Science has been severely misrepresented by authors. If you want to write about scientific worldviews accurately, here are some tips.

  • If the scientific community saw something supernatural and could be assured it existed, they wouldn’t scream “that’s impossible!” or try to destroy it because it doesn’t fit their worldview. They would be more likely to say “How interesting. I wonder how this will change my theories. I’d better incorporate it into my worldview.”
  • Scientists have morals just like the rest of us. In fact, many people become scientists because they want to help humanity. How is that so hard to understand?
  • A whole lot of scientists love nature and want to preserve it.
  • Scientists who have helped to create deadly weapons almost always regret it. Politicians who order those weapons to be used don’t.
  • Science in general would be attracted to magic, not repulsed by it. A new thing to study with possible new applications to help mankind? How wonderful!
  • How well a scientist understands people and gets along socially is up to the individual. They’re not an entire profession of evil, cold robots.
Types of people not to trust:
  • •people that think Yuuri!!! On Ice is just queer-bait
  • •people that think Mystic Messenger is for desperate otaku girls
  • •people that don't ship Viktuuri
  • •more importantly, people that ship ChrisxYuuri or ChrisxViktor
  • •<em>people that ship literal bestiality between Jumin and Elizabeth</em>
  • •people that deny Jaehee being gAY I...