The Duke of Cambridge, who will watch his beloved Villa take on Prince Harry’s team Arsenal in the FA Cup Final at Wembley on Saturday, gave the Match Of The Day presenter his first broadcast interview since the birth of Charlotte on May 2 as part of the BBC’s build-up to the big match.

In the interview at Kensington Palace which will air on BBC One at 5pm on Saturday, half an hour before kick off, William spoke about his nerves ahead of the game, the possibility of both of his children supporting Villa, his role as President of the Football Association, and his desire to support grassroots football.

William, 32, has admitted it will be painful if in his role as FA President he has to present the trophy to Arsenal.

He said: “I’m obviously very worried about it. I’m giving the Cup so it’s either going to be a very good or – aagh – a bad one.”

Lineker said: “It was fascinating to spend some time with The Duke of Cambridge and hear more about his passion for the game. He is genuinely excited about the Cup Final and it’s great that we can showcase his enthusiasm for Villa to the Match Of The Day audience.”

Harry, 30, who is an Arsenal fan but is even keener on rugby, is not expected to attend the final, according to royal sources.

Last week the England Women’s football team presented William with a mini football shirt printed with his daughter’s name.

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Should you give this person endless hugs: yes

Using songs from only one band, cleverly answer these questions. Then, pass it on to ten people.

BAND: Fall Out Boy (because I’m trash and they’re my children)

Gender: I Don’t Care

Describe yourself: The Phoenix

How do you feel: The Kids Aren’t Alright

Describe where you live: Hotel In NYC

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Where Did The Party Go?

Favorite mode of transport: Jet Pack Blues

Favorite time of day: Just One Yesterday

If your life was a TV show, what would it’s name be: The Mighty Fall

What is life to you: Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

Relationship status: Miss Missing You (or Alone Together)

Your fear: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

I tag:


And everyone that actually wants to do it

People always say that the look on Kirsch’s face is cuz he just realized that he could have been prom king, but I think he’s just realizing that something is very wrong.

Carmilla isn’t making snarky comments to him.

‘Laura’ is acting weird. 

I think he realized that, even though it’s Laura’s body and lips talking, it’s not Laura. He realized that Will really is a bad guy, he already know’s that Will is a vampire, but believed him to be a good guy. 

I think when Will is dragging Kirsch away, it’s an act, he know’s that Will is a bad guy, he know’s that something is very wrong with Laura, he probably know’s he’s going to some awful fate.

But he doesn’t play up that he know’s this, he does it anyway, because even though he can be a bit dim at time, he cares about his friends, and if sacrificing himself will save Laura, then he’ll do it. 

He’s already seen one person he cares about die, he’s not about to let it happen again. 

I dunno, just a theory of mine, I don’t think Kirsch is so, not vane but I can’t think of the word, to only be thinking about himself, I think he really does understand that something wrong is going on, and he wants to protect his friends.

At the end of the day, Kirsch is a really good guy. thedesmondfactor