wiccan woman


Scorpio in Mars,
Pisces in Mercury,
Pluto in Sagittarius
Darker color palette

Requested by: @riichii

Witch Tip ✒🕯🔮

Use a wax warmer to melt colored wax, then get a pen, pencil or quill to dip in the wax so that you can draw sigil, names, or symbols onto other candles prior to burning them. Practice writing out your symbols before starting on your candle, as wax dries fast.


Libra Sun,
Leo Moon,
Aquarius Rising,
Kitchen Witch
Black Cats,
Warm Fall Color Palette

Requested by: Anon​

Thinking of creating my own “witchy” support community website… Similar to tumblr but for sharing interests in witchcraft, spells, recipes, information, coven group creation for online witches (since a lot of us are solitary practitioners).

Would anyone be interested in that? I’d like a legit interest count. This would be a big project with a lot of man hours.