Minnesota's Last Beef Processing Plant Closes
Cattle will no longer be commercially slaughtered in the North Star state.

When people say you can’t make a difference by going vegan… oh they’re so wrong. Guys, all of us did this. Every single person contributes to great things like this. Keep it going.

 “Citing a decreased demand for beef, Minnesota’s last beef-processing plant has shut down. VegNews has the story…”


I’m very passionate about all of the beauty this world has to offer, which is one of the many (many, many) reasons that I am vegan.

Did you know that when you remove animal products from your lifestyle you can save:
- 1,100 galloons of water
- 45 lbs of grain
- 30 square feet of forest
- 20 lbs of CO2

(of course ya didn’t, or you’d be vegan… no taste is worth all that destruction!)

By simply not causing other living beings harm, you can save our planet too!

It sounds ‘hard’ at first, but it IS the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Any excuse you have is just that: An excuse, because yes, it’s damn scary to challenge the things you’ve been taught your whole life (i.e. “milk builds strong bones,“ etc. which is bullshit paid for by the industries just like cigarette ads are by the tobacco industry).

When you’re vegan, everyday is Earth Day. And this planet that we share is begging you to open your eyes. Make today the day.

If you ever have questions about going vegan, feel free to message me. Check out “Cowspiracy” on Netflix too!

anonymous asked:

What tips do you have for a vegan beginner?

Oh yay, welcome to veganism! This is a very broad question so I’ll do my best to answer but if you have specific questions let me know!

  • The main thing that all other points will lead back to: Educate yourself :) Watch documentaries like “Earthlings” and “Cowspiracy”. If you are worried about craving animal products, the knowledge of how wrong it is to consume them should help you there. Additionally, you’re bound to be surrounded by questions throughout your life of why you’re doing what you’re doing. If people begin to debate, it’s helpful to know your stuff. 
  • This site might be useful to you! It’s got a lot of great information about veganism.
  • THIS SITE is the best. It answers virtually every question about veganism that you, or others might have.
  • This is your new food pyramid, and here’s some useful information on protein. A lot of what you’ve been taught about nutrition over the years disagrees with veganism (”we need milk for strong bones”) so I’d suggest making some sort of meal plan if you’re new to the lifestyle, so that you make sure you’re getting what you need. You know, pay attention to the nutrients in the foods and such.
  • Here’s a guide to creating a plant-based pantry, and a list of staples.
  • If you don’t have loads of money for vegan alternatives (i.e. fake meats, cheeses, etc.), this guide to eating vegan on a budget may be helpful.
  • Here’s vegan ways to get your vitamins.
  • If friends or family are unsupportive of your decision, this may be useful.
  • Eating out gets a bit more interesting, and I suggest planning ahead. Look at the menus of places before you go so you have an idea of what your options are. You can call ahead to ask about it too. You may end up ordering a bunch of side dishes (i.e. vegetables, fries, whatever). You may just choose to eat on your own beforehand and just go out with friends to socialize. But definitely prepare before you go :)
  • If you were a big meat-eater and animal products eater before I’ve heard you should expect a detox-type period, you might bloat more than normal or break out, etc. I already didn’t eat meat or too many animal products so I didn’t experience this. But if you do, don’t be turned off, it should end in a matter of weeks!
“You are a guest of nature, behave.”

While you’re celebrating Earth Day, here’s some food for thought: By going vegan you can save -
🌍1,100 galloons of water
🌍45 lbs of grain
🌍30 sq feet of forest
🌍20 lbs of CO2
🌍and an average of one LIFE ~ per day!

You can watch the documentary “Earthlings” for free by clicking here

Do yourself, your fellow earthlings, and our beautiful Mother Earth a favor by making the change, or even just swapping out some of your meals. This planet is not ours to destroy, and it is absolutely our duty to keep it clean and preserve the biodiversity we’ve inherited. Do your part (today and everyday).

Breaking News

Chipotle stops serving pork because they stand for “humane treatment of animals”. They will continue to serve up other slaughtered animals though, because they’re put in cages Chipotle deems humane.

Couldn’t help but laugh at this “news”.

If you want to stand for humane treatment of animals, stop SERVING animals. Period.

There is no such thing as humane meat.

Sometimes it just makes me so angry that people consume animal products.

You’re choosing to be ignorant. You’re being selfish. It’s so sickening. Open your eyes. How is taste worth innocent lives? 🐮🐠🐔

AND THE PLANET! You’re ruining it!!! Even if you don’t like animals there’s that.

I know many people haven’t connected things yet. Hell I just went vegan like 1.5 years ago but I was vegetarian for 19 years prior because even at age two I KNEW it was wrong to take another being’s life for food.

How is it that the majority of people haven’t made that connection yet?

Happy Thanksliving everyone :-)

For me, Thanks'giving’ is a very special day. 19 years ago today I made the decision to stop eating meat, because it’s ‘cruel to nature’ (yes, 2 year old me could realize that). I don’t like this holiday very much in general, because it’s, as Phoebe from Friends put it, 'needless turkey murder day’, but it does mark my turn toward a more compassionate lifestyle.

These turkeys are the reason why. Took this picture with them last year.

anonymous asked:

Why are you vegan?

I have a whole page/tag dedicated to answering this through simple images, quotes, and more: http://running-crossfitting-adventuring.tumblr.com/tagged/whyveg

I stopped eating meat at the age of two because I, all on my own, realized it was cruel and wrong to murder other living beings just to… eat them? It disgusted me ever since I understood the concept. Basically invented vegetarianism for myself, because I had never heard of it or been introduced to it prior. Very proud of little me there. And then I went vegan because I opened my eyes and realized that by consuming eggs and dairy I was still contributing to the cruelty. 

The environmental factors are a huge plus now that I’ve learned more about them, and animal products aren’t healthy so yet another benefit is that I know I’m doing right by my body. But animal welfare is my main reason.

I don’t want my body to be a tomb for other beings. I believe in my core that consuming animals and animal products is horribly wrong. 

I don’t think asking me this really benefits you though, I guess my best response would be: Why are you not? (Just think about it, don’t tell me, I really don’t want to read it because there’s no good reason)