20 Household Herbs and their Magical Uses

Sea Salt: purification and cleansing

Sage: sacred purification herb, used to banish negative energies, and consecrate magical tools and spaces

Black Pepper: banishing negativity, warding off evil, and protection

Thyme: invigorates the user and inspires them to move on to new things- good for getting over losses

Rosemary: cleansing, purifying, and matters of the heart

Chamomile: money and luck, reversing hexes, and representing masculine energy

Bay Leaves: psychic powers and divination, success, money, and granting wishes

Basil: domestic harmony, home protection, purifying, and warding off negative influences

Parsley: divination, and psychic advancement, protection

Cinnamon: high levels of spirituality and psychic ability, lust and love

Cloves: drive away negativity, cleansing, and bringing prosperity

Ginger: adds strength to any working, and draws new experiences

Oregano: joy, strength, vitality, and energy

Peppermint: cleansing, peaceful sleep, bringing change, abundance, and wishes

Spearmint: healing, sleep protection, wishes, and vitality

Vanilla Bean: love, lust, passion, and restoring energy

Poppy Seeds: pleasure, heightened awareness, luck, and relief from insomnia

Cayenne Pepper: dealing with separation, speeds the effect of magical workings

Orange Peel: love, divination, money, luck, and emotional peace

Paprika: adds an extra boost to any magical working


👣 It’s strong independent properties dispel a victim complex and invoke the wearer with a sense of courage, self support and reinvigoration.

👣 Garnet is high energy, and is a very good supportive stone for the recovery of issues regarding abandonment or betrayal by helping the wearer to understand and control their own emotions, and to desire and strive for better things for ones self.

👣 With this in hand, it brings the wearer to understand you are your own best friend, encouraging and boosting self love and acceptance. This is why it is know as “The Stone of Commitment”: it allows you to fully connect, commit to and own who you are as a person.

👣 This stone helps the wearer tap into their sense of self preservation - their survival instinct, if you will - and thus can enhance situational awareness and attunes the wearer to their intuition to help avoid conflict and emotional/psychological dangers.

👣 Solidifies and nurtures love (friendship love, intimate love and love for yourself).

Full Moon Wishing Spell


↠ I am not a 100% sure if this spell works or not, I will try it during the next full moon


↠ Helps makes your wishes come true


↠ 9 Pennies 


1. Take 9 pennies outside during a full moon

2. Face the moon and open your arms as if to embrace the moon

3. Make your request known then chant:

You have said that when you’re around prayers are answered changed unbound. You promise that that by light of you all ones wishes shall come true.

4. Toss the pennies in the direction of the moon then chant:

Please take this token of my love ,as your silver light shines from above, please bring me what I ask of you, by darkest night and morning dew.

5. Thank the moon then leave


↠ The next 3 full moons are on June 2nd, July 1st and July 31st