spell recipe: olive oil, thyme, oregano…

me: ok those sound doable nothing weird or difficult to obtain

recipe: a single drop of water from the exact center of the Dead Sea harvested during the 7th hour of Samhain during a hurricane, a scale from the Loch Ness Monster’s stomach, the tears of a thousand blind orphaned nuns…

me: what the fuck


New Prayer Beads:

Resin beads with lotus locket and silver metal work

I particularly like this one because it’s very lightweight and the lotus locket can be used for personal aromatherapy. You take a small swatch of cloth and place a few drops of your favorite essential oil fragrance upon it. Take the piece of cloth and put inside the locket. The aroma will seep through the slits of the lotus design as you wear it.

Our book ‘Wicca: A Year and A Day in Magick’ is now available on Amazon for $11.95 or on kindle for $9.95! Start your path in Wicca! The book goes over 52 weeks of topics in Wicca, from ethics, magick, and mythology. The book is perfect for the beginner in Wicca and it’s also a workbook. At the end of each week or chapter, there is an activity for the reader to do.


This Pentacle tea light holder is absolutely perfect on your altar, in the bedroom or in any sacred space. It holds one standard tea light or it can also be used as an incense cone burner.

This soapstone burner is decorated on all sides with the Pentacle design and stars, which reflect beautifully when a tealight is lit within.

Measures 4"H x 3 ½" diameter

Symbolism of the Pentagram:

The pentagram symbol is one of the most magical and most misunderstood symbols out there. Hopefully this will shed some light on this beautiful symbol.

The pentagram is a 5 pointed star that represents the four elements - Earth, Fire, Air, Water with the 5th element at the top of the star representing Spirit. The circle around the pentagram is for protection of all these elements and it connects them all to each other.


You can find this beautiful piece at www.esotericaromas.etsy.com

September 26, 2016- The Moon stays in wide eyed, romantic Leo all day, bringing us plenty of fire energy to keep us uplifted, engaged loving and ready to move forward. We are ready to promote ourselves in every aspect of our life but particularly love and personal connections. Sell yourself today. 

Early this morning the Sun with Jupiter both in Libra, (they then semi-square the Moon tonight), plus Pluto is stationing direct after it’s long retrograde period. We can feel the positive energy flooding in today, tomorrow and for the next few weeks as these two events mark a significant upturn in our mood and in events that will shape our life. These aspects brings new optimism, peace and a better sense of balance to our lives. All the deep inner work we have been struggling with will slowly begin to look and feel like real progress and possibly shaping up as a spiritual awakening or we may feel some profound “aha” moments reveal themselves. Stick with the work you started or begin anew with journaling and meditation to unlock some answers and open your eyes to some inner peace. Changes will be evident today but as we unravel the spiral in the recesses of our brain change will continue and surprise us with intuitive knowing and instinctive reflexes.

Saturn of course, keeps us in check with some realistic thinking, and a creative but productive work ethic with a lunar trine. We may want to daydream of future possibilities but stay in the here and now and work on the present. Commitments to significant others and or new financial plans are possible.

Astrological Tarot Cards of the day: The Tower, the 6 of Pentacles and the High Priestess- we are faced with life changing events today that seem to arrive out of nowhere, but we know better than that, we have been working on ourselves all along. Gifts from the universe are likely so keep your eyes open and your gut reactions sharp so they will be on point so you will be able to make important decisions at a moment’s notice. Embrace your many gifts and share your insights with those who need it.

Today we need to stay grounded yet open-minded, so lapis for the third eye and ruby for the root chakra. Make a jasmine, grapefruit, ylang ylang essential oil. In yoga add more grounding poses like the warrior series and child’s pose. Try a walking meditation to increase mindfulness.


guess what i decided to read again for like the 50th time

The Witch Speaks

I normally don’t talk too much about my personal life on this blog. But today I am seeing my orthopedic doctor because the pain in my leg/hip has gotten unbearable. Most of you probably don’t know, but I am disabled. I am really scared that they will say I need surgery. I can’t afford that money wise, physically or emotionally. So please say a prayer for me. Do a good luck spell in my honor. Mention me to your gods. Keep me in your thoughts. I am nervous, but the pain is making daily movement impossible.