Character Aesthetic: Stan Pines

“Everything I’ve worked for–everything I care about–it’s all for this family!”


#oh god you can see how scared his was to look inside the room #and he actually have to look away #he can’t stand to see what “he” has done #he must feel so guilty #can you imagine alec having to wash the blood of his hand #he always try so hard to do what it’s right #and even knowing that he was posessed and that it wasn’t his fault this probably is killing him #and when they are watching the video #that ‘oh my god’ that he says #as if there was this little part of him that against all evidences was hoping that it wasn’t his posessed body that has done it #god this killed me #can alec please catch a break??!!!

Types of people not to trust:
  • •people that think Yuuri!!! On Ice is just queer-bait
  • •people that think Mystic Messenger is for desperate otaku girls
  • •people that don't ship Viktuuri
  • •more importantly, people that ship ChrisxYuuri or ChrisxViktor
  • •<em>people that ship literal bestiality between Jumin and Elizabeth</em>
  • •people that deny Jaehee being gAY I...

🎂 H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   A C E  🎂

And as always this will be my first pic of the year! Happy birthday Ace, you will never be forgotten ♥ have a special day with your mom again 💔

When the otp are already making out and doing cute shit in chapter 1 of a 40 chapter fanfic and angst is tagged. :)