whys he a weirdo


Appreciation Post: TAEHYUNG


Felt like…

this lovely boy…

Deserved an appreciation post…

Why we love him….

he has a contagious smile…

he’s a cute weirdo…

he can be this….

but also manage to be this…

his lip bites make it seem like the world is going to end.

his eyes… are… just…..

We Love Kim Taehyung <3


Paul Wesley says he got best birthday gift from Candice King (x)


Meet Do Kyungsoo

anonymous asked:

I am the anon that asked you how you J react if his daughter was dating Wade Wilson and now I want to ask: How do you think J would act the first time he met Wade (at a family dinner or at his club).Would he ask himself "Why is this weirdo dressed in a red suit touching my baby?"

Thank you for coming back!! :D and well I think how Wade is dressed would be the least of is worries considering how out dear dceu joker dresses lol. His main concern is just his personality. So you know Wade and how much of a goddamn smart ass he is, him and joker would be head to head over dinner about who can make the princess smile and laugh more and who can be more clever. They woud respect each other based on that mutual shared comedy but always have that battle with whos the alpha male in her life type of thing

I’ll never forget how my friends first described yoi to me because they made it sound like the two Yuris were the same person that had two personalities but one of them was russian (???) and victor was trying to turn them into separate people bc he only loved the non russian one–keep in mind this was about at eps 5 so victuuri was not canon at this point–and all i could wonder was “how in god’s name does this relate to ice skating”

also they never said who victor was or why he was there so i just assumed he was some kinda weirdo stalker guy that found the Yuri man and that was kinda halfway true i guess


“And for whatever reason, the dog still became his nakama” 

Ok can we talk about the LuZoLu in One Piece Party because look at this. It really does sum up their very first meeting and their relationship. Zoro not being able to resist Luffy’s charm. Zoro wondering why the fuck he’s agreeing to follow this weirdo to do something he didn’t even want to do in the first palce. But for whatever reason he just follows him and agrees to let him be his “captain” or dictator in this one. If you understand Zoro’s character you should see why him letting another person be his boss is so important. This part of their relationship is so crucial and highlights the core and strength of their bond. And imo this relationship is one of the most precious and important bonds in OP.

I also love their little banter which also highlights their rivalry which was more evident at the start of the manga but gradually disappeared because they became a team and the notion of who i stronger just didn’t occur/matter to them anymore as Zoro did a complete 180 and now lives to SERVE LUFFY.

Also important - The symbolism behind Zoro being portrayed as a dog. Because a dog is obviously the most loyal compagnon of man and it’s really no wonder this is the animal chosen for Zoro in this context cause he’s literally the most loyal nakama and he will cut a bitch for anyone coming for luffy or his ambition, putting Luffy’s dreams and pride above his own. Man what a ship. 

ps: also notice how by the time they met Usopp they were already 100% in sync