I really like how the Stranger Things universe and the Mob Psycho 100 universe could *technically* be the same one? I mean, think about it. Stranger Things has an esper girl from the 80’s whose psychic powers were awakened by experimental means in a shady-ass lab by a secret organization. A precedent for Claw, anyone? Now imagine Mob somehow meeting a 40-50 yr old Eleven, having an actual adult figure with psychic powers who isn’t hostile, possibly with full control over them…

₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ Tomorrow is a special day!

A lot of u have read between the lines of my previous asks and discovered my secret message(s) about S&P //winky winky wonk//Also, that had to happen too but some of u saw it but didn’t understand. 。(*^▽^*)ゞ that’s okay.u’ll kno’ tomorrow (sunday).

btw, i shared this preview on twitter  and that would be unfair to not share it with u .That’s a smol preview of what i’ve been personally workin’ on for the game !

Also, u should sincerely follow the S&P account on twitter/facebook. Tom uploads a lof of exclusive contents. (*゚∀゚*)

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