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Happy 10th year anniversary to one of my all time favorite Doctor Who episodes! Thought I’d bring this back to honor this pure genius of an episode that taught me not to “Blink” in front of weeping statues. I really miss these types of episodes—great cast chemistry, cleverly woven storylines that are not overly complicated but enough to make you think, and relatable characters. This, and “Vincent and the Doctor” are the total game changer episodes that made me fall in love with show. How I wish we get to see this side of Doctor Who again.

The Moment took the form of Rose Tyler

So the Doctor would pick her to be his next companion

So she would absorb the Time Vortex

And bring Jack Harkness back to life

So the TARDIS would travel to the end of the Universe

And bring back the Master

So he’d get trapped back on Gallifrey

And then bring Clara and the Doctor together

So she could persuade the Doctor to save Gallifrey

Clever girl

Ways to bring back Leonard Snart:

1. Flashpoint makes Len never join the Legends/ leave them halfway
2. Reverse Flash plucking him from timeline
3. Being “scattered” across time like the legends were at the beginning of S2
4. Lazarus Pit
5. Mr. Mxyzptlk and his 5th dimensional reality warping powers
6. Legends plucking Leonard out of timeline
7. Speedster yanking him away before he “dies”
8. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff

Ways they brought back Leonard Snart:
1. Flashbacks
2. Hallucinations


What is Gallifreyan?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine found out that the Gallifreyan used by us humans (i.e. fans of Doctor Who) was not actually canon to the show, and it made me want to put into words what Gallifreyan actually is, and how canon it really is.
(In addition to that, this is my 100th post and I thought it would be appropriate for the occasion) 

The Gallifreyan used to write actual phrases is not exactly canon. But, the visual language of circular Gallifreyan is. Different kinds (or aesthetic forms/styles) of Gallifreyan are seen on the show everywhere :-

But these don’t have any translatable meaning to us. Most of the Gallifreyan seen on the show is essentially artistic gibberish (unless there’s some secret Gallifreyan High Council conspiracy that the BBC hasn’t told us about)

So, some amazing fans of the show( @shermansgallifreyan @rasiloniangallifreyan @brittanybgood for example) were inspired by the stunning Gallifreyan artwork of the show, and created real systems of Gallifreyan, giving these forms meaning which could be understood and translated by us. 
These systems of circular code or language which we use, just give this beautiful visual language of the Time Lords a real world meaning that we can understand - almost as though, when we watch the show, the TARDIS’s Translation Matrix works on us too, adding another layer to the experience of running away with the Doctor every week.
And since the first form of translatable Gallifreyan was created, it has grown to become this incredible extended fandom of the show, which at this point is practically canon (well, at least in my head it is).

This might just be speculation, but with the popularity of these fan made systems of Gallifreyan, it looks like the actual show has started using them to hide secret messages or Easter eggs, in addition to the usual circular artwork Gallifreyan of the show. For example,  in Doctor Who Series 10 Episode 6 - Extremis, the device which gives the doctor temporary sight appears to have Sherman’s Gallifreyan on it and roughly says what looks to be “To be paid back in full”; and in the Series 7 Episode The Day of the Doctor, in one of the scenes of Gallifrey, there is a Time Lord with what appears to be the word ‘ten’ written on his neck, which some think indicates his number of regenerations. 

That being said, if this theory was true, then the phrases themselves are incorrect – the ‘ten’ on the Time Lord’s neck is the upside down from the way it’s supposed to be read (unless of course it’s supposed to be seen from the Time Lord’s own perspective), and has an extra line connecting the N letter to the T.
In the Extremis quote, what clearly looks like Sherman’s Gallifreyan, actually says ‘t - be- poid- bjj-uj-fegh’. While this sounds like it’s nothing like the phrase “to be paid back in full”, the positioning and design of the letters is essentially identical, but without the correct spacing and embellishments (dots and lines in the correct place and direction). 

In conclusion, Gallifreyan is a canon language of the Time Lords of Gallifrey as seen in the show Doctor Who ( @doctorwho ), and the systems we use to write Gallifreyan are forms of Gallifreyan (similar to the styles seen on the show), but with deeper meaning as we can actually write and understand them. In my opinion, these developed forms of Gallifreyan develop a new level of context in the show, and I hope we get to see more of them (and more accurate depictions of them) in the true canon of the Doctor Who universe - creating an additional layer of immersion to a show that already works like a brilliant, intricate, ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. 

When you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP

Harry collapsed on his bed.  He’d just hung up with Niall who had mentioned that he and Louis thought the idea of a break for at least a year might be good for them.  They all had wanted time off, but they thought a year of no touring would be enough.  Or Harry had, anyway.

How did a year of no touring turn into a year of no band requirements outside of the bare minimum?  A year of possibly only seeing the boys in passing once every few months as they signed some papers here, did a photoshoot there.  If that were the plan then the no touring idea would likely be closer to two years and…honestly that scared Harry a bit.

The two month break they had between the Asian leg and the European leg this year had been hard enough, and now they are suggesting a full year?  A bloody year.  What the hell was Harry going to do with himself?

He looked around his room and noticed that he still hadn’t gotten all of his paintings hung.  Then again, he didn’t spend as much time here as he had expected initially.  He preferred to spend time closer to his family and particularly loved London.  So many good memories there, and his house was close enough to Louis and Niall that they could often get together without much thought given.

Harry blew the air out of his mouth as his phone gave a chime.  Picking it up, he found a text from Louis asking if Niall had called yet.

yep. a year?  really?  H

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what's homestuck?

External image

Homestuck is a webcomic written by Andrew Hussie, featured on a website called MS Paint Adventures. It attracts many followers worldwide due to its video game themes, plot development, and lovable characters. Despite its sci-fi and fantasy nature, many people find Homestuck to be rather relatable.

External image

It is a story about four kids (John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley) who all want to play a new video game called SBURB that just came out. Little do they know that not only will the game seal the fate of bringing the apocalypse to earth, but they will also be the heroes put in charge of saving their universe.

External image

In an alternate universe, twelve alien kids, who call their species “trolls”, experience the same fate as the kids whom you’ve already been introduced to. Finding evidence of success from the human kids’ session, the trolls seize opportunity to communicate with the kids in order for both sessions to save their universes.

Without trying to give too much of the plot away in case you’re curious to read it, I will say there is a third universe involved. In this universe, the guardians from the kid’s universe are now the children in this universe, and the kids are the adults (basically a swap in age and family role). These kids will also be destined to play SBURB, and they will be destined to meet the kids you were first introduced to.

From an outsider’s perspective, Homestuck appears to be a long story with nothing but confusing wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey issues and the instabilty of all that is space, but if you come around to reading it and appreciate it for its video game-like structure and sarcastic humor, you’ll learn that Homestuck

is about friendship

External image

is about family

is a story about love

External image

Four kinds of love, to be exact

Including themes of forrbidden love

External image

… and it’s about loss.

External image

It’s a story of self-doubt

External image

It is a story about reevaluating your life decisions

External image

and suffering the consequences of your decisions

External image

It’s about the fear of living in someone’s shadow

It’s about gaining confidence so that you may someday fly

It’s about helping everyone out no matter how people view your actions

External image

It is about recognizing the intelligence and beauty in the person whom you care most about, regardless of gender

External image

It’s a story of betrayal

It’s about coping with apathy and bipolarity

It’s about maintaining your strength while staying true to your heart

External image

It’s about self-esteem issues

External image

And it’s about acknowledging that, no matter where you’re from, everyone is equal.

External image

It’s is about how we, as people, must work as one despite our cultural upbringings and differences so that we can work together and make the most out of the life we are living.

External image

So we have to work together and stay positive

No matter what trouble lies ahead

External image

… no seriously there’s a lot of trouble that lies ahead I am not even joking here

External image

i am not even fricken kidding man do u think i look like i am kidding 

External image

it gets INTENSE

So whether you suffer from alcohol abuse or depression or any other personal problems, or if you ever feel like you are alone in this world

Homestuck is an adventure.

External image

An adventure worth celebrating.

External image

So I invite you all to have a taste

External image

Of justice

External image

Of exciting news, and of course

External image

And constructed together, you have the incredible tale

External image

of a webcomic called

External image

If you would like to begin reading Homestuck, click here

To support the original artists/musicians, you can purchase Homestuck music here

If you’d rather watch the adventure instead of read it, Homestuck is featured on YouTube here

Thank you, and Happy Homestucking!

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Dabb's interview made me change my mind, I used to think Cas would come back in the first episode but now I think it could be longer - what do you think? If also something like this, when do you think Cas will come back

It could still be out there, the interview hasn’t confirmed anything other than general themes of the season and even that is vague.

It could be that he’s back in 01 or midseason or somewhere in between or even after. It could be that he’s back human (imo no, unless its REALLY late and… other things happen too in conjunction that make it right for him but… still likely not), he could be back controlled by someone else or full Angel or… so many options.

In the meantime we could get AU Cas.

So there are way too many options for real honest meta based speculations.

My own personal wild speculation is that he will appear to be dead for good to the boys for a good long amount of time and then perhaps come back around midseason as either strong Angel Cas or controlled for a short amount of time by Jack (s12 as foreshadowing) and a crypt scene but stronger mirror / appealing to Jack. Human!Cas (by choice) in the finale… But this is more of a wishlist than meta speculation as I say so don’t quote me, I just like the idea.

Who knows, either way we know Cas is back, I’m 99.9999% sure we will get OUR Cas back at some point even if its late on, he is NOT going to be replaced with an AU Cas, if we get AU Cas it’s just to showcase how different OUR Cas is, we should get pining!Dean, realising he doesn’t want to hold back from Cas any more and leading to him revealing his romantic feelings for Cas when he DOES get him back and Cas himself has to have a win, to finally feel that he belongs with the boys and NOT as their guardian or babysitter but as an equal member of their family and human, not a soldier but a lover, a teacher, a friend, to be a father figure, to teach Humanity and love and hope and all the good things to Jack…

As for the fine details and time line though… 

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