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Ways to bring back Leonard Snart:

1. Flashpoint makes Len never join the Legends/ leave them halfway
2. Reverse Flash plucking him from timeline
3. Being “scattered” across time like the legends were at the beginning of S2
4. Lazarus Pit
5. Mr. Mxyzptlk and his 5th dimensional reality warping powers
6. Legends plucking Leonard out of timeline
7. Speedster yanking him away before he “dies”
8. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

Ways they brought back Leonard Snart:
1. Flashbacks
2. Hallucinations



yet another au based on movie night with @earthboundwolf

don’t starve - coraline edition

ok so we have:

  • willow as coraline
  • charlie and maxwell as mom and dad (and of course, as other mom and other dad)
  • wilson as wybie
  • wx-78 as the cat (yes, he doesn’t look like a robot, but hey use your imagination buddies) 
  • wolfgang as mister bobinsky - and lots of lil wes as the mice
  • wendy as mrs.lovat (because her sister died hAH)

also probably idk characters:

  • mrs.wickerbottom and wigfrid as miss spink and miss forcible (one is old. the other is an actor. now they’re old and actors. of course.)
  • abigail, webber and… uh, walani? woodie??? lucy??????? as the ghosts? probably lucy. imagine a flying axe as a ghost. lmao
  • i really want to add walani and woodie too but i dont know who they could be :(
What is Gallifreyan?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine found out that the Gallifreyan used by us humans (i.e. fans of Doctor Who) was not actually canon to the show, and it made me want to put into words what Gallifreyan actually is, and how canon it really is.
(In addition to that, this is my 100th post and I thought it would be appropriate for the occasion) 

The Gallifreyan used to write actual phrases is not exactly canon. But, the visual language of circular Gallifreyan is. Different kinds (or aesthetic forms/styles) of Gallifreyan are seen on the show everywhere :-

But these don’t have any translatable meaning to us. Most of the Gallifreyan seen on the show is essentially artistic gibberish (unless there’s some secret Gallifreyan High Council conspiracy that the BBC hasn’t told us about)

So, some amazing fans of the show( @shermansgallifreyan @rasiloniangallifreyan @brittanybgood for example) were inspired by the stunning Gallifreyan artwork of the show, and created real systems of Gallifreyan, giving these forms meaning which could be understood and translated by us. 
These systems of circular code or language which we use, just give this beautiful visual language of the Time Lords a real world meaning that we can understand - almost as though, when we watch the show, the TARDIS’s Translation Matrix works on us too, adding another layer to the experience of running away with the Doctor every week.
And since the first form of translatable Gallifreyan was created, it has grown to become this incredible extended fandom of the show, which at this point is practically canon (well, at least in my head it is).

This might just be speculation, but with the popularity of these fan made systems of Gallifreyan, it looks like the actual show has started using them to hide secret messages or Easter eggs, in addition to the usual circular artwork Gallifreyan of the show. For example,  in Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 6 - Extremis, the device which gives the doctor temporary sight appears to have Sherman’s Gallifreyan on it and roughly says what looks to be “To be paid back in full”; and in the Series 7 Episode The Day of the Doctor, in one of the scenes of Gallifrey, there is a Time Lord with what appears to be the word ‘ten’ written on his neck, which some think indicates his number of regenerations. 

That being said, if this theory was true, then the phrases themselves are incorrect – the ‘ten’ on the Time Lord’s neck is the upside down from the way it’s supposed to be read (unless of course it’s supposed to be seen from the Time Lord’s own perspective), and has an extra line connecting the N letter to the T.
In the Extremis quote, what clearly looks like Sherman’s Gallifreyan, actually says ‘t - be- poid- bjj-uj-fegh’. While this sounds like it’s nothing like the phrase “to be paid back in full”, the positioning and design of the letters is essentially identical, but without the correct spacing and embellishments (dots and lines in the correct place and direction). 

In conclusion, Gallifreyan is a canon language of the Time Lords of Gallifrey as seen in the show Doctor Who ( @doctorwho ), and the systems we use to write Gallifreyan are forms of Gallifreyan (similar to the styles seen on the show), but with deeper meaning as we can actually write and understand them. In my opinion, these developed forms of Gallifreyan develop a new level of context in the show, and I hope we get to see more of them (and more accurate depictions of them) in the true canon of the Doctor Who universe - creating an additional layer of immersion to a show that already works like a brilliant, intricate, ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. 

JunkratXReader Headcannons
  • He grew up with nothing to do at night but look at stars so he’s an expert at astronomy
  • Probably wanted to be an astronaut when he was younger
  • He was enthralled by shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock
  • “Wha’s he goin’ on about? Wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuffs?”
  • “Now ‘ow ths hell could he ‘ave figured that out by ‘er coat?”
  • You’ll probably have to shush him a thousand times before you can watch in peace
  • You like to ask him about the stars because he gets so excited and his eyes sparkle and he just looks like a child and lord protect this man
  • If you teach him something new, be it space or science or technology, he sits there quietly and listens with an intense look
  • After you’ll probably find him bragging to people about what you taught him
  • “So what (Y/N) said was somethin called a Neutron star can be 40km in diameter but there’s some stars like….1500 times larga than tha sun. Ain’t tha’ freaky?”
  • He mostly tells Roadhog who then gets very annoyed with you
  • Seriously, the man won’t shut his mouth after speaking with you
  • He likes to call you Encyclopedia since anytime he has a question you have an answer
  • Just remind him that you are a human and not a book to be thrown at someone’s face
  • He tried once
  • The injuries he sustained after are still mysterious
  • When you sit outside with him at night he spends more time looking at you than the sky
  • He thinks you’re more stunning than any night sky
  • You’re secretly trying to find out how to get him to space
  • You just want the explosive nugget to be happy

LUKE DAVIS asks: What was Vastra and Jenny’s wedding like?

Victorian society reeled. Arthur Conan Doyle declined to attend but sent a hamper, George Bernard Shaw contemplated a new play, and a horse fainted. The Doctor enjoyed himself so much, he came four times, so wreaking havoc with the seating plan. A stern young woman from The Temperance League, attempted to disrupt the happy occasion, declaring it to be immoral, and got put in a headlock by Jenny. Surprisingly, Vastra was much more diplomatic about the interruption and just invited the young lady to dinner.
Fortunately, a video exists of the wedding, although the happy couple’s kiss has been edited from some copies, without the permission of the video makers. Vastra has made a list of the people responsible along with some suitable condiments.

—  Doctor Who Magazine 478 - Steven Moffat Q & A