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I was tagged by @mcrgane, thanks. Feel free to answer mine if you like.

1. When is your birthday? 9th of October

2. What’s your Hogwarts house and/or your mbti type? (if you don’t know either you can leave this question open) Slytherin/Ravenclaw, and INTJ/INTP

3. If you had the change to look in your own future, would you? Why (not)? Hmm… tough one. I don’t think I would, because then I might be A) bored when the future came about or B) try to change it but then the future I’d have seen wouldn’t be my real one so there would have been no point in changing it and… *insert wibbly wobbly timey wimey reasons why changing the future is dodgy here*

4. A weird fact about yourself? What ISN’T a weird fact about myself? My intuition can be scarily accurate at times, and some of my thought experiment scenarios turn out to be rather prophetic sometimes.

5. What do you like about yourself? (sorry for stealing this question but it’s a good one) I like that I’m determined and that I don’t give up easily. I love my intelligence as well as my somewhat wacky imagination and creativity.

6. In what universe would you like to live? (this can be a fictional universe from a book, tv show etc. or one from your own imagination) Anywhere but the Game of Thrones universe really. The His Dark Materials universe springs to mind as a cool place to be. I think these questions are hard because once you strip back the excitement and adventure would you really, really want to be fighting in The Battle of the Five Armies for instance? Having said that, I’d love to live in a place with dragons. But being a Jedi or going to Hogwarts would also be awesome…

7. How would you imagine your life would look like in that universe? Having a dragon would be awesome, but I imagine that in whatever universe I’d end up in I’d be the more scholarly/mage type. Being able to kick ass and survive anywhere would be very handy skills to have too.

8. Something you remember from your childhood?  Bringing my first dog home. He was quite nervous but warmed to me quickly. I still miss him.

9. What are you passionate about? SCIENCE! :D And art  

10. Something you’re looking forward to? I’m looking forward to getting started on a lot of art projects that have been gathering dust for a while…

11. Your most pleasant memory? That’s hard, because lots of memories are pleasant in different ways. I did the best in my year in a set of major exams, that’s a pretty good one.

These are my questions:

1: Surprises: yay or nay?

2: Justice or mercy? Why? (obviously they’re both necessary, but which would you favour?)

3: Favourite poet?

4. What’s your favourite type of weather?

5. Fatal flaw?

6. Will you be watching the Olympics this summer? If yes what sport(s)?

7. Can you drive?

8. Do you watch TED talks?

9. What’s your favourite form of art?

10. What’s your all time favourite mythological creature and why?

11. Do you have one or more quotes that are particularly meaningful to your life? What are they?

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