congratulations piesandsammy!

congratulations sweetie, you’re mine and marie’s september blog of the month!

this means you get:

  • +follow If we’re not already
  • a link on our sidebars for the whole month
  • promos whenever to 3.7k+
  • ficlets of the prompt you want
  • supernatural sketches from erin
  • our undying love

if you want any of that y'know it’s open to anyone i guess. i mean the ficlets and sketches since no one ever prompts me (cries)

also congratulations to our runner-ups, whyspock and snugglecas. your blogs are literal perfection and i hate you for it because i’m beyond jealous and just ugh go away why does this always happen why are people perfect ugh

you guys get

  • +follow if we’re not already
  • promos once a week for two weeks (if you want)
  • ficlets of the prompt you want
  • supernatural sketches from erin
  • our love

please love us and prompt me anyways ily have a splendid day people ugh ily stop i make things way too personal sorry!

kingslaye-archive asked:

Do you ship dalaric?

YESS! well, as a brotp. i love their friendship SO much and i adore alaric and i just really need him to not be dead ok

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