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31 Days of Witchcraft: Day V

Do You Have Any Ethics or Moral Codes That You Follow?

Part of the role a religion plays in a person’s life is helping to establish a code of ethics. While witchcraft itself isn’t a religion, it’s role in my life is linked to religion. When I was younger, I identified as Wiccan, and at the time followed the Rede. However, as I grew and went through what I had gone through, I began to realize that I didn’t identify much with the Rede or the Threefold Law.

So, I began to consider what I feel is important:
-Rule 1: Do no harm, but take no shit.
-Rule 2: Follow your heart and consider your feelings.
-Rule 3: Consider others’ feelings and do what you can to help at all times.
-Rule 4: Accept the fact that it is not in your power to fix everything.
-Rule 5: Never stop learning, and resist those powers that would hinder free thought and education, the right to love, and the right to self.
-Rule 6: We have one home - Earth. Care for her so that she may care for you, your children, and generations to come.

These six rules interact with one another on a daily basis, and form the framework for everything else I believe. Some are fairly self-explanatory, such as 2, 3, and 4. But the first rule is the one I’m often asked about, because I’ve mentioned it before.

What I mean by “Do no harm but take no shit” is that it’s unwise to ever intentionally seek out and inflict harm out of malice. I will never attack unless attacked first. However, if I’m attacked, I’m not going to just roll over and take it. I’m going to fight back. Thus, I do believe in working bindings and curses provided the situation calls for them, and I do heartily encourage joining in peaceful protests when the situation deems it necessary.

Nearly everything regarding my moral code has a central theme: individuality and compassion. Care for yourself, but also care for others. Educate yourself and follow your dreams, but also do what you can to take care of our home. It’s a code of balance.

If you’re a newbie witch looking to establish your own practice, consider what your personal code may be and how it relates to both mundane and magical life. From there, you can more easily discover your path!

Blessed Be! )O(

Ideas for your Grimoire and Book of Shadows - PART 2
  • Any mythology you are interested in. 
  • Any visions or inspirations that you have.
  • Lunar rituals.
  • Chakras and Reiki. 
  • Sacred texts.
  • Sabbats and Esabats. 
  • Types of incense and when they should be used. 
  • Wiccan Rede, Rule of three  (If this is something you follow)
  • Your ongoing spiritual journey. 
  • Your goals and when you complete them.
  • Your sacred/power animal and what it means to you. (If you have one)
  • Scrying
  • Pendulum readings.
  • Tasseography (Tea leaf readings)
  • Palmistry
  • Numerology
  • Paranormal studies.
  • Faeries and Fae 
  • Colour Magick
  • Wheel of the year
  • Charms and hexes
  • Voodoo, Hoodoo
  • Chants
  • Alchemy
  • Egyptian Deities
  • Norse Deities
  • Greek Deities
  • Angels, Archangels
  • Auras and how to read them.
  • Meditations
  • Blessings
  • Demonology (If this is part of your practice) 
  • Druidry
  • Shamanism
  • Green witchcraft
  • Hedge witchcraft
  • Knot Magick
  • The tools you use.
  • Witch history.
  • Sigils
  • Celtic Deities
  • Wives tales/superstitions and which ones you believe in.
  • Kitchen witchcraft.
  • Mother earth
  • Grounding/Casting + closing the circle.
  • Cleansing/Banishing
  • Protection
  • What is an empath? Are you an empath?
  • Astral Projection
  • Smudging
  • Triple Goddess
  • Horned God
  • Welsh Deities
  • Your familiar if you have one.                                                                     ==Moonlight Academy==

A page from my personal Book of Shadows - 

Bide the Wiccan Law  ye must,

in perfect love and perfect trust.

These eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,

an it harm none, do as ye will.

And ever mind the Rule of Three,

What ye sends out comes back to thee.

Follow this with mind and hear,

And merry ye meet and merry ye part.

A few more advanced spells regarding fidelity.

Chili Pepper Spell

While you partner is sleeping, pass 2 red chili peppers over them, never actually touching them to the person, as if you were vacuuming their aura. Concentrate on you partner’s rambling nature being drawn into the peppers, his inclination to wander terminated and his passion for you filling the void left by the disappearing desires.

When you’re finished, lay one pepper against the other to form a cross. Safety pin them together and when you have chance, hide them under your partner’s side of the mattress.

Fidelity Candle

Powder caraway seeds, cumin, and licorice root and add to grapeseed oil. Carve a figure candle to represent your partner; dress with this oil and burn.

Hair Spell (Commanding/Compelling)

Obtain a lock of your lover’s hair. Sprinkle it with Command & Compel Oil. Place it in a small piece of white linen, wrapping it toward you, knotting it securely shut with blue, red, or gold silk thread.

Carry this in your pocket or a charm bag.

Hair Spell (Perfume)

Obtain two strands of your lover’s hair and tie them together with two strands of your own. Place these hairs inside a bottle of your favorite fragrance together with an Adam & Eve Root. Every morning, ideally before he or she awakens, place a drop of this fragrance under each of your arms.

Lodestone Fidelity Spell

Place two matched Lodestones and some of the botanical skullcap into a satchel. Be sure to add a lot of the botanical or several extra layers of fabric as Lodestones are hard and you want this spell to remain a secret.

Sew the satchel into your partner’s pillow.

So, there are a few more for the more practiced Witch. The Chili Pepper spell and the two hair spells seem like they would be especially powerful to me. Good luck and let me know if you ever need anything else.


Unless you're a Wiccan, the three fold rule doesn't apply to you.

I like to think that Karma gives herself out in regards to the respective deed. So, say you kill someone with magic in cold blood. Two people you love might die. Maybe more. Karma is a fickle mistress, who subscribes to no rules but her own.

Important Witchy Reminder


I am getting SO tired of seeing Witches comment on curses or hexes that nobody should be doing those things because HARM NONE, and evERYTHING YOU PUT OUT COMES BACK TO YOU TIMES THREE.

What you’re doing is the Witchy equivalent of a Christian telling a non-Christian they’re going to Hell for their religious/spiritual practices/beliefs.
And I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? Someone telling us we’re going to Hell for being a Witch, regardless of how ‘peaceful’ the path we follow is?
Same thing.

There are SO MANY different beliefs and paths in Witchcraft. They vary greatly, and many of them do not believe in karma, or the threefold rule, or ‘Harm none, do what ye will” (which is SPECIFICALLY the Wiccan Rede, by the way, and if I have to remind you that THE MAJORITY of Witches ARE NOT Wiccans, then… consider this your reminder, I guess. Sure, many non-Wiccan Witches have adopted that Rede, but Witches are not at all required to do so, and it is NOT universal amongst us.)

Personally, I do believe in Karma, and I do my best to harm none.
But I don’t, by any means, think that makes me a “better” Witch than anyone else, and it is not my place, nor is it yours or anyone else’s, to try to get other Witches to believe in the same thing.
It is not our place to criticize someone for following a different magickal path.

What an individual Witch chooses to do with their craft is no one else’s business.

“But it gives the rest of us a bad reputation!”
Does it, though???? 
The vast majority of Witches who do curse and hex, they’re not running around in public chanting Latin and throwing pig’s blood at their targets.
The people who condemn Witches do so regardless of what our craft entails - not because they have first hand experience with a Witch who curses or hexes, but because their own spiritual or religious beliefs tell them that Witches are inherently evil, no matter what we do or say.

TL;DR: There are many different magickal paths, and Witches are not required to believe in the same things, and THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE RULE OR BELIEF THAT IS UNIVERSALLY ACCEPTED AMONGST ALL OF US.

Witch Tips - Witchcraft Books are Shit

Okay hear me out…

So I see an awful lot of new witches or witches practising in private, even witches on a budget… And they’re upset because they can’t afford or can’t risk having books about witchcraft…

Let me tell you this.

When I started practicing I was in the exact same position and I researched and researched and researched on the internet trying to find as much information from as many different sources as I could. I also listened a lot to my gut, following my own instinct and creating my own path to my craft.

I thought it would be lovely when the day came that I could finally get my own books…

And when that day finally arrived? I was disappointed.

It’s probably okay if you identify as Wiccan and want to follow the Wiccan path with more instruction and to learn all the rules etc there are some excellent books on Wicca out there!

But most books advertise themselves as Witchcraft and don’t actually differentiate between Witchcraft and Wicca….

A lot of them have some very questionable content and suggest that you must practice that specific way or worship a specific deity in order to practice witchcraft…. Some of them have the most ridiculously elaborate spells…

What I’ve found is that most witchcraft books have to be taken with a pinch (or sometimes an entire bag!!) of salt because the majority of it won’t apply to you. I end up finding maybe the odd paragraph helpful in inspiring me but the majority of it is a waste of money…


Here’s some examples of shite your book might include:

❌ witch and Wicca used to interchangeably, either no mention of non Wiccan witchcraft or it doesn’t mention Wicca but keeps saying you must have a wand and athame and you must follow the ‘witches’ (Wiccan) rede and rule of three

❌ saying you must worship and use the power of the elemental spirits in your craft and that every witch believes that earth spirits take the form of little gnomes running about in the forest etc

❌ vehemently against banishing, cursing and hexing

❌ or alternatively casually including banishing, cursing and hexing without telling you to stop and think carefully if it’s necessary before proceeding….

❌ suggesting you have to dress like a stereotypical cartoon or horror film witch

❌ telling you you must buy hard to obtain and expensive items to be able to practice

❌ telling you witches just google any old deity that might fit their spell and call upon their name having no real information or relationship with said deity

❌ stupidly elaborate, whimsical spells that sound like they’ve been written by Luna Lovegood on drugs…

❌ stupid impossible spells that take you for an idiot - spell to make you grow wings! Now test it out by jumping out a window!!!!!

❌ not accepting there is more than one way to cast magic (e.g.) only mentioning using herbs

❌ shit that tells you you must be of a certain age, gender, family line, religion, race etc to be a witch

❌ tells you to disrespectfully use traditions from other religions, usually native or Hindu customs I’ve found…


There are so many more problems with these books but it can be summed up like this - most books are Wiccan hiding themselves as witchcraft and most of them tell you there’s a set way of being a witch and practicing it.

Honestly you are so much better off looking on the Internet for a much more balanced source of information. Let’s face it- everyone practices witchcraft in a different way so it makes sense that you can’t buy one book and follow it to a tee unless you want to be shoe horned into somebody else’s practice.

Search tags on tumblr, Google things, send questions to witches’ ask boxes and ask the same question to an array of different people to get lots of different takes on the answer. Take note of what fits in with your beliefs and craft or use the answers to inspire your own way of doing things.


If you really want books on witchcraft topics (again take with a pinch of salt!!) I recommend

📓 Deborah Blake’s ‘The Goddess in the Details’ and 'Everyday Witchcraft’

Which both have Wiccan themes but give you some good inspiration on how to live magically every day and slot little bits of everyday magic into your life.

📕 Deborah Blake’s 'A to Z Spellbook’

for a whole compendium of easy to to do spells (most of which don’t have rituals so it leaves room for you to make your own. They’re all everyday ones so you’re bound to find something helpful in there)

📗 Soraya’s 'Witch’s Companion’

That gives you a few short verses to use in spells and loads of great correspondences, ideas on how to cast a circle etc

📘 Soraya’s 'Little Book of Spells’

Very similar to Deborah Blake’s but in a beautiful tiny book. Again very everyday stuff which are bound to come in handy. Might need to alter the words slightly if refer to a religious god or goddess if that’s not inkeeping with your beliefs.

📙 reference books for divination such as tarot, using crystals, witchcraft correspondences, healing herbs etc

But honestly, do yourself and your wallet a favour and don’t bother with books that teach you how to be a witch when you have far more reliable information available to you for free on here!


The Breakdown

  • A curse, or hex, is the willful direction of negative magick towards another person. Typically a curse or hex will develop slowly and gradually, increasing the individual’s suffering over time. A Pagan or Wiccan who is adept at shielding and magickal self-defense is far less likely to become a victim of a curse or hex.
  • Many magickal traditions forbid cursing or hexing, but in some, it is perfectly acceptable. For instance, in traditional Wicca, it is highly frowned upon to send forth negative energy to another being (the Rule of Three), but in some forms of Wicca, such as eclectic Wicca, there are ways to work around this rule.

How I Do It

  • Rarely. I like to keep curses out of my Book of Shadows because I don’t want that type of energy mixing with my other works. For curses, I have a separate book with lots and LOTS of sigils that ward against energy transference as well as sigils that alter energy alignment. (I call this book my Karma book.)
  • When using curses, my targets are people that, bluntly, deserve it. They are people that have set the balance of positive and negative energy out of whack–and I’m simply returning the balance. 
  • I strongly believe in Karma, as well as the Rule of Three, and that is why I take special precautions when writing my curses. The idea is to transfer the negative intent into neutral energy/intent that will cause something to happen. You’re USING Karma itself. You’re basically speeding up the process. 


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Mood Board Challenge Tag (started by @aandidas)
As I mentioned in the previous post, I had too many images I wanted to use so here is Nayeli’s second mood board which represents her Wiccan/Curandera side.

Nayeli Diosa Santos - part II (wiccan mood board)

Rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (himself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.
I tag anyone who wants to do this.

someone with a komaeda icon defending cursing ex mutuals

it’s so funny that everyone defending this is saying “not everyone follows wiccan rules of the rule of 3 ” but isn’t address the obvious moral problem with cursing people for just unfollowing you

witchycorgi  asked:

Hello, I saw your post about how you think curses and using "dark" magick is fine and that people "overreact" about it...I've read that what you do will come back threefold, so if you curse someone karma will bite you in the ass. Hard. Do you believe that to be true? I think that's why curses are frowned upon.

Alright. Let’s do this. I’m going to be straight forward with how I feel. I’ll do my best not to rant. As a note, I am not angry at you as a person. I am just tired of people being butts.

First and foremost, I am not Wiccan. The Wiccan rede (advice) doesn’t apply to me because I am not Wiccan. I did not take that oath, I do not follow their beliefs. It is not involved in my life.

There are hundreds of different practices of magic, and they have a right to their own codes and beliefs. Just because it is a different subject, doesn’t mean people suddenly have the right to belittle others for what they believe in. For me, I see no difference when people say cursing is wrong and I should feel ashamed vs when Christians say I will go to hell for practicing witchcraft. Both are seeking to judge my beliefs in a negative way and make me feel bad about them. Please stop.

Second. I REFUSE to acknowledge the bastardized version of karma that the western world stole from eastern religions. I’m not going to even look at it. It is completely destroyed from its original context and has no effect in my life.

Third, I outright despise binary concepts of good and evil. The world isn’t placed into nice and neat bins that you can easily label. The world is a chaotic place that defies labels and refuses to be that simple. You have to do morally questionable things sometimes because you need to think about what is best in your life. Personally, I find it to be lazy thinking to just say “the universe will punish them”. No. I am going to take actions into my own hands because I am a witch. I am my own master. Someone hurts me or my own? I will make them regret the action, and make it so no one else will ever DARE.

Fourth, it is simply a defined part of my practice. I can’t ignore it. Witchcraft is of nature, and nature is everything. It is the healer, the murderer, the friend, and the betrayer. It is a beast that empowers you and can kill you at any moment. We can’t escape this truth. There is far too much history impeded in the world, and only those that choose to live in a lie can’t see it.  It is the practice of my ancestors (both mighty and beloved). It is what I have been taught by my familiars and spirits. Magic, especially witchcraft, will always be manipulative, powerful, and amazing. Its very image is the witch healing herself and killing kings. I refuse to allow white washing to neuter my practices. 

These laws that people fear and say that I should fear. They have never effected me. I have done many a things that others would deem scary or evil. They all worked and fixed the problem. I am in a far better place because of it. 

People might see me as awful or evil for this. So be it. Witches will always be demonized by those that simply do not understand and care not to understand. And sometimes, witchcraft should be feared.

This isn’t to say that it is merely a cruel force of nature. It is wrong to not acknowledge all aspects of it. To ignore one part is to deny the whole. I honestly I feel like a tired old hag with all this. 

Just a few reminders cuz i’m sick of all of the unnecessary hate

Reminder #1: Wicca is so much more than the Three-Fold-Law and the Wiccan Rede.

Reminder #2: These “rules” are not set in stone. You can have a different interpretation. 

Reminder #3: These rules are not even rules. They’re more like advises and they don’t have to be about punishment.

Reminder #4: You are not going to some sort of Witch Hell if you are Wiccan (or a witch of another religion) and you curse. If you follow the Wiccan Rede or the Three-Fold-Law or both and you curse, all it means is that you’ll have to deal with the consequences of that. Whatever that means. 

Reminder #5: Wicca was never about telling other people what to do. Don’t we hate when Christians do that? Let’s stop telling other witches what to do with their practice. It’s none of your business. 

Reminder #6: Wicca is so much more than what you read on tumblr. Let’s stop hating on Wiccans because of the mistakes of people on this website who are just starting out and decided to post about it.