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Philadelphia police say approximately 100 headstones have been damaged at a Jewish cemetery in the northeastern part of the city. The vandalism occurred less than a week after a similar episode in a Jewish cemetery near St. Louis, where more than 150 graves were targeted.

Local police arrived at Mt. Carmel Cemetery Sunday morning after getting a call from a man reporting that the headstones of three of his relatives had been knocked over. A wider search then revealed dozens more headstones had been toppled, in a crime that investigators believe took place Saturday night.

WHYY’s Bobby Allyn spoke with Shawn Zevit, a Philadelphia rabbi who described the vandalism as “a hateful act, an attempt to create fear and to tarnish the memory of those who have died and attack their dignity.”

Headstones Vandalized At Jewish Cemetery In Philadelphia

Photo: Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images


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“When Odin’s beloved son died, not only did people weep. But fire wept, and iron, and all the other metals wept. The stones wept, earth wept.”                                                                                         “Farewell, voyager. Farewell, my heart. Farewell, for now.”