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  • Favourite Band and Member? The Wanted/Lawson I cant choose! And I love them all but Jay and Adam
  • One thing you regret? I’m not sure not doing something I wanted to do when the oppertunity was there
  • Would you go back and change anything that happened in your life? No… unless it led to me meeting TW
  • Candy or Chocolate? Chocolate
  • Favourite song? I cant choose!!
  • Ideal Job? Photographer for a teen magazine (then i’d get to meet all hot singers and maybe the wanted too)
  • Perfect first date? McDonalds
  • What kind of BMX trickster can’t ride a BMX? A blagging one!
  • Favourite Animal? Panda
  • What are you most addicted to? The Wanted/tumblr
  • New Year’s resolutions? Too meet the wanted/lawson (most of these revolve around meeting the wanted)


  • Hottest celebrity?
  • Favourite flavour of ice cream?
  • Favourite album you own?
  • If you could be in any TV show what would it be?
  • McDonalds or KFC?
  • If you could visit one city in the world where would it be?
  • Why don’t you see baby pigeons?
  • What item of clothing/make up couldnt you live without?
  • Favourite Animal?
  • What are your biggest phobias? 
  • New Year’s resolutions?