A variant cover and some of my interior page work on DMC #1, shipping in October, 2014.

Also in this anthology:

Story: Damion Scott Story/Consultant: Ron Wimberly Cover: Sal Buscema & Bob Wiacek Character Design: Shawna Mills Graffit: MARE 139 Art: Jeff Stokely, Chase Conley, Mike & Mark Davis (Madtwiinz), Shawn Crystal, Chris Sotomayor, Felipe Smith

1) Captain America from Ultimates no.12 by Mark Millar (text) & Bryan Hitch (art)

2) Batman from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison (text) & Dave McKean (art)

3) Dr. Manhattan by Alan Moore (text) & Dave Gibbons (art)

4) Lobo from Lobo/Mask by John Arcudi, Alan Grant (text) & Doug Mahnke (art)

5) Lilandra Neramani from New X-Men by Grant Morrison (text) Igor Kordey (art)

6) Supergirl from Supergirl no. 8 (2011) by Michael Green (text), Bob Wiacek & George Pérez (art)

7) Starfire/Koriand'r from? by?

8) Deadpool by Paco Medina (art)

9) Alfred Pennyworth from Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive by Chuck Dixon (text) & Trevor McCarthy (art)

10) Galactus & Silver Surfer from Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts by Ron Marz (text) & Claudio Castellini (art)