• me: I'm really exhausted maybe I should drink some coffee so I don't fall asleep in class
  • my shit body: congratulations!!!! you are now extremely anxious about nothing, filled with jitters, and STILL FALLING ASLEEP IN CLASS!!!
The Worst Nightmare I Have Ever Had

SO once upon a time I had a dream where I went to a con. Just me. For some reason my brother and dad (who usually go with me) were not there, but since it was a dream you don’t really question that kind of stuff. 

So I began to walk around until right in front of me I saw Miss Shadow Lovely, CreepypastaJr and Mrcreepypasta sitting at a table. I was super nervous to go up and say “hi”, but did so despite my fears.

But when I walked over to their table I suddenly noticed there was no one else around. No one. Not even other tables/booths. Just me and them. 

They asked me if I had something for them to sign, but when I looked around I realized, I had forgotten to bring something for them to sign. So I reached into my pocket for ANYTHING for them to sign, but all I could find was a receipt. A FREAKING RECEIPT.

So they signed it (not without giving me strange looks because at this point I was super embarrassed, red-faced, and stuttering mess and had probably said some more embarrassing things), and I quickly walked away to avoid any further embarrassments.


As I was walking away, a security guard approached me. He was really angry and started asking me if I had the right badge to be there and get them to sign something for me, and I DIDN’T. 

So he tore up my signed receipt. 

In front of my face.

And in front of MrCreepypasta, Miss Shadow Lovely, and CreepypastaJr.

And that was the worst nightmare I have ever had. 

(And to this day, I fear that if I go to a con and see them that THIS WILL HAPPEN AND I WILL CRY)