Hello and welcome to whywelovethecleganes!

First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to whywelovethelannisters for getting my blog out there straight away. I love their posts and I love reading the reasons why people love the Lannisters, because we all know there is a little bit inside of all of us that relates to them. All in all, it’s an amazing blog to follow! 

Secondly, thank you for all your submissions so far! I thought I would have had to create 50 of my own or something before you guys even started submitting your reasons! I love you all and please, please, please keep sending in your reasons. 

I’m Krystal. I’m from Queensland, Australia where animals will eat you whole and we speak like bogans. I’ve been a fan of the television series Game of Thrones the minute I saw the first episode when it came out here, and I know you’ll probably all hate me and say that I’m ‘new here’, but the tv series brought me to the books. So yes I saw the show first but once I found out there were books I went and bought the box set and read them. Best decision of my life. 

I was drawn to House Clegane, and more specifically Sandor, when I started watching. I’m not going to say that when I first saw him on my screen I was in love, because that would be lying, but I was so intrigued with him and then Gregor came into the scene! Oh gosh, they’re both so interesting. The story of how Sandor got his burn, still angry they left out Sandor telling Sansa it but whatever, the brother fight was exhilarating. Just everything about them made me long for more screen and book time. Sandor, over season one, grew to be my favourite character. So mentally scared and I just want to cuddle him. Where Gregor is the guy I learned to love to hate. So bad ass. 

Well, that’s a little bit about me, I hope to see everyone submitting and enjoying whywelovethecleganes!