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Neville Longbottom x Reader: Breathless

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Warnings: Drowning tw

Neville Longbottom adored plants. Finally, he had found his calling, after failing desperately at potions, being unable to transfigure anything at all, and having less than luck with divination. He understood Herbology. The behaviors and requirements of plants made sense to him. And it was a good thing too, because they didn’t make as much sense to his girlfriend, Y/N.

The two had met in Herbology a few years back. Y/N and Neville were partners, and she was supplying him tools when she draped her cloak sleeve over the plant and it had attempted to ensnare her. Neville let out a shriek, pulled her out, and the both of them had a good laugh. They had been best friends, and eventually more, ever since.

Although Y/N didn’t get plants, she loved Neville, and enjoyed listening to him chatter on about Herbology, his green eyes fluttery and excited. So she frequently accompanied him on his Herbology research adventures, scraping through forests to find different species’ of thistles, marching through meadows to collect samples of brush, and currently, wading through the great lake watching out for strangling seagrass. Her job as an assistant was to hold the jars and vials for different kelps.

It wasn’t so bad. The sun was high in the sky raining warmth over their shoulders, but the cool lake breeze kept them at a good temperature. Hogwarts students sprinkled themselves over the grounds, setting out picnics and dipping into the lake. Frogs croaked along the shore, and dragonflies sung a summer tune as they buzzed through the trees. Waterskippers skated through Y/N’s legs, making her giggle. Neville turned around at the ring of laugher and smiled to himself, thinking that there was no sight more beautiful in all of the world.

Y/N could feel the water slowly seeping through her wellies, and she was putting all of her effort in not slipping on the mud. She was somewhat of a klutz. Oddly, Neville found this assuring. His face was practically glowing. He chuckled to himself, whispering things such as “how fascinating!” and “truly remarkable!”, and collecting snippets of algae to put in glass vials. Y/N’s heart was warm with adoration as she listened to him coo over the wildlife. His enthused attitude healed her fear of being dragged to the depths of the lake by a disgruntled plant.

“Lovely, hand me a jar please.” Neville said, his voice echoing over the lake.

“You got it- oops.” Y/N said, pulling out a jar but dropping a few vials into the lake. Neville let out a laugh.

“Y/N!” He said teasingly, accepting the jar.

“Oh shush,” Y/N replied, pulling the rest of the lot back into her arms. “I’ll get it.”

She reached down and fumbled in the water for the things she dropped. Feeling nothing but minnows darting through her fingers, she dipped down lower. Her ear was parallel with the water, and sticking her entire arm in, she grasped a glass tube.

“Aha!” She said, smirking. A reed wrapped itself all the way up to her shoulder, and Neville’s face went pale. Y/N didn’t notice and tried to pull herself up, pride glimmering on her face at her success.

“No, Y/N!” He cried, rushing towards her in the water.

It was too late. The seagrass gave a firm tug and Y/N – plus all of the samples and glassware she was holding – slipped into the water. Y/N opened her eyes to see nothing but silt rumpling in the water, as the seagrass dragged her down the muddy slope into the depths of the lake. Her hands shot out, trying to grab as much of the equipment as she could, hugging it to her chest. Her senses heightened from fear and guilt, she began to flail her legs but the seagrass held on tighter.

Y/N suddenly came to the realization of her lack of breath, and her eyes darted through the water, seeing that the sunlight was disappearing further into the background. The only thoughts in her mind were how sorry she was that she had managed to lose Neville’s research. Starting to sputter, she kicked off her wellies and managed to swim a bit further before more tendrils of kelp snatched her back. Y/N’s lungs began to fill with water. She watched helplessly as she was dragged into complete darkness.

Until, something else grabbed her arm, tugging against the strangling seagrass. The pair were shooting upwards in the water. In shock, she dropped the containers she was holding. Taking the opportunity to draw her wand, she muttered “stupefy!” and pointed her wand to the snarl of kelp. The seagrass finally relented. Clearly resentful, it sunk back into the depths of the lake. Just when Y/N felt she could be underwater no longer, she surfaced, letting out a huge gasp and squeezing her eyes shut.

She sputtered, coughed up some lakewater, and flopped on her back. Strong arms lifted her to shore, and finally Y/N opened her eyes, tipping the water from her ears. Adjusting to sudden sunlight, she discovered a very frantic Neville peering over her. He had splashed in after her. Y/N was impressed – she hadn’t thought Neville a swimmer. He balled up his shirt, putting it under Y/N’s head as cushioning. His hands flew to her face. Her eyes flew to his toned pectorals and lean stomach, drinking them in.

“Love?!” He said, out of breath. “Can you hear me? Y/N? Dear?”

Y/N coughed once more, slicking back her y/h/c hair with one hand and putting the other on Neville’s shoulder. Wheezing uncomfortably, she gave a sharp nod, tossing her wand to the side with a splat! in the mud. She pulled herself into a sitting position. Neville sat down beside her, running his thumbs over her cheeks, his face scrunched in worry.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see it sneak up on you, darling.” He mumbled, his voice choked. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

Y/N nodded again, gulping air in and out of her lungs – savoring the feeling. She wrung out a bit of her skirt, and squeezed yet more water from her hair. Her breathing soon calmed, y/e/c eyes fluttering with the breeze. With a heavy sigh, Y/N turned to look up at Neville, staring into his apologetic eyes.


“Yes, my beloved?” He replied, pulling her into a close embrace.

“Why is it always me?”

Shipping problems:

When you start shipping someone and you’re all like

And then your ship turns out to be the saddest of ‘em all

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Remember the time when Bombur totally fucked up and fell in the river in Mirkwood? And he fell asleep and everyone had to carry him. I wonder what they all thought and what Bombur thought when he woke up

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bombur: *neville longbottom voice* why is it always me? 

(yeah bombur had no time to dwell on his mistakes when a giant spider was having him for a morning snack)