self love spell


items needed:

  • Frankincense incense (for purification)
  • One black candle (charged with absorbing negativity)
  • One white candle (charged with positivity)
  • One white rose

Light the incense. Light the white and black candle while thinking about the concept of balance. Think about the balance you need within for self-love. Once the candles are lit, place the white rose in front of the candles. This white rose is an offering to the Divine within yourself, and a reminder that you are deserving of love. Now say the following repeatedly, six times:

“Of love, I am worthy

Of love, I am deserving

Of love, I am filled.

Of love, I am.”

As you repeat the above chant, you’ll note how the lines bleed into one another so soon it sounds like a circular phrase where you are saying, “I am worthy of love, I am deserving of love, I am filled of love, I am of love.” Finish the last round with “So mote it be, blessed be.” (or not it’s really up to whatever you’re comfortable with)


I’ve been doing a lot of research on Wicca and Neo-Paganism and basically it’s too much for me all on my own. I’m searching for someone who will sit down with me over Skype and explain everything and answer my questions and help me figure out if this is the lifestyle for me or not. Thanks to anyone who thinks they can help

Witchy Facebook Group!

I’m going to make an active facebook messenger group for anyone who practices witchcraft (or follows a denomination of it).
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There’s no age restriction or limit on the number of people who can join.

If you’re interested, please message me on tumblr (fanmail/IM) or send me a message on facebook!

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