wiccanwind  asked:

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1) I’m making my life what I want it to be

2) I treat myself right

3) I have a beautiful body

4) My freckles are little fairy kisses

5) I treat others gently

Here is the picture for the anon who requested some suggestion about how to setup the Wiccan altar:


- For the God/Goddess idol you can use what you want in representation to the Gods (a little statue, a tarot card, a drawing…) maybe also something that represent the God/Goddess in Nature like a shell or a stone…

- Cakes n stuff can be placed only for rituals

- Remember that the objects don’t have to be perfect, you can use a kitchen knife for the atame or a cup for the cauldron if you purify them and use them just for the altar!

Hope it helps! Blessings~