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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 11

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NOOOO! I'm leaving from Florida to Californa and mum said when we get to Californa...I can't take her phone out the hotel because we are going to a water park and there will be no wi-fi anyway! Now I can only use it at nights.😭😭😭 IMMA MISS YOU HAILEY!

Awww Ima miss ya too! But at least you get to go to a water park! Have fun!

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How would they answer your phone call? Your his gf!


Bobby/Jiwon: “hey babe, have you missed me? wHAT DO YOU MEAN–” *starts giggling*

Junhoe: “yes its me, the shittiest prettiest boy in the world”

Donghyuk: “hey how’s my favorite person doing”

Yunhyeong: “hello dear, how are you today”

Jinhwan: “good morning afternoon night sweetie”

Chanwoo: “hey cutie, how yooooooou doin’”

“You Can’t Leave Us Now.”- Louis Tomlinson (Request)

*Five Hours Prior*

You and Louis were fighting over the fact that he wanted to go out with his mates instead being home with his family. 

You had to stay home for this past leg of the tour because Tryston was only a few weeks old, and your midwife said that it would be best that you waited until he was about a month old before traveling across the different time zones. Teagynn, your daughter, had just turned four last month and that was the last full trip Louis had spent with you since. It was quite hard juggling a four-year old and two-month old whilst also trying to keep the house in tact. Teagynn had been used to getting all of the attention from both Mummy and Daddy, and now that the new baby is here and Daddy is not, she was becoming a bit of a handful and would get really sad if you couldn’t hold her, or cuddle her in bed with you. You needed your husband now more than ever, afraid that Teagynn might think that this is how it’s going to be: Mummy’s at home and Daddy isn’t.

“Louis, it’s not that I don’ wan’ you t’ see your friends. I love ‘em, too. But we have two little children now that need our attention. Teagynn is always asking where you are. She sees you car in the drive, she’s quite smart. She questions if you don’ want to be with her Louis. YOUR child questions if you love her! That shouldn’t ever happen,” you say angrily, trying your best to keep your voice down as to now wake up Tryston, who had just gone to sleep.

“She knows that I love her, Y/N. Don’ pull that shite on me. I spend time with her when she’s not playing. I’m not a bad father!” Louis yells, slamming his hands on the marble counter-top where you were cleaning the dishes from dinner.

“Louis, did you ever think that maybe you should, I don’ know, go play with her! It’s not that difficult! Your daughter loves you and thinks your her hero, but you can’ even take time to sit and play with her or read her a book. That’s fucking ridiculous,” you say, voice rising to match your husbands. You turned the sink off, drying your hands and beginning to walk away to put the leftover food in the fridge.

“Why is this all my fault, Y/N? I try to be there for my children. I’m working. And yes, sometimes I do want to go out. Why is that such a big deal? I never said you couldn’t. Go. Go out with the girls. No one is stopping you,” Louis says, voice quite loud as he steps closer to you.

“Louis, it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was once in a whilst. But it’s not. It’s every fucking day. And I’m done. If you don’ want to be a father, then that’s great. I love you with every part of my body and I vowed to be with your forever, but this,” you says pointing your finger at him, “is not the Louis I promised that to.” You move yourself away, only to have Louis pull you back. His grab didn’t hurt as much as it shocked you, and apparently your daughter as well.

“Daddy, don’ hurt Mumma. It not nice,” Teagynn says, walking over to where you and Louis were. Louis bends down to pick her up but she reaches towards you instead, and you swear you saw the blue drain from his eyes. “She already hurt from you,” she says, wrapping her tiny arms and legs around your body, snuggling her head in your neck.

“What’re you talking about, angel?” voice cracking as he felt the tears well up in his eyes. Your eyes are doing the same, but you dare not to stop your daughter, your husband deserves to hear from his own child what he’s done to his family.

“Mumma, cry when you’re not here. We miss you. And ‘en when you ge’ home, you still leave and I cry wi’ Mumma because you left. You missed my dance show, Daddy. And I did real good, too. You not nice anymore,” she says, putting her head back down, letting her tears make marks on your grey sweater, your own being wiped away before your daughter could see. Louis’ tears were flowing down his cheeks, as he was finally coming to realise what he had been doing to his family all his time away.

You walked up the stairs to place your daughter in her bed for her to sleep. Everyone was tired, and Teagynn needed the rest. She was drained, she missed her dad and didn’t know why he was fighting with her mum, the only person who’s with her for everything. You tucked her in, giving her a kiss on the lips and saying ‘I love you’ before turning on the nightlight  and shutting the door slightly. The corridor light was on, and before you went back to your bedroom you checked on Tryston, who was still sleeping soundly with a dummy in his mouth.

Once both little ones were checked on, you walk back to the bedroom to see Louis, tear stains on his cheeks, sitting upright on the bed, assumingly waiting for you to return. You walk in the wardrobe, shut the door behind you, change into shorts and a tank top, before exiting and going into the bathroom to wash your face and brush your teeth.

Louis’ heart hurt as soon as you shut the door when you were about to change. Even before you two had slept together for the first time, you still changed in front of him. When you were having minor fights you would turn around, but you would still undress in front of him. He didn’t know what he was going to say to make it better, but he sure as hell was going to try. He was not going to lose the most important people in his life. You three are his world. If anyone were to ask him who he missed the most when he was on tour, he would answer you. You, his wife, are what makes his world. Everything he has in life is because of you. You have two beautiful babies together, a house, and up until the last few weeks, you had one of the best marriages of anyone you’d ever met. He loved you so much that it hurt to see that you were in pain.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry,” Louis says as soon as you walk back into the room. “I am so completely and utterly sorry. I love you so bloody much and I sure as hell haven’t proven that to you over the last few months. It kills me to see that your hurting. It does. And I have no clue why I’ve been such a dick lately, but I can promise you that it won’t ever happen again. You don’t deserve to be treated that way and I can’t even express how sorry I am. I want to change and be the husband you deserve. I’m too selfish to let you go, and so I’m going to work me arse off to change. I promise. When Teagynn said that today, I swear I had never felt so open to what I’d done, and to know that I missed her dance show, I feel so completely bad. I wanted to be there. I did. It was marked in my phone to make sure I come home. I want to be a better dad. I don’t ever want to make you or our children to cry ever again, unless it’s happy tears,” he says, as he walks closer to where you were standing. Tears were falling down both your and his face, both of you wiping them off at the same time, causing a giggle to erupt from both of you. “Please, please forgive me, Y/N. I promise, I won’t ever have to make you forgive me again, I swear to it. I’ll be better,” he says, his hand slowly attaching themselves to your hips, hoping that you won’t push him away.

“Kiss me,” you whisper, mouth millimeters from his, itching to kiss him and be with him like you hadn’t in so long. You’d gotten approved for sex from the doctor two weeks ago, but at the time you only laughed, sex was the farthest thought from your mind at the moment. And now, in this moment, it’s all you wanted. You wanted to feel your husband’s hands all over your body, touching you where you long needed it, kissing you with such passion that you swear you lost breath on multiple accounts.

“I love you,” he says as he attaches his lips to your own, moving in sync, tongues molded together as your bodies pressed flush against the other. You jump up, Louis’ hands grabbing your bum to keep you steady, as you hungrily kiss down his neck. You walk over to the bed, Louis immediately climbing on top of you, ridding you both of your clothing, hands touching everywhere in arms reach. “God, you’re so beautiful,” Louis whispers, mouth attaching and creating love bites on every portion of your body. He climbs down, leaving a trail of wet kisses towards your heat, a pulsing sensation running through your body as you felt him work himself down. He kisses your outside before running two fingers along, gradually inserting one and then the other, so careful as to not hurt you in any way. His lips are attached to a bud of nerves right above, mouth working magic as you let your hands wind themselves in his hair.

“Louis, stop,” you gasp out, pulling him up towards your mouth so you can kiss his lips. His hand pulls away from where it had been and is replaced by planting itself in the sheet next to your hips, “I need you,” you strain, voice needy and lips swollen. 

You both had done this before. You needed to go slow, stitches may have been removed but it would still hurt, but you both knew that you needed it either way. You wanted him close again, maybe this was the way to start. He slips away for a mere second, most likely to snag a condom from the night table. You’re both kissing and your hands are running all along his body, causing moans to erupt from his mouth, as well. The kisses are needy, as if you hadn’t touched or kissed each other in months, even though it was a few weeks. You took your time making love to each other, Louis focusing all his attention to you, not wanting to hurt you. He wanted to cherish you, almost in tears that he had almost lost this, the love of his life. Pleasure was rolling through both of your bodies, and you kiss to prevent any moans loud enough to awake either of your children. He works you through the high, not wanting to rid himself of how close you two were, even though he knew it was time.

He pulled himself out, rolling over to his side of the bed, one that had been cold and empty for days on end, and pulled you close to him, your head laying on his chest. 

He took a deep breath, taking in this moment, and enjoying the fact that you had forgiven him and he could be back in everyone’s life like he should’ve been. He was going to change for you. And he was never going to let you go.

“I love you so much, Lou. I don’ think you understand,” you whisper, looking up at him from your place on his chest.

“I do, though, Y/N. And I haven’t shown it well over the last few weeks, but I’m going to change. I will,” he says, leaning down to kiss you. He smiles when he feels your lips attach to his own.

“I’m keeping you to ‘at promise, Tomlinson,” you smile, finally feeling a little bit better. It may have seemed stupid that having sex would’ve altered your feelings in some way, but it wasn’t just sex. Your husband made love to you, and he apologised, and he wanted to change. That was what made something feel different inside you. And in that little time, it felt as if a piece of your heart had gotten back into place.

You two weren’t really speaking as much as kissing and cuddling and professing your love to each other when you felt it. You felt this pang in your chest and as soon as you leaned up, Louis said at the exact same time, “Something isn’t right.” You both jump up, jumping in your clothes and rushing out of your room. 

Louis goes into Tryston’s room, hearing his baby cry in need of a nappy change. He picks him up.and holds his son tight to his body, “I love you. I love you so so much, Superman.” He changes his nappy quickly, but then he hears the worst phrase he has ever heard in his life. “Louis, Teagynn isn’t breathing!” you yell from the room next door. You’re crying, calling A&E on your mobile speaking into the receiver and telling the nurse what happened. Louis rushes to put Tryston back in his cradle, running back to pick up his daughter, feeling the lightest pulse, and resuming compression like the nurse said over the phone. You’re still crying and Louis is just trying to breathe. Before you two could even comprehend what was happening, nurses and paramedics were rushing into the house, quickly placing an oxygen mask over your daughter’s small mouth. 

Louis is holding you as he listens as to where to go to follow the ambulance. You were in an incoherent state. Nothing was processing and words were coming out in jumbles. That was your baby girl. Your first borne and your only girl.

“Baby. Baby, look at me,” Louis says, standing in front of you, grabbing your cheeks and forcing you to look at him. “We need to take Tryston and go to the hospital. I’m driving, let’s go,” he says, moving you towards your son’s room, quickly going into your shared room and grabbing sweatshirts before following you out of the house with your bundled, sleeping son and locking the door.

Louis has never driven so fast in his life. Ever since you told him you were pregnant the first time, he vowed to drive safer, not wanting to risk anything at all. But everything was different now. He needed to get to his baby. The last thing he said to her was asking her why she wouldn’t come to him. She was mad at him, and he didn’t even get a chance to make it better. He was going to make it better. Everything was going to be better.


“Louis, you need to let it out, my love,” you say, leaning over from your chair and rubbing your husband’s shoulder, placing a small kiss there and on his cheek. You could tell he was trying to keep it together, most likely for you, but he was breaking down. “Baby,” you say leaning over after placing Tryston in his carrier, “hey, love, it’s okay to cry,” you whisper, rubbing your hand along his back as he leans into your chest, tears free falling down his face.

“She didn’t think I loved her anymore, Y/N. I’m a horrible father. What if that’s the last thing she remembers about me? I’m such a fuck up,” he sobs, his chest heaving as he tries to take control of his breathing.

“You are not a fuck up. Do not ever say that about yourself. You’ve made mistakes, yes, but you are not a bad person. I love you. And your daughter and son love you. Do not ever doubt that,” you say kissing his forehead before wiping away the tears that had fallen from his eyes. You tell him to stay and that your daughter needed him, you were going to go home, make sure that Tryston slept and pack a bag for your daughter, returning early before she would wake up. Before you kiss your daughter goodnight the doctor walks in the door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson?” she asks, waiting for your nod of approval before continuing. “Your daughter suffers from Asthma, thus causing her to stop breathing in the harsh weather, and from testing, it seems that she has developed it severely over the last few months. I don’t believe it’s from any second-hand smoke, it seems to be a build up of allergens from when she was younger.”

“Could it be caused by travelling?” Louis asks, silently hoping that the answer in his head isn’t true.

“Possibly, if there were extreme climate changes over the period of a few weeks or even days,” the doctor says, writing down Teagynn’s oxygen levels and then proceeding to tell you the treatment plans that work best amongst her age. “The best way to help her lungs is to use the nebuliser, which will turn the medication that opens her lungs into a mist, and the mask can be wrapped around her face, this way she can continue other activities. The treatments need to be performed in six hour intervals for fifteen minutes and then one thirty minute period at night. These sessions will help her lungs open up and she’ll be able to perform normal activities. A nurse will be in tomorrow morning to give you the prescriptions. If you have any worries, please call down. Have a nice night,” she says, shaking both you and your husband’s hand before exiting the room.

You kiss your husband goodbye, letting him kiss your son, too, before you kiss your daughter and leave for the night. You hated having to leave, but you needed to make sure that Tryston was at home and in his cot, secure and cozy, or else you would have two sick children.

Louis stayed right next to your daughter. The whole night. Around 3 A.M., Louis’ eyes were too bloodshot and dry to let anymore tears fall. He held Teagynn’s hand, pulling her tiny palm close to his mouth so he could kiss it. She was still unconscious, the lack of oxygen and then rush of medicine mixing.

“Hi, baby. It’s Daddy. I know you think I don’ love you, and I am so so so sorry. I love you with my whole heart. You’re Daddy’s Angel. Once Mummy told me she was going to have a little girl, I was so excited. Your Uncles wanted to kick my bum, I was talking about you so much, and I didn’t even know what a beautiful girl you were going to become. You’re my little girl. You can’t leave us now, angel. I need you to show me all of your dance steps, okay? So you can wake up now, it’s okay,” he says, kissing Teagynn’s palm again, moving to kiss her forehead before pulling the blanket up to her tiny tummy.

“Daddy?” she whispers, voice hoarse and quiet. She reaches for the water, taking it gratefully when Louis hands it to her, holding it out for his daughter to drink through the swirly straw. “Am I really your angel?”

“Yes, princess. You are most certainly my angel. God decided to give me you because he knew that you were going to be the second most important girl in my life. And I am going to love with all of my heart forever,” Louis says, feeling her tiny hand take his and pull it close to her.

“Daddy, who’s the first most importan’ girl? Is it Mummy?” she asks, eyes beginning to take back their green colour, one of Louis’ favourite parts of her face.

“It is your Mummy. I love her, and you and your brother, very very much,” Louis says, kissing her hand.

“Daddy, when we go home, can I show you my dance?” she asks, hope glimmering in her eyes as she speaks to her father, so happy that he said he loved her. She was scared that he didn’t for a bit, especially when he didn’t show up to her recital.

“Of course, baby girl. Once you’re all better, you are going to show me your dance and I’m going to invite all your aunties and uncles, how does that sound?” he asks, so happy that his daughter was speaking to him. He was so scared that she would be mad and upset, possibly not forgive him, her four-year-old brain not comprehending the situation.

“Yes, do ‘at. Will you come and lay with me? This bed is really cold,” she says, earning a small chuckle from Louis. 

“I would love a good daddy-daughter snuggle. I love you, my angel,” Louis whispers, kissing his daughter goodnight as she snuggles deep into his chest. He takes his sweatshirt and pull it over his daughter’s head, which when she curled up, covered her whole body.

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispers, voice becoming softer as she fell back asleep.

Louis was so happy that his family is going to be alright. He was going to work his bum off to make things right, and he swore to himself that he would better himself, and always be there for his wife and children. He was thankful, so eternally grateful, that you had forgiven him, as well as your daughter, and that you both were able to get the right aid for your daughter, preventing any further issues with her health. He will never be able to say how much he loves you, Teagynn, and Tryston. He loved you so much that his heart felt like it could burst. 

But one thing he knew he could say, was how much he loved his daughter’s dance.

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brit, 2012

Seems like since I sent a certain friend of mine a few pics from a snowy muddy bike race in Massachusetts that the numbers of people listed that are “following” this site has exploded.

So in light of that here’s one from the stack of negative files from Madison, WI back in 2012.

Have at it. In case you missed the other one…here.

Imagine Tao

drifting out in the water on a floaty raft.

He looks up at the sky and accepts his fate. After a while he becomes bored and decides to keep a video diary on his phone.

“I have no food and barely any clean water. I have no Wi-Fi either. I can only say, I’ll miss you mortal world.”

He falls asleep and then wakes up to Lay shaking him. Tao had finally reached the other side of the lake.