Hello Everyone :) F Sustainable Farmer in WI 38


A little about me: I have been on this road of finding a way to farm that resonates with me since I went to college and was exposed to conventional farming. The only part of college that I really enjoyed was working with the sheep as they were grazing in a more sustainable way. I am an omnivore and am raising sheep for breeding this fall for lamb for next year, I have ducks for eggs and really want to get some feeder pigs at the very least for pork this fall. I really want to get some pigs for breeding stock this year, but it depends on where I end up and what kind of help I can find to start this venture. :) Having a garden every year is a must and I really want to try gardening during the winter like Eliot Coleman does on his farm. I mob graze my sheep and pull around my poultry tractor with the ducks in it. Last year this method worked extremely well. Here I am still waiting for the grass to grow up enough to start them grazing. :) I have two dogs, one who is my livestock guard dog and the other is my 11 year old spunky border collie mix. :) I have two very nice kitty cats, but am not sure if I can bring them or not where I am going, but they are also welcome to stay where I am living now too.

I’m in a transitional phase of my life right now. I am in the process of looking for a farm to move onto to help others to farm and bring their land to its potential or to bring the farm to whatever the farmer and I can handle together. One of the opportunities that I have been handed is to help a whole town that is somewhat secluded and has more of an older generation gap become more sustainable and learn how to take care of themselves instead of always relying on outside inputs. They need someone who will teach them how to garden in there own yards, possibly start a community garden and someone to bring in a younger generation and take up some of the land to sustain them. I think there is also a need for someone to come in who is willing to check in and organize others to check in on the older generation that live in town, help them with things they need, including fixing things for them, etc and organizing the town to become a community. A really exciting proposition. So, right now some new friends who enjoying talking sustainable farming would be really cool during this phase of my life. People who love life. :)

I am at the very least looking to make some new friends. I am 38 and I live in the Northwoods of WI at the moment. I’m looking to move south of here where there is more farm land.

I have 3 wonderful, beautiful, loving children that are enjoying this journey with me. :)

I am looking for friends who are learning to love themselves and see the positive in the world and their universe and want to be around others in that same frame of mind.

Parts of my life I really enjoy is working with the animals and watching them graze and being surrounded by nature and beauty. I am finding more woman too that enjoy this life to talk to as well, so men or women are welcome to PM me and talk about sustainability, etc. I am not into woman romantically, but am enjoying the camaraderie of other woman farmers. I do feel the pull to put together a community of like minded folks to live together peacefully. :)