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• Gets half of their magickal tools at antique shops
• Is pumped at the thought of finding old gardening or divination books
• 1OO% skilled at putting anything to use
• Has the most lovely, history-scented altar
• Would live in vintage clothing if given the option

5 Witchy Candle Tips

1. Home made candles, wonderful things. You don’t need anything special, just plain white candle wax, food coloring, wicks, and something to let the candles form in. If you can’t find a candle in the color you need, this is great because you can customize colors. It’s also great if you need a candle in a certain size, or would like to make one if a special shape.

2. Scented candle that match the spells intent, so that help get you into a state that can help the spell. If you think you should be very energized for this spell, candles that have energizing smells will helps. Same goes for relaxing smelling candles, great for sleep sleeps or for anxiety easing spells.

3. Dollar stores. I think most of us by now know how wonderful dollar stores are for candles, especially us low income witches. Trust me, the price of your candle does not affect it’s ability to work. 

4. Sigils and candles go well together. Crave a sigil into your candle then let the candle burn all the way down. Match your candle colors, and scent if wished, to the intent of the sigil (or use a plain white candle.)

5. Prayer. If you are a religious witch, no matter what the exact religious, candles are great for prayer. I recommended purple, as purple is one of the most spiritual colors. It will help you connected to your god, or goddess, or both, or the angels, or to whoever you may be praying to.

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I am Pro-Cursing

Alright, so I know I’ve made posts like this in the past but someone I consider as a friend (I really hope you don’t mind me saying that!), @cosmic-witch , is getting way too much hate for making a post about wanting other pro cursing witches to reblog something so she can find more like minded people.

Now Nova is getting a shit ton of hate over this.

I thought we as a community were over the “curses debate”!?!?? Apparently not.

Look, curses have been a part of witchcraft since the very beginning. The practice of witchcraft technically doesn’t belong to any one religion. Anyone from any religion can use the Craft to help them be a better follower of their faith. Or you can use the Craft to help connect yourself to the Earth and all her wonders.

In my personal opinion, it really wasn’t until Christianity started to pick up in popularity that cursing and the practice of the Craft became taboo. Like who the fuck do you think helped deliver babies? Midwives (who were throughout history hinted to be Hedge or Cottage witches).

It wasn’t until G. Gardner in the fucking 1950’s helped make what is known as Wicca today. It was Gardner and a few others who came up with the Wiccan Rede and made the “law” saying that one shouldn’t curse.

What I am trying to say is that while I understand that a good chunk of those who are anti-cursing are Wiccan. That’s okay! But not everyone is of the Wiccan faith (and yes it is considered a religion no matter how new it truly is) and therefore doesn’t follow the threefold law.

So please before you send hate towards someone, please do the basic research and remember it’s okay that they follow a different Path than you do.

Just because someone is a Witch test doesn’t mean that they are Wiccan too.

Take myself for example.
I am mostly an Eclectic Witch with a mix of Hellenistic. I am very much pro cursing. I always make sure to cleanse before and after I do a curse to make sure the negative energy doesn’t seem into the world in an uncontrolled fashion. Plus the deities I work with at times encourage me to curse those who have wronged myself, my friends, my family, and this world. Do I do curses for shits and giggles? No! I do them to teach lessons and to protect myself and others. If that makes me a “bad person” in your eyes then so be it.

I don’t care. This is how I use MY Craft. This is MY way of doing things. I do not need your approval for how I practice.

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