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Witching on the Cheap: A Witch’s “First-Year” Supply List, Redux

Quite some time ago I wrote a post on a basic “supply list” for a starting witch - that list, though a decent jumping off point, was definitely not written with cost in mind. In retrospect, I figure it’d be much more helpful to compile a cost-effective (read: free) list of essential witch’s starter supplies, which one can embark on collecting pretty much right away! You might recognize some of these from the old list:


Wand - The best wands (and trust me, I’m a huge fan of the gorgeous, bespoke, hand-turned wands you can buy), I think, are just wood rods that speak to you on a personal level. Go outside, find a length of wood of thickness, pliability, and feel that you like, try and determine the type of tree it fell from, and consecrate as needed. You’ll find the best way to build a rapport with your wand is going out and feeling it out! If a branch doesn’t grab you, try something different that does, like a long candle for a witch with a fiery affinity, or a wooden spoon for the kitchen-witch inclined.

Altar Cloth / Altar - For an altar cloth, pick out a cloth napkin, tablecloth, or even scarf or shawl that’s in a color you feel is powerful. Crates turned on their sides, or boxes (avoid cardboard - you might want to use candles in the future), make great bases for altars, and you can even keep all your witching supplies

Salt - The indispensable witch’s tool! Kept in a small bowl, bottle, or pouch, salt is used to protect, purify, consecrate, and represent the element Earth in many rituals and spells. Table salt is absolutely fine, kosher or sea salt is fantastic. A sprinkle of salt is often sufficient enough (for this witch, anyway!) to cleanse or purify any items or tools on the go.

Athame / Ritual Knife - For cutting herbs, directing power, or in ritual, many witches find need of an athame, bolline, or ritual knife. A plain table knife or butter knife may be used, and the handle can even be wrapped in string or twine to the correspondent color for your tool (black if you’re making a “100% accurate Wiccan” athame, for instance, or white for a loose Green Witch interpretation of a working knife, as another example).

Cauldron - Trust me on this one - use a mug. Find a heat-proof mug, or perhaps an oil warmer, that you like. If you’ve got an oil warmer, you can use the space for oil as a traditional (albeit tiny) cauldron working space, heated by the candle below.

Book of Shadows - Keeping a record of your practice is a super helpful (and super common!) tradition. A Book of Shadows need not be fancy, and having a plain notebook, or even loose leaf paper, to start your book on, is all you need. Later on, you can copy the pages into your “fancier” Book of Shadows, if you wish!


Herbs - Check around your kitchen or garden for herbs, spices, and ingredients to use in green magic! Take the time to look up which wild plants and weeds grow native to your region, and check to see if there are any to collect in your own yard, or sidewalk.

All-Purpose Oil - For candle dressing, spellwork, and anointing, use olive oil or vegetable oil (greasy, but functional!). You can even infuse your bottle of all-purpose oil to your personal preference by adding in correspondent herbs and spices, then straining.

Bottles - For spell jars, oils, and other Craft-y crafts: collect (and clean & rinse out!) pickle jars, syrup bottles, free-sample perfume bottles, or anything else that comes in a glass vessel with a removable lid! They come in handy as spell reagents, spell containers, candle holders, and other miscellania!

anonymous asked:

So I've been very lazy with my studying toward witch craft and therefore I'm going back to the beginning~ lol. Any advice for a little witch?

Some Advice for Getting Started:

Originally posted by gameboydemakes

*Start with things that interest you!* 

I know i get terribly bored very quickly (gemini curse lmao) so i find that if i dive into stuff i’m interested in learning about, that it will tend to hold my attention longer and help me get back into the swing of things! So in my example one of my first things i researched when i was starting out was about Crystals and their properties/uses in magic! From there i was able to use that as a sort of base jumping off point for my magical practice! And if you find something you were learning about doesn’t seem like it fits you/your style/ your practice then drop it and move on to the next thing! 

*Ask Questions!*

No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions!!!! Questions mean you care enough to try and learn more about something! I’m pretty much always here and will try my best to answer as best as i am able And if I can’t i will do my best to help direct you to someone more knowledgeable!


This one is important because most of the time i feel like i see baby/beginner witches try really REALLY hard to “reach the same level” as other witches as quickly as possible when in reality that just hurts THEIR path in the long run. Your path is your own, take it at your own pace. Enjoy the little bumps along the way and find the “Roses of your Path” (the things that make you want to stop and appreciate them: the satisfaction of calling your first Storm, the chill of the night air when you set out your first Full Moon Water, the spark when you find that one crystal.) Enjoy it. Enjoy your path, Enjoy your Craft. 

*Use the Things you Already Own!*

Another thing i see beginners getting hung up on (myself included, i was/am extremely guilty of this lol) is wanting to go out and buy a ton of supplies. try looking around your house for things that can be re purposed. Old Spaghetti Sauce Jars can be cleaned and used as spell jars, deity altars/shrines, or ingredient storage! Take pictures from old magazines and make a collage Altar on paper! Use a composition notebook as your Book Of Shadows! Your old broken glasses case can be used as a case for your portable altar! Dig around and see if there are extra candles you haven’t used in a while! Wash out and save those eggshells from your cooking to use as spell ingredients! It takes some creative thinking but you can reclaim pretty much anything for your craft!

*Look for Bargains!*
For one thing prices can be outrageous for actual craft materials: like Crystals and Gems? Truly truly truly outrageous. So keep your eyes peeled for bargains and deals! Some of the best places to look for things on the cheap would be Dollar Stores, Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Garage/Estate Sales! Most of the time in those places you can try haggling to get things at a cheaper price (or get more for less.) It really just depends on the place but you can find the most interesting assortments of things! Keep your eyes peeled in your general day to day life as well see if there are sales at your local grocery store for seed packets, seasonal items/holiday items (look for the sales afterwords to really save haha) The internet is a great place to look, i know Ebay has sellers who sell raw crystals/ crystal chunks by the pound. There’s also places to buy spices in bulk too 

*Don’t Compare Your Path to Others!*
Your Path is Your Path, Their Path is Their Path.
Being online and part of the witchy community in tumblr means that there are a lot of ideas being shared from people’s paths and their views on how they think magic should be practiced. What works for them might not work for you and vice versa. Only YOU can decide what is best for you and your path. and on that note:

*Figure Out What YOU Want Out of Your Path!*
When you get some time, sit down and write out all the things you want to get from your path and think critically about how you want magic to work in your daily life. Do you want it to be Super Formal or more casual? perhaps a mix of the two?  Test the waters! Try things once and if you don’t like it then you know and can move on to the things that work better for your lifestyle/craft/path!
Some examples from my list that i can think of right now would be:
-Better knowledge of Crystals/ Crystal remedies and their healing properties
-Daily research -aka tumblr-
-Appreciating Nature more (Whenever i go on walks with my dog i try to pick up some litter if/when i see it)
-Daily Deity appreciation  -aka deity aesthetic reblogs to @theemeraldgod & Pintrest-

Helpful Links for Beginners:
Sww Master List of Tags- Here’s my main hub of things that i tag feel free to look and see if something interests you!
Altars/ Altar set up Advice- My long winded post about what to put on your Altar.
My Beginner Tag// My Beginner 101 Tag- There are two tags because they have similar information, the 101 tag is for more ‘Hey I just started today what do I need to know’

Anyways thanks for sending this in! I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while and this finally gave me the excuse ^^


Spell to Release Emotional Blockage

Forward: My Mother was physically abused by her first husband. She had PTSD and carried her emotional baggage like a nuclear bomb. She carried it day in and day out, waiting for when it would explode. This is what PTSD will do to a person. It will cause you to detonate in public, at you loved ones, at a stranger, or even a flickering light bulb without warning. She’d been carrying it for 20 years. Until she did a spell to let go. This is that spell.

This is not a spell to get rid of PTSD. My mother did not want to get rid of it. It had become deeply rooted inside of her, it made her the strong person she is today. She’s learned important life lessons from her experience. Taking it away would turn her into a stranger who is nothing like my wild, fierce mother. She didn’t want her past to change, she just wanted to let go.


  • Geode
  • Black salt
  • Chalk
  • Hammer (Cleansed)
  • Basic circle casting materials


  1. Make Shadow Stone- The first step is to make the Geode into a shadow stone. This involves focusing on the stone and imaging your trauma being manifested inside it. The outer geode will symbolize the blockage. Imagine the outer shell of the geode not allowing the trauma to pass. Do not actually put your trauma inside, just create a projection or shadow of the pain. Do this on the New Moon. Continue to do this every night for an entire Lunar Month if you want the spell to be strong. (If you don’t have the time, one session will due.)
  2. The Ritual- When the Lunar month has past and a New Moon has come, it is time to perform the Spell. Cast your basic circle, however that may be. Call Elements and whatever Deities or Spirits you want to aid you in your release. Make sure the circle is large. We are going to fit another inside of it. 
  3. One-Way circle- A One-Way circle is a circle made of Black salt. Black salt is very good at containing strong negative energies while allowing persons/covens to send good energies in. We will use this circle to contain whatever negative energies may come pouring out. If the trauma has been pushed down for a long time, removing the blockage will be like releasing a flood gate. This will protect anyone or anytools that are nearby. Create the One-Way circle especially if you are performing the spell with another person or coven. 
  4. Creating One-Way circle- Use chalk to draw pentagram on floor (the pentagram is used to keep the person protected in the circle. It is not necessary if you cannot do it.) Make pentagram big enough for a person to comfortably sit in. Next, sit in pentagram with shadow stone and hammer. Trace pentagram circle with black salt. Say something along these lines (I believe a spell is more powerful if they are your own words): “Here lies the One-Way Circle. No negative energy shall exit. Only positive energy shall enter. The circle is sealed.”
  5.  Release- Focus on the shadow stone and project your trauma inside it. Say words along the lines of “I will move on from my past. I will not let myself be controlled by these negative emotions any longer. I will remove whatever blocks me from moving on when the stone breaks. I release you. I release you. I release you.” Break the Stone.
  6. Break down- Break down circle and cleanse space. 
  7. Cleanse- Bury shattered geode for a full lunar month to cleanse. Dig up and display on altar as reminder of your inner strength.

I love this spell because it allows you to move on without removing what will make you strong. We sometimes keep ourselves from moving on from our past. We keep ourselves living the pain over and over. You may believe you deserve the pain or know no other way to live and cling to it out of fear of letting yourself be happy. 

Let Go. Be Happy. Be Strong.

anonymous asked:

(Same anon) What's your thoughts on Black witches being included in possible creative projects done to try remove the negative conotations on witches and educate people on different types of witchcraft, if done respectfully with proper reaserch? I mean in paticular voodoo, hoodoo etc. (I personally only practice celtic paganism with hedge witchcraft and have my roots pretty set in wales so i don't know much about it yet, but I want to try include it)

When it comes to america, black witches have been ridiculed, thrown to side, beaten, and sometimes killed because we do what we do. Then in the last 50 or so years, white witches just picked up voodoo and hoodoo from us, put their name on it, changed it up a bit, and said “Yep, this is it.” And now, you got black witches everywhere (and some no-black witches who actually see whats going on) confused and frustrated because everytime you turn around you have books and websites saying this originated from Africa and from the slaves that came from the Atlantic Slave Trade, but the authors and writers and publishers are all white. Its hella upsetting.

Thats why its imperative that more and more black witches start teaching our shit, because thats exactly what it is. Ours. I will say with hoodoo, because it’s a mixture of African, Latin, Appalachian Granny Magic, and Native American practices, anyone can practice. I know some people will disagree with me, but hoodoo is a practice, not a religion. Hoodoo, though, is mostly used by black (christian) people and therefore, my other opinion would be that black people should be at the forefront of teaching and passing on the information.

Voodoo is strictly for black people. But there is nothing wrong with an over view and bit of education on what voodoo is. Knowledge is power. But should Black people be teaching and educating? Yep. 100%. Of course your gonna have those few exceptions, but when it comes to African practices black people should be included in the education process. 

And to top it all off, black people(and other POCs) should most defiantly be included in the eradication of negative connotations given to us. Black is not bad. Being black is not bad. Being black and practicing black magic and “black magic” is not bad. There are other practices that aren’t Wiccan, and not every practitioner believes in not harming everyone. Then on the flip side, we need to acknowledge there are black people who wont follow what there ancestors did and do something completely different. And thats fine. Of course, there always a debate on whether black people should create their own spaces or should be invited more into white spaces, and I say both. The more faces out there, the better and more inclusive the witchcraft community will be.


Hello! I am selling or trading some of my unwanted items. Here I have a few books and statues and a deck of Tarot cards.

I can also find and trade cheap;
-Wax Melts
-Tea light candles (white)

I work in a craft store and we sell little things listed above that I am overwhelmed with! Just let me know what kind of smells you like!

I would love to trade for;

-Stones / Crystals / Gems
-Witchy Jewelry
-Little Altar trinkets
-Really anything witchy
-But the first three are a huge priority

Thank you ^__^ you can find me here @christahorror or here @ariesbos

Spirit Adoption Application

*please email this application to me at if you are interested in any of the spirits currently looking for homes. It may take anywhere from 5-15 business days before a final decision is made. If the spirit has chosen you, I will send you an email letting you know and we will discuss payment for the vessel and journal (I am open to payment plans for any vessels. The spirit and vessel will be reserved until you are able to pay off the entire listing, but I will only reserve for a maximum of 3 months. I will have the vessel and journal shipped the business day after your final payment). I DO NOT allow “collectors” to adopt spirits. I want these spirits to find meaningful homes, not to be treated as objects with no feelings/emotions. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, the more information I have, the easier it is to make a decision. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these questions, send me a quick message on here and we will work something out.

Basic Information

Your Legal name (this is necessary if you are paying through Paypal, so I know it is you who has paid, and not someone trying to claim someone else’s):

Your name you would like to be addressed by (what you would like me to call you when messaging/emailing, etc. Be sure to include your pronouns!):

How you would like your package addressed (in case you go by a different name than those in your home know):

Are you located in the U.S.? (Due to extreme shipping costs, I currently ship only to U.S and Canada):

Would you like discreet packaging?

Your birthday (some spirits are not available to those under the age of 18):

A brief description of your personality (interests/hobbies, how you act around others, etc):

Any disabilities or mental illnesses? (Not necessary to answer, I just want to be sure that you aren’t paired with a spirit who may unintentionally trigger you/aggravate any disability you may have):

Spiritual Information

Your go-to means of communication with spirits? (i.e. pendulums, tarot, ouija, astral projection, etc.):

Spiritual practices/occult experience? (Not necessary to answer, just helps pair better!):

Religious beliefs/practices? Are you oath bound/devoted? (Not necessary to answer, just to be sure that you won’t be causing any conflict with deities/other spirits):

Ethics and Morals

Do you have a set of house rules? If so, what are they?:

How do you handle conflict between spirits? Between yourself and the spirit?:

Are there any issues/conflicts you may foresee in the near future? How do you intend to handle them?:

Spirit Companionship Information

How long have you been a spirit worker? A spirit companion?:

If you have other companions, what species are they? (There are many species who do not get along whatsoever, and I would like to make sure that each is in a safe home):

Do you astral travel/project? (this is not necessary, some spirits prefer companions who are able):

What draws you to this spirit? Why do you believe you would be the right companion?:

If the spirit found a home other than yours, how would you feel?:

What are you goals/intentions from working with this spirit?:

How do you intend to help the spirit in return?:

*note: I would prefer if applications were done through Word, or a program similar and then attached to an email, but it is not necessary if you are unable. 

Moving For Sale/Trade!

Hey guys! I’m moving within the next month and reallyyy need to destash while also being in need of cash!

Either is helpful!

Please note, I am only able to accept certain trades! (I’m moving lol) So this time around I will have to only accept certain things /: Other than that, here goes!


  • Deer Antlers-Slightly gnawed on due to the (evil) squirrel that abides here
  • Ceramic Oil Burner/Diffuser (Teal)
  • Anitque(d) Metal Key
  • Incomplete/Random Tarot: Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Tarot (My favorite!) that was rescued from the monstrous jaws of my dog. Other cards available are from the Necronomicon(?)[Can’t fully remember] Tarot and the Mini Raider Waite Tarot.
  • Beach Sand (I live on the Atlantic Ocean-Literally)
  • Waters: Ocean, Moon, New Year’s Melted snow (First snow from the the day of the year)
  • Dragon’s Blood Incense
  • Teas: Celestial Seasonings “Lemon Zinger” (Take it, I’m allergic to one of it’s ingredients), orange/cinnamon, gunpowder green tea, rooibos, mint
  • Wire Wrapped Pendants: Selenite $10, Citrine Point $10, Tumbled Rose Quartz $10, Pyrite nugget $7.50
  • Jewelry: Lion/Claw Resin Pendant $7.50, Pink and Silver Bracelet, Hematite Necklace $10.50, Hamsa and Bottle Charm Necklace $13.25, Flower Centerpiece Necklace $13.50, Druzy Necklaces: Rainbow Titanium & Silver, $7.50/ea., Sodalite necklace $20, Brass octopus necklace $15
  • Elder Futhark Rune Set, handmade, $10
  • Pewter Figurines: Wizard with Staff $13.50, Wizard & Dragon $22.50
  • Polished Sea Shells


  • Dragons (Detailed stauary/figurines, decor, misc, esc.)
  • Herb Cabinets
  • Crystals: Points, clusters, polished. Natural, freestanding, singular, spheres, eggs, palm stones, cabachons
  • Herbs: Elder, St. John’s Wort, Belladonna
  • Oils: Willow Oil, Dragon’s Blood
  • Dragon’s Blood Ink, Dove’s Blood Ink
  • BOOKS!: I love to read. I am interested in celtic or norse books, alchemy, druidry, “high magick”, green witchcraft, and more “negative/dark” things at the present moment, though.
  • Vulture Culture: Skulls, Vertebrae, claws, teeth, pelts, faces, feet, tails

Feel free to message me if you would like to see something listed (I have too many items to post pictures!) I may have something extra too, if you are looking for certain things in particular! Alsooo feel free to message me if you think you have something I may like! 


Spirit Adoptee: Egnei

Race: Dragon (Fire)

Gender: Male

Experience Level: Adept

Personality: Egnei is a very old and wise creature. While he is very patient, he is looking for a more adept companion. He is very kind, yet stern, and is very skilled in multiple types of magic (there is very few he does not have knowledge on). He enjoys quiet places, and is not as social as some creatures, so a smaller family would be ideal.

Vessel Type: Fire agate and lava stone bracelet

Vessel Price: $34.99 + shipping (U.S. and Canada only)

Additional Notes: Egnei is a very mentor-like spirit and enjoys passing his wisdom on.