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OKAY but like what if Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl later because Lena is pushed to the brink and Supergirl is there and she can’t talk her down, but she knows that she’ll listen to Kara so she just goes “I promised that I’ll always protect you. Please let me do that for you now.”

And Lena just breaks down and Kara just holds her.

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Did you see The Mummy 2017? What did you think of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in the movie?

So! Universal is trying to use The Mummy to jumpstart their own Marvel-style cinematic universe called “”””””The Dark Universe””””””” using all of their old Hollywood movie monster characters, i.e. Dr. Jekyll, Frankenstein, Dracula. The main problem with this is that, while all these characters fall under the general category of “Late Victorian supernatural/scientific romance monsters,” their stories really have nothing to do with each other, and they’ve only really “interacted” in old-timey spoof comedies like Abbott and Costello. 

Universal’s solution to this is to create an organization–a society, if you will–of supernatural monster-catchers headed up by Dr. Jekyll. Which is not … exactly??? the premise of my webcomic The Glass Scientists but it’s really too close for comfort. For reference, the premise of TGS is:

‘The life and times of a ragtag group of mad scientists and their enigmatic leader, Dr. Henry Jekyll’

The idea of literary characters forming a super group is not new–the obvious example being League of Extraordinary Gentlemen–but it’s a pretty weird decision to make Dr. Jekyll the leader of this group. If you think about it, the whole damn point of his character is his mental instability. That’s why in properties like League of Extraordinary Gentleman and The Avengers (the Hulk being a pretty close analogue for J+H) Jekyll is generally seen moping on the sidelines. That’s kinda where he belongs.

I broke this rule in TGS because TGS is ultimately Jekyll’s story, and his decision to found the Society for Arcane Sciences reflects his totally unrealistic self-image of himself. He’s placed at the top so he has the farthest to fall. Most of the drama revolves around Jekyll and his decisions, and when his story ends, TGS ends. It’s not meant to be a DARK!!!! UNIVERSE!!!!! used to churn out as many Blockbuster-y action movies as possible a la the Avengers. 

So why would they choose Dr. Jekyll as the  leader of this Dark Universe Magic Science Detective Agency? I literally don’t know??? I am genuinely curious to see transcripts of the meetings that led to this decision?? And full disclosure, I haven’t paid to see the thing yet, but I am pretty sure it’s bad because they chose this bland rectangle man to play him:

Ugh!!!! UGGGGGH!!!!! Look at him! He’s so BORING! He is a rectangle face boy who is so uninteresting to look at that I am crying of boredom!! Now I know how Les Mis fans felt when this man with the not singing and the scowly face acting was cast as their beloved Javert. 

Why does he do the CG creepysmile? Does he think he can spooky-scare his way into my heart? Foolish man! He cannot! But wait it gets worse

AAAAAAAGH! Please let that not be Hyde! Someone please tell movie studios that roaring man + spooky make up + curly hair (????) does not equal a compelling character!! I can already tell they are going to try to make Hyde into some one-dimensional scary monster man and the audience is going to be so bored! 

Apparently this version of Dr. Jekyll is already so hated that the reveal of his name elicited impromptu boos from the audience, and it is very?? VERY?? SAD?? to hear my precious child greeted with the kind of hatred usually reserved for M. Night Shyamalan. 

Now granted: like 95% of Jekyll and Hyde movies out there are total garbage. I tend to just ignore them because they’re usually super cheap indie movies that nobody sees. But people WILL go see The Mummy and get (rightfully) super judgy about it because it’s a big budget Hollywood summer tent pole movie. 

And it’s inevitably going to affect how people see the character and–possibly????–the very specific idea of Jekyll as the leader of a magic science society. At the very least, it’s gonna make studios super hesitant to greenlight any idea that has even the slightest whiff of Jekylldom. So. That sucks!

TL;DR: I am very grumpy about this movie and it looks dumb. I’m not going to support it financially but I am also very petty and would totally hate-read a play-by-play essay of all the stupid stuff that goes on in it. 

The Unimaginable

George Washington x Reader

Words: 1882

Warnings: Angst, injury, character death, REALLY SAD STUFF YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

A/N: I’ve managed to muster enough courage to post this fic that I’ve written long ago! I hope you all like it! Please tell me what you think, and please feel free to drop me a message! My inbox is open and I don’t bite~! Enjoy! =D 

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“Shh, I know. You did everything just right.”

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