whyyyy am i doing this

*facepalm* I have released another horrible Sweeney Todd doodle into the world. Haha……. (IGNORE his hands; somewhere between the 30th and 70th time redrawing them, I stopped caring.)

Victorian swimsuits are hilarious. What’s even more hilarious is that I would totally wear either one of these before I would ever wear a modern one.


I forgot i cant draw smooching…so here’s some dancing??? totally not referenced so it looks awful but dammit here it IS

Imagine that Steelbeak stole one of her inventions from DW (one of her freezing guns i suppose) and rather than let DW fail at getting it back (she’s pretty mad at him) she goes undercover at a Ball (or whatever) to get it back before he can give it over to F.O.W.L. (Since he thinks it’s new tech from S.H.U.S.H.) She might be trying to stay out of public view but damned if she’s gonna let her freezing tech be used by F.O.W.L.

soooo she’s Bella Hatchingson, new assistant to one of the scientist of F.O.W.L. and Steelbeak thinks she’s playing hard to get.

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Remus Lupin had a punk rock phase.

Remus Lupin went through a punk rock phase that he truly, honestly, and Siriusly regrets. 

  • He dyed his hair blue during this time because he was a ‘rebel heart’
  • Peter took him to a muggle shop where he got a tattoo
  • He never did that again
  • James was in his ‘freelance photography’ stage and took hundreds of pictures
  • Sirius would get him a new leather jacket for every holiday
  • He almost got a nose ring but Lily talked him out of it
  • This is when Remus learned that ‘useful little spell’ he would perform on Peeves years later
  • Everyone was afraid of Remus during this Time
  • Ripped Jeans. Yes. Just yes.

When Remus got out of this ‘phase’, he thought he looked ridiculous and tried to erase that it ever happened. He burned all of the pictures he could find and became the Remus we all know and love. He never knew it, but some of these pictures survived, hidden in one of James and Sirius’ many duffle bags.

Teddy Lupin was going through Sirius Black’s room in Grimmauld Place one day and found the duffle bag. He thought it would be great for school and took it to his room. He found many things in the bag, including tons of pictures of four boys he didn’t know.

After a bit of interrogation, he knew who each one of them was.

From that day forward, Teddy Lupin had a shocking electric blue hair.

McGonagall noticed and gave Teddy a leather jacket and camera.

Young Forever
Young Forever

Hoseok’s part in Young Forever… cry with me if you agree. T^T