Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about raving. It all started out with happy hardcore when I was in elementary school. As I grew up, I started to take in more and listen to hardstyle and trance. I found out what raves were in 2008 and set my mind on going to one some day. Finally, when I was 16, in 2010, I went to my first rave (Kandy Fest). Right then and there, I knew I was stuck in this community forever. Being a raver doesn’t mean we do drugs all the time and dance to someone button smashing on a keyboard. It means that we connect with others on a level that no one can really understand. Us ravers connect to unite as a whole and become a strong family. We help each other and make sure to spread positive vibes to everyone we see. This doesn’t mean we are “just nice” to people at raves. No, we live out our lives spreading peace, love, unity and respect. This is why I love life and the people that surround me. These people taught me how to LOVE MYSELF. I love my body and my mind and my heart and all of my organs! I love everything about myself. This community took me in and taught me so many things about peace, love, life and ACCEPTANCE. Since I became a raver, judgement is a thing that disappeared into the past and it’s something I don’t do to people anymore. I was feeling really low the past few days and I can’t even explain how many beautiful people messaged me and comforted me back to normal again. I honestly am speechless. When people explained how I’ve seen them at raves and that when people were rushing me to leave I stayed to trade and talk to them, it made me happy knowing that I gave them they comfort and support and time of day that they needed. This is a thank you post to everyone who wrote me and sent me PLUR vibes. I love you all so much. I hope that I can see all of you in the future (again or for the first time). You are all beautiful people. Life is more than your sadness. Please don’t hesitate to speak to me about something. I’m here to help you. I will always be here. Much love! Xoxo