wiccan jewellery


My travel altar! Inside is a cone-incense burner, some amethyst, jade, and Quartz, then matches and rice paper, and some little memory items, plus a roller bottle of an essential oil blend named cheer! The little bottom pocket holds the incense and the charm that came with them! (This used to be a jewellery box!)

Quartz Point Pendant
Pendant only. This is a quartz crystal pendant bound with recycled copper wiring. I make my products in my spare time, I try to use as many recycled things as I can when making them, and the crystals are bought from a small local business. This is one of my first pendants so it may be a little rough around the edges but it shouldn't break unless excessive force is used.

Heyy, I’ve opened up a store on Etsy, just to sell a few things and make a little extra cash. If I sell the two crystal pendants that are currently on there then I will make and sell some more :D This item has now been sold, but there are more products in my store :)

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