Step over ants. Put worms back in the grass. Rescue baby caterpillars. Release spiders back into your garden. Open a window for a bee to fly home. They are all little souls that deserve a life too.

✨ Types of Soulmates ✨

Hi everyone! When doing love readings for people, I tend to always mention the word ‘soulmate’ which is why I thought I’d actually make a post about the topic. The term can be a bit confusing due to the various connotations that it’s accumulated over time. Most people imagine that meeting their soulmate will unfold like a fairytale and instantly lead to happily ever after! But this isn’t always the case! You’ll meet several different soulmates in your lifetime, all of them serving different purposes. Soooo let’s get into this shit! (starting in no particular order!)

1. Platonic Soulmate: The platonic soulmate will manifest as your best friend and partner in crime! There’s a sense of effortlessness when you two meet. There’s no hesitation and you feel a sense of ease when you’re around. Your platonic soulmate is the person you know was destined to be your Maid of Honor or Best Man haha. The platonic soulmate is usually the simplest out of all the connections as they exist in your path to make life more enjoyable. Some people may mistake a platonic soulmate for a romantic/companion soulmate but they’ll usually both realize that they’re better off as friends. Someone who is asexual or aromantic will likely stay with their platonic soulmate as they don’t feel the need to connect with anyone else. This can be extremely fulfilling! 

2. Soul Family: Ahhhh soul families are a total fucking blessing! Members of a soul family all come from the same branch of consciousness and have similar life paths. Soul families can be literally anyone who has the same interests, beliefs, mindset, and energetic vibration as you! The key aspect of a soul family is that our souls were created in the same dimension/planet and we always incarnate together. Our soul family has travelled the same paths and have had to learn the same lessons. All members of a soul family are working towards the same mission. I say they’re a blessing because I find it extremely comforting to know that you have other people who feel and think in the same way that you do! Your actual family may be a part of your soul family but not always. There are definitely members of your soul family who you may not actually ever meet. Some soul groups have 2,000 people while others have 20. It simply depends on your mission! 

3. Past Life Soulmate: Our past life soulmate(s) are usually romantic and they’re someone who is returning from a past life. When you feel as though you instantly recognize someone, this is a clear sign that they’re a past life connection. Your past life soulmate can reincarnate with you every life time or only occasionally. Either way, this person is usually in your life to remind you of something you’ve forgotten about your own soul. They subconsciously bring back information from a past life in order to deepen your spirituality. This could be a long term or short term relationship! Past life soulmates are a part of your soul family!

4. Karmic Soulmates: Ohhh the lovely karmics… Karmic Soulmates are like fucked up past life soulmates. They’re from your past life but they show up in this life because there’s an unlearned lesson or unsettled business between you two. This karmic imbalance desperately needs to be resolved before you can progress. To be fair, karmics don’t always have to be horrible! They serve a very important purpose though. I’d even go as far as to say that they’re the most necessary. They present challenges and conflicts in order to make you stronger. Your first heartbreaks are usually a result of karmic relationships. They’re kind of like stepping stones to your twin flame or romantic soulmate! Karmics are almost always temporary and can be friends, family, or lovers.

5. Healing Soulmate: Healing soulmates usually emerge after a karmic relationship ends. Or after a defeating period in your life. They can come in the form of a friend, a parent, a teacher, a lover, or even a stranger. They offer you comfort and help set you back on your path. Healing soulmates are usually temporary as they mostly exist in our lives for a specific issues. Some healing soulmates may stick around and assist you with future conflict as well, though! 

6. New Soul: This one is pretty straight forward! Not everyone you meet will be from a past life. A new soul is someone we’ve never had contact with. They usually show upwhen we’ve completed all karmic trials or, for whatever reason, have rejected the romantic soulmate/twin flame partner. This person will spark intrigue, curiosity, and fascination in you. We’ll crave a connection with this person but things usually happen slower with a new soul because of the unfamiliarity. Most karmic relationships start off as a new soul that wasn’t originally in our Soul Contract. Which can be vv exciting! 

7. Romantic/Companion Soulmate:  Your romantic soulmate is often described as ‘The One’! They’re your perfect match in this lifetime and the person that your higher self decided to unite with. Of course, you can always stray from your soul contract but most people don’t! The romantic soulmate will offer you so much joy, happiness, and emotional depth. They’re the person you’re likely to marry and will help to move you along your path with an open heart. When we unite with a companion soulmate, we experience unconditional love and bliss. Every relationship will still have it’s problems but you’ll be able to work through these things in harmony. The romantic soulmate can be a new soul or past life connection!

8. The Twin Flame: Not everyone has a twin flame in this lifetime or a twin flame at all! But your twin flame is the perfect REFLECTION of you. You two are parts of the same consciousness. It’s still possible to be whole without your twin flame but, when you two come together, it creates something incredibly powerful. I made an entire post on twin flames so feel free to search for it on my page! 


Keep in mind that you might have multiple types of each soulmate in your life & that’s okay! Alternatively, you might not have one of these relationships. Most people will experience 7/8, but nothing is guaranteed. I’d love to hear about your ow experiences with the 8 types of soulmates! Thank you so much for reading! ✨✨

✨👼 angel numbers 👼✨

the meanings behind those synchronistic #’s you keep seeing!! the universe loves to fuck us up with it’s numerical messages. 💝

1111, 111, 11:11 - a reminder that you create your own reality so be aware of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions. you’re on the path of manifesting your truest self and beginning a spiritual awakening! make a wish bitch! 

2222, 222, 2:22 - miracles are coming your way, seek balance, prepare for a fresh beginning. something you’ve been wanting is about to manifest, make sure it’s really what you want! you might also be manifesting a soulmate or twin flame at this time. 

3333, 333, 3:33 -  reconnect your mind body and spirit. you are being protected by the universe/ your guides/your angels/whatever you believe in. use your gifts/talents & focus your purpose. the ascended masters are with you. make a fucking decision. 

4444, 444, 4:44 - honor your body. you may have just met someone who’s a part of your soul family. you are being fully supported in your journey, you’re going through a spiritual ascension, listen to your intuition, trust in the process, your at harmony w/ the universe!

5555, 555, 5:55 - remember that your life has worth and significance. prepare for major change! trust your choices and make them for the right reason. be open & stay positive. 

6666, 666 - be conscious of the ripple affect your words & actions create, realign them with the universe. dream big babe & transform your life through positive thinking. this is a wakeup call to check your attitude! 

7777, 777 - you’re becoming your best self! congratulation, you’re also flowing in perfect harmony with the universe. if you’ve been reading a lot about spirituality, now is the time to put all that info to use. live a spiritual life!

8888, 888 - giving giving giving and receiving x10! you have knowledge and talents to share. find your greatest sense of purpose through giving the universe will reward you! your mindset of abundance is manifesting opportunities!

9999, 999 - closure & release. you need to let go of something in order to invite abundance into your life. justice is coming to help your ass. if you’ve had an ex on your mind, leave them behind and let karma do it’s shit! also, embrace who you are and abandon any superficial labels. 

1010, 10:10 - shit is working out in your highest good & you’re moving towards a new life path. a spiritual awakening is bringing you closer to the divine. take action towards the success you desire, your goals are being supported. 

1212, 12:12 - your dreams are being manifested right now! your wish has been received, all you have to do is stay positive. remember that your thoughts have power. you’re in the middle of a spiritual awakening! 

1234, 12:34 - the releasing of physical, spiritual, or emotional baggage! the universe is decluttering your life to give you spiritual clarity. you’re being lead to your soul purpose! you are a part of something greater now. 

reblog w/ your favorite angel number(s) and what they mean to you. I love hearing synchronicity stories! 💖💖💖

🌱How I made my magic terrarium 🔮🎀

Hello beautiful witches 💞! Now I want to share with you how I made magic terrarium 🌱.

First at all, I used:

🌹Glass form (I picked simple glass form, later it will be easier to plant your plants)

🌸Drainage ( For my drainage I used a small simple crystals, like quartz, agate, carnelian ans others)


💮Plants substrate ( I used the cheapest one)

🌼 Succulents, Cactus



Step 1

After that, when I choosed a glass form, I started with drainage. For my drainage I used a big stones small crystals. First I put down a big stones (you can find them in the forest or park), then a small crystals (2 centimetres over the surface). They will make my terrarium magic.🔮

Step 2

I have a couple of cockatiels, so I used their coal for my terrarium. Add a coal cover the surface.

Step 3

I added a plants substrate and my succulents.

Step 4

Add moss. Moss you can find everywhere: in park, in forest. Bring a bit moss to your home, and left it for a day. After that day if your moss still looks hod you cam use it for you terrarium.

Step 5

Add crystals or other decor into your terrarium.

Some tipps:

💜Don’t mix succulents and leafy plants. Leafy plants needs more water than succulents.

💛Use a long time growing up plants.

That’s all. Thank you for your attention.

Sorry if my english was bad.

Blessed be!

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Beltane Tips!

* Wear lots of green

* Have a bonfire and fill it with fragrant incense, flowers, and sacred woods

* Bake tiny colorful cookies (with flowers, if you can!) and offer them to your local fae

* The veil is the thinnest this time of year - the only other time it’s this thin is during Samhain. Venerate and honor the spirits, and guard against malicious ones with salt along your windowsills or doors

* Wash your face with the morning dew to fill yourself with beauty

* Eat sexually suggestive foods or aphrodisiacs

* Dance. Dance a LOT. Turn on some drum-heavy music and let loose. Do it alone in your room at night, if you have to. 

* Go talk to all your local plants and give them little offerings of water. Blessed water charged with a quartz crystal would be extra nice.

* Do a tarot reading for yourself (or have someone else do it for you). This is a wonderful time of year for divination!

* Buy flowers. Pick flowers. Wear flowers. BE FLOWERS.

* You don’t have to have sex to have a legitimate Beltane, but you can always show yourself some love if ya know what I mean *wink wink*

* This is a holiday of sensual pleasure. That doesn’t necessarily mean sex - it means really indulge your senses. Take a hot, luxurious bath. Dance until you work up a sweat. Eat foods that you love and crave. Smell the flowers, feel your bare feet in the grass, splash your face with fresh water. FEEL the world around you - the spirits are alive and active on Beltane! Engage your emotional, intuitive, sensual side and you might catch a glimpse of one or two.

* Reach out to friends you haven’t talked to in awhile. Strike up a friendly conversation. Celebrate friendship!

* Meditate with crystals that open your third-eye or specifically relate to the fairy or devic realms - chlorite phantom quartz, moss agate, rainforest jasper, green diopside, spirit quartz, azeztulite, most green crystals, prehnite, a rock you found someplace outdoors that feels charged with earth energy - you choose!

* Perform solitary spells for abundance, protection, fertility, romance, love, sex, and divination!

* Plant seeds and start a magickal garden. There are lots of plants you can grow indoors pretty easily that have magickal properties.

* Dedicate an altar to Flora, Cernunnos, Bes, Pan, Hera, etc - any deity you can think of who rules fertility, marriage, romance, and abundance! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Beltane!!!

Full Moon in Scorpio

Date: April 29th, 2018

Rulers: Pluto, Water, Fixed

Affects: intense emotions, healing, premonitions and heightened intuition, paranormal experiences, secrets surfacing, major transformations and changes, issues relating to the bladder, stomach, and reproductive organs, being met with your demons, mood swings, insomnia

What It’s Good For: healing old wounds, overcoming pain of the past, revealing hidden thoughts, feelings, and secrets, learning to nurture and control emotions, expressing your anger and pain in writings or to others, cleansing your soul, connecting to the universe and higher powers, enhancing intuition, setting intentions, manifesting desires

Crystals: black obsidian, red jasper, clear quartz, moonstone, celestite, amethyst, blue goldstone, agate, jet, rhodochrosite 

Herbs: sage, basil, clove, thyme

Incense/Oils: sage, jasmine, patchouli 

Colors: red, black, brown, grey