wi fi down

Jin: Suddenly starts spending more time with Namjoon in a bid to make you jealous.

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Suga: Is mildly amused by how obsessed you are with fictional characters but seriously cannot understand what he must do to gain your love.

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J-Hope: Does 101 stupid/random/funny things to get you to laugh at him.

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Rap Monster: Breaks everything valuable in the house (in a wild temper tantrum) because getting scolded is better than being ignored by you.

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Jimin: One day when you come home from work/school you’ll find the wi-fi down and the TV disconnected and Jimin sitting on the couch like…

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V: Turns from baby to daddy real quick when he realizes you’re paying more attention to Sam Maek Jong than to Han Sung.

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Jungkook: Complains to all his hyungs and ropes them in to help him with his situation.

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Welcome to Hel- I mean, Heaven

Ok, so we’re always talking fanfics and ideas where Sock and Jonathan are both dead or both alive or Sock is still haunting Jonathan until he offs himself or whatever, but I just had the best idea.

Jonathan as Sock’s Guardian Angel.

Like, Sock is a normal kid with some very homicidal tendencies but he’s otherwise super sweet. Now, Providence catches sight of this kid and is like “wha-oh, I need to get on this before Meph gets his chance at getting another little demon.”

So, unfortunately, they’re short staffed at the moment on Guardian angels because of how screwed up the world is, so she sends in a newbie, a rather lack-luster kid who got hit by a car and was given his shot at Angel-hood because Heaven’s wi-fi was down and he sure as hell wasn’t sitting around there when, as a guardian, he could hit Earth and, more importantly, Starbucks wifi.

He forgot about the whole “you need to protect a kid” part.

So now he’s with Sock, and gods is Sock a handful. As soon as Sock realizes that there’s an angel there to watch over him (Jonathan doesn’t know how Sock can see him because he’s supposed to be invisible but, then again, it’s Sock) and soon sets out to become besties with the lack-luster angel.

Then, when he starts to get depressed, he kills things again. Jonathan starts to grow a soft spot for the annoying kid, however, and starts to help him out slowly but surely, try to get Sock to focus his tendencies elsewhere (especially when Sock looks suicidal).

Jonathan might start getting a softer spot for Sock, even considering them friends (which Sock hasn’t had any since Jojo ditched him). Eventually, however, Sock is about to “sleep murder” his parents and Jonathan, thankfully pulling “overtime” (he was so watching Sock sleep because the kid is adorable), he manages to wake Sock before he can do it.

Sock is then an absolute mess because he almost killed his mom and dad, two of the few people in the world that love him unconditionally.

And, as Sock is ever close to the edge, Jonathan finally breaks and just hugs the life out of the kid, using his wings to shoo away all the sharp objects. Sock tries to fight him, tries to get him to let Sock do it, but then the kid just breaks down and cries into Jonathan’s sweater until he falls asleep amongst the fluffy wings, grey fabric, and soft lull of Jon’s music.

And Jonathan realizes he’s screwed because he’s fallen for the kid.

Sock then begins the road to recovery, but only after he overhears Jonathan “talking to himself” (talking to Providence) does he stall, because if he commits to life, then Jonathan’s work is done and he goes back to heaven.

And Sock’s fallen too hard for his grumpy angel boy to let him go so easily.

Down in Hell, Meph is getting a good laugh because, while he didn’t get a demon, the kid is sure raising hell for Providence by just being himself.

More Internet Problems
  • Reaper: SOMBRA!!
  • Sombra: What is it this time?!
  • Reaper: The Wi-Fi is down again!
  • Sombra: It is... Your damn computer.
  • Widowmaker: Here we go again...
  • Reaper: No seriously, it's down!
  • Sombra: Your computer is the damn problem!
  • Reaper: *grabs modem* How the hell do I fix this thing Sombra?
  • James: Dad, I am trying to beat this game right now. Please do not mess with the modem.
  • Reaper: I'm unplugging something... Is this the wire to the main system?
  • *all the warnings signs appear on every electronic device - that depends on Wi-Fi - and turn off*
  • Sombra: ¡Hijo de puta! ¿Por qué nunca me escuchas? ¡Te dije que no tocasen el módem, y todavía lo hacen de todos modos!
  • James: Papá, usted sabe que wifi no funciona porque el ordenador es lento.
  • Reaper: I am tired alright?!
  • Widowmaker: Vous n'avez pas un point Gabriel. Il est quatre heures du matin.