tom preston tag: a PSA

okay, so about every week or so, someone posts something along the lines of: “I don’t understand why people hate tom preston! could someone explain to me?” I understand this can get annoying, because it seems like you’re answering the same question over and over to people who just don’t seem to get it. However, can we refrain from getting angry at these people?

If they’re posting why they’re confused, chances are they’ve never scrolled through the Tom Preston tag, and have not seen all the examples and everything.they probably don’t even know the tom preston tag is a place we go to rant about him; it could very easily be a place where people just posted his pictures. sure, they could have just googled it, but i know that doesn’t always occur to me when i have a question. 

basically, people aren’t asking just to piss you off. they’re asking because they want to know the genuine reasons why we don’t like this guy, and when people respond with answers angrily and annoyed, it only hurts our reputation and makes people think that we’re just hateful trolls who look for things to be mad at (like preston says we are) but we’re not! most of us are artists who look to him as what not to do, and get annoyed when he shits on the popularity that he has.

so, the next time someone asks, just link them to this handy resource http://whypeoplehatetompreston.tumblr.com/ which explains everything in a calm and level headed manner. thanks.