whyyyyy did i start this

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As much as I think they could be dating part of me thinks they have just been playing with us and knew we all react when they do anything which some shipped celebs do. Part of me is questioning whether they maybe had a thing but stopped it after some people started harassing them on social media and stuff. And know that the fans react when they are together and they just enjoy playing on it and their just close/flirty friends which is why they hang out alone because their friends. The stress

this is of course a possibility but they are DAMN good actors if they could pull that off! they might not know <i>exactly</i> what they are just yet, and trying to take it slowly. they do have some sick chemistry though and their behaviour towards each other is definitely different from the rest of the cast. REALLY IS STRESSFUL whyyyyy did i start to ship them straight away *sigh*