hi hi!! eeek i’m finally doing a giveaway!! winners will be decided October 30th, 2016, Samhain. 12:00 EST. i was gonna sell these as witch kits on etsy but imma do this instead

each lot has in various forms:

  • 1 cast iron cauldron
  • wooden pentacle
  • crystal
  • small glass vials
  • a ring
  • a candle
  • a moleskin notebook



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King of Wands.

In the darkest corners of your mind, where you were sure light could never find it’s way, eventually all truths were made known. Do not hide your secrets within the darkness. Do not be bound by weakness. Give them up and they will become your strength.

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Mabon // Info Post // Activities

Mabon, also know as the Fall Equinox or the Second Harvest, is on September 22nd this year. During this time, light and dark share equal time in the sky, just as on the Spring Equinox (Ostara). However, unlike the Spring Equinox, light is descending into darkness. It is officially fall, the days are now short, the air is now cool, and the trees are now a canopy of gold, red, and brown. During Mabon the bulk of the crop is harvested. It is a time to feast on fresh fruits and vegetables, to appreciate nature and the divine, to look back at all of the hard work (in the garden, in your life, and in your practice) and to appreciate all of the accomplishments that have been made in the past year. Mabon has also been given the nickname “Witches Thanksgiving”, due to the appreciative nature of this holiday.

On Mabon, large feasts are held consisting of the fall fruits, family and friends get together to eat their well-deserved banquet, and some traditions choose to dress in a more formal attire. Rituals of thanks and gratitude are performed. Many traditions have a ceremonial fire, in which each member of the coven/group writes what they are thankful for on a slip of paper and toss it into the fire. Mabon is also associated with spells of prosperity. Although it is a time of gratitude, it is also the end of the more active seasons, and it is a time to finish any projects and prepare for winter. Many traditions spend Mabon walking the forest, leaving offerings of apples for the spirits and fae that roam those lands. There are also ceremonial wreaths of leaves that are hung up or placed on grave sites to honor the dead and thank them for their presences.

The typical decorations for the altar are, of course, autumn themed. There are red candles and altar cloths. Baskets of fresh picked fruit are on the altar, as well as nuts, leaves, and autumn flowers.

Below is a list of Mabon-esque activities to do this Fall Equinox:

-Go on an Autumn walk or hike through the forest.

-Leave offerings of apples or honey for the spirits during your walk.

-Collect acorns and your favorite red, orange, and yellow leaves.

After your walk, head home and create some of these crafts with your autumn treasures:

-Preserve Dried Leaves by Laminating or Modge Podge

-Create Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders

-Create Acorn-Cap Tealight Candles

-Create Acorn-Cap Bells (mix these bells with regular acorns or stone beads to make a wind-chime!)

When you are done with your crafts, use them to decorate your altar. Other items for the altar include:

-Use red, orange, yellow, and brown candles

-Burn frankincense, cinnamon, and myrrh incense

-Place fresh squash, apples, and other harvested fruits and vegetables

-Baskets of nuts and seeds

-Drink apple cider. Try this Mabon Wine Moon Cider Recipe (I like to add spiced rum)

-Use stones such as citrine, amber, or quartz

During ritual perform:

-Prosperity Spells

-Burn slips of paper with messages of thanks

-Create a Gratitude Jar

As always…have fun, be safe, and Blessed Be!

(photo credit: tree paintingpentacle, altar, cat)