aquarius: Believes in anything they've experienced.
  • Pisces: Tarot Cards.

Mas, enfim, o que é uma bruxa? Uma das respostas pode ser obtida nas raízes semânticas e no desenvolvimento dos variados termos ligados à sua definição. A palavra “witch” ( bruxa em inglês) deriva de wicca ( pronuncia-se “uítch”, que significa “ bruxo”, um praticante masculino da bruxaria) e de wicce “uitche” que é bruxa), ambos os termos pertencentes ao inglês antigo* . Os dois substantivos derivam do verbo wiccian (“uitchan” que quer dizer “jogar um feitiço”ou “lançar um encantamento”). Contrariamente às crenças de alguns bruxos modernos, a palavra definitivamente não é de origem celta e não tem a menor relação com o verbo witan (saber) do inglês antigo, nem com qualquer outra palavra com o significado de “wisdom” ou “sabedoria”. A explicação de que “witchcraft” (bruxaria) significa “ a arte dos sábios” (craft of the wise) é inteiramente falsa.
A significação do termo “warlock”, raramento usado hoje, é erroneamente determinado como “bruxo”. “Warlock” deriva das palavras do inglês antigo waer, “verdade” e “leogan” “mentir” e, originalmente, significava qualquer traidor ou alguém que quebra um juramento. Era aplicado tanto a homens como mulheres. O termo “warlock” foi reutilizado na escócia durante os séculos XVI e XVII, sendo então associado a bruxaria diabólica. Não é um termo muito útil para nós. A palavra “witch” se aplica a ambos os sexos.
“Wizard”( mago ou mágico), diferente de “witch” realmente deriva da palavra wis do inglês médio, hoje “wise” ( sábio). A palavra “wizard” surgiu por volta de 1425, significando um homem ou mulher de grande saber, os quais, acreditava-se, possuíam certos conhecimentos e poderes extranormais. Durante os séculos XVI e XVII designou um “high magician” ( alto mago). Foi somente a partir de 1825, e raramente, o termo foi usado como sinônimo de “bruxo”.
“Sorcerer” deriva da palavra francesa sorcier, do latin vulgar Sortiarius, ou “adivinho”. |Mas em francês, sorcier significa tanto feiticeiro como bruxo. A palavra francesa foi introduzida no inglês durante os séculos XIV e XV, tornando-se de uso corrente durante o século XVI. Como no francês, a palavra no inglês sempre foi ambivalente: algumas vezes se refere a simples feitiçaria, outras vezes a bruxaria diabólica.” Magician” ( mago) deriva do latim magia, proveniente do grego mageia. A palavra grega magos designava originalmente os sacerdotes- astrólogos iranianos que acompanhavam o exército do rei Xerxes, quando de sua invasão na Grécia ….
Em inglês, a palavra Magic ( magia) frequentemente implicou um sistema intelectual sofisticado, em oposição às práticas da “sorcery” feitiçaria, muitas vezes a denominação inglesa foi “high Magic” ( alta magia)

Extraído do livro “História da Bruxaria” Jeffrey B.Russsel & Brooks Alexander”